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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Sonoluminescence and cold fusion

A theory of sonoluminescence (SL) proposed asserts bubbles collapse in a pancake shape almost isothermally at constant volume. SL induced hot fusion at - 107°C is most likely impossible. By the propos...

T V Prevenslik

1996, 7 (1): 1

Azimuthal correlations of particles produced in pp collisions at 400 GeV /c

The two particle azimuthal correlations are observed but the azimuthal structure seems to be of stochastic nature, no jet-like structure was observed. And a new method is used to study the azimuthal ...

Wang Shao-Shun(王韶舜)

1996, 7 (1): 6

Atomic force microscopy study on eucaryotic ribosomes

It is tried to compare the effects of sample preparation on shapes and sizes of ribosomes deposited on mica. The apparent sizes of ribosomes in the atomic force microscopy (AFM) images are about 60nm ...

Xu Lei (徐磊), Wu Xiao-Hua (吴晓华), Liu Wang-Yi (刘望夷) and Li Min-Qianl (李民乾)

1996, 7 (1): 10

Track structure and energy deposition distribution of heavy ions in liquid water

Progress in theoretical research into track structure and energy deposition distribution of heavy ions is introduced, and some research results are given, such as a Monte Carlo model of heavy ion trac...

Li Qiang (李强), Wei Zeng-Quan (卫增泉), and Ma Shou-Wau (马受武)

1996, 7 (1): 16

Existence of the fifth unstable nuclide series

The production of derived nuclides by the reaction of 238U with constant nuclear reactor neutron flux for long time is theoretically described. The concentration of each derived nuclide is zero at the...

Zhang Jia-Hua (张家骅)

1996, 7 (1): 21

Gravitational radiation of angular-momentum from general covariant conservation law

The quadrupole angular-momentum radiation of gravity is obtained from the recently obtained covariant conservation law of angular-momentum. The result agrees with that derived from the Landau-Lifshitz...

Feng Shi-Xiang (Feng Sze-Shiang, 冯世祥) and Zong Hong-Shi (宗红石)

1996, 7 (1): 24

Micro-PIXE analysis of trace element composition and their distribution in minerals of mantle peridotite

The proton microprobe and the quantitative micro-PIXE analysis technique are used to determine trace element composition and distribution in minerals of mantle peridotite, therefore, additional useful...

Chen You-Hong (陈友红), Zhu Jie-Qing (朱节清), Wu Xian-Kang (邬显慷), Gu Ying-Mei (谷英梅), Zhang Qi (张旗), Xu Ping (徐平), Li Xiu-Yun (李秀云)

1996, 7 (1): 28

Measurement of 8~25 keV electron impact K-shell ionization cross sections of Cu and Co elements

The influence of substrate of thin targets on ionization cross sections has been corrected by a new method based upon the bipartition model of electron transport. The measured cross sections for Cu el...

An Zhu (安竹), Li Tai-Hua (李泰华), Wang Liang-Ming (王良明) and Luo Zheng-Ming (罗正明)

1996, 7 (1): 32

Setup of 4π solid angle β detector and measurement of its performance

This setup has very good timing response. Its rising time is just 8ns. By using β-γ coincident technique, the intensities of γ lines following electron capture from neutrondeficient nuclides are stron...

Wang Ji-Cheng (王积成), Guo Guang-Hnui (郭光辉), Zhao Jin-Hua (赵进华) and Yang Yong-Feng (杨永峰)

1996, 7 (1): 36

Theoretical study on interaction of neon like Ge X-ray lasers in gain saturation

By coupling the radiation transport equations and rate equations of X-ray laser, gain saturation process of several X-ray lasers in Ne-like Ge plasma is studied and simulated results are compared wi...

Wang Guang-Yu (王光裕)

1996, 7 (1): 40

Labeling and stability study on 99mTc- tissue plasminogen activator as thrombus and tumor imaging agent

Abstract Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), due to its stability in acidic solution, could be conveniently labeled with 99mTc by using stannous chloride method. More than 90% of biochemical activity ...

Li Wei-Yi (李卫一), Cao Guo-Xian (曹国宪), Yu Hui-Xin (俞惠新) and Zhang Rong-Jun (张荣军)

1996, 7 (1): 45

Room temperature HgI2 nuclear radiation detector

Abstract Room temperature radiation detectors are fabricated from large HgI2 single crystals, in which, instead of temperature oscillation method (TOM), a modified vapor growth method is applied to gr...

Li Wei-Tang (李伟堂), Li Zheng-Hui (李正辉), Zhu Shi-Fu (朱世富), Yin Shu-Jun (银淑君), Zhao Bei-Jun (赵北君) Chen Guan-Xiong (陈观雄), Peng Xiu-Feng (彭秀峰), He Fu-Qing (何福庆), Long Xian-Guan (龙先灌)

1996, 7 (1): 48

Study on migration of radon in geologic environment by SSNTD

Abstract There is a high incidence of lung cancer in Gejiu area of Yunnan Province. Using method of SSNTD (solid state nuclear track detector), 469 data of radon in the indoor or soil have been obtain...

Lu Wei (卢伟)

1996, 7 (1): 52

General covariant conservative angular momentum as internal charges

The usual approach to internal conservative charges is used to obtain the conservation laws of angular-momentum in both Einstein gravity and gravitational anyons. The results are in complete agreement...

Zhao De-Pin (赵德品)

1996, 7 (1): 54

Determining nitrogen depth distributions in seeds of grain by nuclear reaction method

A 13MeV deuteron beam from the 1.2 M cyclotron of Sichuan Union University has been used to determine the nitrogen depth distribution in seeds of wheat. and rice on the basis of 14N(d, p)15N reaction....

Zhang Kun (张坤) and Cao Jian-Hua (曹建华)

1996, 7 (1): 58

SPM analysis on groups of single aerosol particles around steel plant

Several methods for preparing samples of dispersed single aerosol particles used in scanning proton microprobe (SPM) analysis were tested. Many elements such as Al, Si, S, Cl, Ca, Ti,  Cr, Mn, Fe...

Sha Yin (沙 因), Shi Jian (石 距), Zhang Pei-Qun (章佩群), Gu Ying-Mei (谷英梅), Zhu Jie-Qing (朱节清), Li Xiao-Lin (李晓林), Wang An-Pu (汪安璞), Yang Shu-Lan (杨淑兰)

1996, 7 (1): 61

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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