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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Spin assignment of the first discovered superdeformed band 152Dy(1)

Using the several criteria for the spin assignment of a rotational band based on very general argument, the spin of the lowest level observed in the yrast SD band 152Dy(1) is assigned to be I0 = 26(Eγ...

Lei Yi-An(雷奕安), Zeng Jin-Yan(曾谨言)

1996, 7 (4): 193

A compact isotope identification telescope with a wide dynamic range

A compact ΔE — E telescope, used to complete the isotope identification for lighter projectile-like fragments in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions, is developed. By detecting the fragments...

Xu Hu-Shan(徐瑚珊), Zhu Yong-Tai(诸永泰), Wei Zhi-Yong(魏志勇), Lu Jun(卢俊), Li Song-Lin(李松林), Wang Qi(王 琦), Xie Yuan-Xiang(谢元祥), Zhang Yu-Hu(张玉虎), Wu Zhong-Li(吴钟立), Yin Shu-Zhi(尹淑芝), Gou Quan-Bu(苟全补), Zhao Qing-Zhong(赵庆中) and Song Ming-Tao(宋明涛)

1996, 7 (4): 199

Some new viewpoints in reactor noise analysis

It is proposed that the linearity criterion and order criterion via frequency spectrum features without any limitation of the model's phase can be used in reactor noise analysis. The time constant, na...

Luo Zheng-Pei(罗征培), Li Fu(李 富) and Li Bao-Yan(李宝琰)

1996, 7 (4): 202

Study on porosity of ceramic SiC using small angle neutron scattering

The mechanical properties of functional heat-resistant ceramics SiC are significantly influenced by the concentration and dimensions of pores. Small angle neutron scattering measurements for 3 SiC sam...

Li Zhou(李际周), Yang JiLian(杨继廉), Kang Jian(康健), Ye Chun-Tang(叶春堂), Y. Ito, S. Imai

1996, 7 (4): 205

Solvent extraction of U(VI) and Th(IV) ions with N,N,N',N'-tetrabutylsuccinylamide from nitric acid solutions

The solvent extraction of U(V1I) and Th({IV) from nitric acid medium by N,N,N',N'-tetrabutylsuccinylamide(TBSA) in a diluent composed of 0.5 volume fraction trimethyl] benzene(TMB) and 0.5 volume frac...

Wang You-Shao(王友绍), Bao Bo Rong(包伯荣), Xie De-Feng(谢德峰), Sun Si-Xiu(孙思修), Cao Wei-Guo(曹卫国)

1996, 7 (4): 209

Effect of some factors on direct 99mTc monoclonal antibody labelling efficiency

This study is focused in the influence of some experimental factors on direct 99mTc monoclonal antibody labelling method. The factors include weak ligands, reducing agent content and reduction time u...

Cao Rong-Zhen(曹蓉珍), Li Yong-Jian(李永键), Zhou Wei-Hua(周伟华), Dong Mo(董 . 墨), Ma Ji-Xiao(马寄晓), Yu Yong-Li(余永利), Gao Ke-Jial(高克家)

1996, 7 (4): 212

Mössbauer study of martensitic transformation and collective magnetic excitations in Fe.9Ni.1 fine particles

The austenite to martensite transformation in fine Fe.9Ni.10 particles prepared by evaporation is studied by Mössbauer technique. Unlike bulk Fe.9Ni.1 which is entirely transformed to martensite, thes...

H. M. Widqatallahl, Huang Run-Sheng(黄润生), Hsia Yuan-Fu(夏元复), Li Shi-Min(李世民), Wang Jin-Hui(王锦辉) and Lu Huai-Xian(陆怀先)

1996, 7 (4): 215

Thermodynamic behavior of 57Fe implanted into ZrO2(Y) by CEMS and slow positron beam

Using conversion electron Mössbauer spectroscopy(CEMS) and slow positron beam, the chemical state of 57Fe ( 100keV, 3 x1016 cm-2) implanted into ZrO2 containing 0.03 mole fraction Y2O3) and its thermo...

Zhang Gui-Lin(张桂林), Yu Fang-Hua(俞方华), Weng Hui-Min(翁惠民), Zhang Xing-Hua(张行华)

1996, 7 (4): 220

Three-body collisions involving Na(3P), Rb(5S) and buffer gas atoms

Energy pooling in the Na-Rb vapor mixture has been investigated. While some kind of buffer gas is introduced into the cell the peculiar features appear. The buffer gas enhances the energy transfer bet...

Shen Yi-Fan(沈异凡), Li Wan-Xing(李万兴) and Polat Ahmat(普拉提. 艾合买提)

1996, 7 (4): 225

Measurement of Sc and V K-shell ionization cross sections by slow electron impact

Electron-induced Sc and V K-shell ionization cross sections, which are scarce, have been obtained from measurement of Kα X-ray emission cross sections at energies from near threshold to 25 keV. The in...

Li Tai-Hua(李泰华), An Zhu(安竹) and Luo Zheng-Ming(罗正明)

1996, 7 (4): 228

Two-phase slug flow in vertical and inclined tubes

Gas-liquid slug flow is investigated experimentally in vertical and inclined tubes. The non-invasive measurements of the gas-liquid slug flow are taken by using the EKTAPRO 1000 High Speed Motion Anal...

Xia Guo-Dong(夏国栋), Zhou Fang-De(周芳德) and Hu Ming-Sheng(胡明胜)

1996, 7 (4): 232

Kα and Kβ X-ray energy shift and broadening for Ni+q ion bombardment on Cu target

Relative to proton bombardment, energy shift and broadening of Kα and Kβ X-ray lines of Cu are observed in Ni+q ion bombarding Cu atoms. This is possibly due to multiple ionization of Cu in Ni+q bomba...

Li Jing-Wen(李景文), Zhou Shu-Hua(周书华), Hu Ai-Dong(胡爱东), Zcng Xian-Tang(曾先堂) and Tian Wei(田 炜)

1996, 7 (4): 238

Studies of preparing method of nano grain metal-insulator film Cu:CaF2

A machine to prepare nano grain metal-insulator films, for example Cu:CaFz film, by means of magnetron sputtering generating clusters and at the same time evaporating insulator medium, is introduced. ...

Zhao Zi-Qiang(赵子强), Wei Lun-Cun(韦伦存), Wang Hao(王浩), Zhong Yun-Cheng(钟运成) and Lu Xi-Ting(卢希庭)

1996, 7 (4): 240

Study and application of X radiation sampling technique

The physical bases of a X radiation sampling technique are investigated. Three technical problems of unevenness, matrix and heterogeneous mineralization effects, are considered and successfully resolv...

Ge Liang-Quan(葛良全), Zhang Ye(章晔), Lai Wan-Chang(赖万昌), Zhou Si-Chun(周四春) and Xie Ting-Zhou(谢庭周)

1996, 7 (4): 243

Transient radiation effects in CMOS inverters fabricated on SIMOX and BESOI wafers

CMOS inverter circuits are successfully fabricated on thin film SIMOX wafers and thick film BESOI wafers. The output voltage variation is measured with a pulse of γ ray radiation. Compared with bulk s...

Zhu Shi-Yang(竺士炀), Lin Cheng-Lu(林成鲁), Li Jin-Hua(李金华)

1996, 7 (4): 247

Biological effects of implantation and penetration of nitrogen ion beams on wheat seeds

The biological effects of wheat seeds irradiated by 48 MeV/u and 20MeV/u 14N7+ beams are studied, respectively. The results show: both penetration and implantation of heavy ions can significantly inhi...

Li Wen-Jian(李文建), Wei Zeng-Quan(卫增泉), Xie Hong-Mei(颉红梅), Dang Bing-Rong(党秉荣), Han Guang-Wu(韩光武) Li Qiang(李 强), Gao Qing-Xiang(高清祥), Yang Han-Min(杨汉民), Wang Li-Hong(汪丽虹)

1996, 7 (4): 249

Relationship among cancer, indoor radon and geology from Gejiu area

The mortality of lung cancer in Gejiu has reached the peak in the world. The indoor radon levels in Gejiu are measured by SSNTD. The results indicate that a higher indoor radon level widely exists in ...

Lu Wei(卢 伟), An Shu-Qing(安树清), Wang Ren-Zhong(王任重), Ye Zhao-Neng(叶昭能)

1996, 7 (4): 253

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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