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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Computerized simulation of TRPO extraction process treating Chinese high level waste

The dependence of main process parameters on each other in TRPO extraction process treating Chinese high level waste has been discussed by computer simulation. A group of satisfying process parameter...

Chen Jing(陈 靖) Wang Jian-Chen(王建晨) and Song Chong-Li(宋崇立)

1996, 7 (3): 129

Velocity spectra of fast ions produced. by plasma of multiple electron species

A theoretical model for the expansion of a plasma with three and multiple electron temperatures is developed. The three and multiple peak structures exhibited in ion velocity distributions, which have...

Zhang Jun(张钧) and Gu Pei-Jun(古培俊)

1996, 7 (3): 134

Status report on the tunable monochromatic gamma-ray source

The tunable monochromatic gamma-ray source at the Ghent 15 MeV linac is described. The characteristics of the monochromatic beam are given, and some applications, as the detection of heavy elements in...

M. Bertschy, J. Jolie, W. Mondelaers

1996, 7 (3): 138

Investigation on two-phase critical flow for loss-of-coolant accident of pressurized water reactor

The previous investigations were mainly conducted under the condition of low pressure, however, the steam-water specific volume and the interphase evaporation rate in high pressure are much different ...

Xu Jin-Liang(徐进良), Chen Ting-Kuan(陈听宽), Yang Lu-Wei(杨鲁伟)

1996, 7 (3): 143

AFM studies of nonspecific binding of enzyme on DNA

Atomic force microscope (AFM) is used to study restriction endonuclease digestion of plasmid DNA. pWRr plasmid DNA is digested by Hind III2and the specific and the nonspecific binding of the restricti...

Zhang Yi(张益), Xu Lei(徐磊), Ouyang Zhen-Qian(欧阳振乾), Chen Sheng-Fu(陈圣福), Sun Jie-Lin(孙洁林), Hu Jun(胡 钧), Li Min-Qian(李民乾), Xie Heng-Yue(谢恒月), Liu Zheng-Xia(刘征峡)

1996, 7 (3): 151

GRASP calculations of some radiation lifetimes and wavelengths for O-like ions with 52≤ Z ≤79

Using the expanded relativistic multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock code, various structure parameters are calculated for heavy O-like ions. The calculated results provide more of the data necessary for the...

Wang Wan-Jue(王宛珏), Jiang Ren-Bin(姜仁滨), Wang Xiao-Dong(王晓东)

1996, 7 (3): 154

Sonoluminescence: an IRaser creating cold fusion meutrons?

Sonoluminescence can be explained by treating the bubbles as TRasers with standing waves in resonance with the bubble dimensions. Since the IRaser resonant radiation is required to satisfy wave bounda...

T V Prevenslik

1996, 7 (3): 157

HEHEHP fractional extraction process with three outlets for separation of Am from rare earths

Americium is similar to light rare earths in solvent extraction by HEHEHP. So the fractional extraction process with three outlets, which is widely used on rare earth industrial scale, can be applied ...

He Pei-Jiong(何培炯), Jiao Rong-Zhou(焦荣洲) and Zhu Yong-Jun(朱永贝睿)

1996, 7 (3): 161

Proton induced gamma ray emission analysis of nitrogen

The proton-capture reactions 14N(p, γ)15O and 15N(p, αγ)13C have been studied to determine their applicabilities to the analysis of materials for 15N enrichment. It is true that precision of the measu...

Zhang Wei-Cheng(张维成) Peng Xiu-Ru(彭秀茹) anad Chao Zhi-Yyuan(晃致运)

1996, 7 (3): 166

Pharmacokinetics local model and its application in nuclear medicine

The Pharmacokinetics local model for studying kinetic action of pharmaceuticals in the specific part of the body is established on the basis of the compartment model. A series of formulae is deduced, ...

Cao Guo-Xian(曹国宪), Li Wei-Yi(李卫一) and Yu Hui-Xin(俞惠新)

1996, 7 (3): 170

Correlation between induced embryo toxicity and absorption dose of enriched uranium in testes

Doses of enriched uranium in testes inducing dominant lethality and skeletal abnormalities in offsprings are estimated. When intratesticular injection dose is 0.4- 60g enriched uranium; from intake to...

Zhu Shou-Peng(朱寿彭) and Lun Ming-Yue(伦明跃)

1996, 7 (3): 173

Preparation and biodistribution of 186,188Re-HEDP for bone tumor therapy

Radionuclides 186,188Re, suitable for tumor therapy and with high specific activity, are prepared through irradiating natural metallic rhenium, instead of costly enriched target. Complexation of rheni...

Luo Shun-Zhong(罗顺忠), Qiao Jian(谯 健), Pu Man-Fei(浦满飞), Liu Zhong-Lin(刘中林), Zhao Peng-Ji(赵鹏骥), Fu Yi-Bei(傅依备), Deng Hou-Fu(邓候富)

1996, 7 (3): 177

Inhibitory effect of low dose irradiation on tumor metastases in tumor bearing in mice

By using the models of tumor blood-borne metastasis and spontaneous one, the antitumor metastasis effect of 75mGy X-ray whole body irradiation on tumor bearing mice is investigated. The results demons...

Wei Dao-Yan(魏道严), Jin Ao-Xing(金敖兴), Huang Guo(黄 帼), Wang Si-Ying(汪思应) and Zuo Xiang-Sheng(左祥生)

1996, 7 (3): 180

Effects of radiation-induced oxide and interface charges on mobility degradation in MOSFETs

The model separating the effects of radiation-induced oxide-trapped charge and interface state charge on mobility can be better manifested the mechanisms of the radiationinduced mobility degradation i...

Ren Di-Yuan(任迪远), Yu Xue-Feng(余学锋), Lu Wu(陆妩), Gao Wen-Yu(高文玉), Zhang Guo-Qiang(张国强) and Yan Rong-Liang(严荣良)

1996, 7 (3): 183

Activation cross section measurement for 165Ho(n,γ)166mHo and 151 Bu (n,γ)128Bu

The cross sections for 151Eu(n,γ)152gEu reaction in the neutron energy range of 22-1100 keV and the cross sections for 165Ho(n,γ)166mHo reaction at the neutron energies of 203, 676 and 974 keV are mea...

Luo Xiao-Bing(罗小兵), Xia Yi-Jun(夏宜君), Yang Zhi-Hua(杨志华), Wang Chun-Hao(王春浩), Yang Jing-Fu(杨经福), Long Xian-Guan(龙先灌) Peng XiuFeng(彭秀峰), He Fu-Qing(何福庆) and Liu Man-Tian(刘慢天)

1996, 7 (3): 187

Biological effects of synchrotron radiation on crops

The sensitivity of germinating seeds of barley, winter wheat and spring one to synchrotron ultraviolet radiation is barley > winter wheat and spring one. But when dry seeds of the three crops are irra...

Tang Zhang-Xiong(唐掌雄), Shi Jin-Guo(施巾帼), Hu Jiang-Chao(胡江朝), (董保中) and Cui Ming-Qi(崔明启)

1996, 7 (3): 190

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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