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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Nonlinear feedback synchronization of hyperchaos in higher dimensional systems

Nonlinear feedback functional method is presented to realize synchronization of hyperchaos in higher dimensional systems. New nonlinear feedback functions and superpositions of linear and nonlinear fe...

Fang Jin-Qing, Ali M K

1997, 8 (4): 193

Simulation study of transverse optical klystron radiation

The radiation from a transverse optical klystron (TOK) is calculated by far field approximation equation and numerical integration, in which tlıe effects of electron-beam emittance and energy spread a...

Xu Hong-Liang, Diao Cao-Zheng, Liu Jin-Ying, He Duo-Hui, Jia Qi-Ka and Wang Xiang-Qi

1997, 8 (4): 200

Study on the properties of saline HLLW in China

The properties and the component of HLLW (High Level Liquid Waste) were studied. The genuine saline HLLW is a bluc-green liquid without any deposition. Its density and acidity are 1.399 g/ml(234±1℃) a...

Liang Jun-Fu, Tian Guo-Xing, Song Chong-Li, Jiao Rong-Zhou, Liu Bing-Ren, Liu Xiu-n, Guo Yi-Fei

1997, 8 (4): 204

Thermal-hydraulic stability of a natural circulation system with nuclear feedback

The stability of low temperature nuclear heating rcactor with various subcoolings of reactor core inlet has been studied by means of simulating experinients. The thermalhydranlie system and the data a...

Xu Zhan-Jie, Chen Li-Qiaug, Ma Chang-Wen aud Wu Shao-Rong

1997, 8 (4): 208

Filter back-projection technique applied to Abel inversion

Theinverse Abel transform is applicable to optically thin plasma with cylindrical syimmetry, which is often encountered in plasına physics and inertial (or magnetic) confinement fusion. The filter bac...

Jiang Shao-En, Liu Zhong-Li, Tang Dao-Yuan and Zheng Zhi-Jian

1997, 8 (4): 214

Studies on structural features of human tumor necrosis factor

The mierostructure of human tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) and its mutant (TNF-b) has been investigated by utilizing positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy, radioiodination of human TNF and ...

Yin Chuan-Yuan, Guo Dong-Lin, Xi Tao, Xu Xian-Xiu, Gu Qing-Chao

1997, 8 (4): 218

Studies on microdomain structure in segmented polyether polyurethaneureas by positron annihilation lifetime and small-angle X-ray scattering

The microdomain structure of segmented polyether polyurethaneureas is investigated by means of positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy, small-angle X-ray scattering and differential scanning calor...

Yin Chuan-Yuan, Gu Qing-Chao

1997, 8 (4): 221

Mössbauer study of function of magnesium in iron oxide catalysts

Mössbauer spectroscopy has been utilized for studying the action of Mg element in iron oxide catalysts used for the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene. The experimental results show that the p...

Yang Jie-Xin, Jiang Ke-Yu, Hu Bing-Yuan, Yang Xie-Long Mao Lian-Sheng, Yuan Yi-Ting, Zhang Gui-Lin

1997, 8 (4): 225

Apoptosis in immune cells induced by fission fragment 147Pm

Apoptosis in human acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line Molt-4 cell and macrophage cell line Ana-l cell could be induced by fission fragment 147Pm. The cumulative absorption dose of 147Pm in cultura...

Zhu Shou-Peng, Zhang Lan-Sheng and Fu Qiang

1997, 8 (4): 229

N,N,N',N'-tetrabutylmalonamide as a new extractant for extraction of nitric acid and uranium(VI)

N,N,N',N'-tetrabutylmalonamide (TBMA) is synthesized and used for extraction of uranyl(II) ion from nitric acid media in a diluent composed of 50% 1,2,4-trimethyl benzene (TMB) and 50% kerosene(OK). T...

Wang You-Shao, Sun Guo-Xin, Li Yu-Lan, Bao Bo-Rong, Sun Xiao-Yu and Mao Jia-Jun

1997, 8 (4): 232

Sonoluminescence and the probability of isothermal bubble collapse

Computations of air bubble collapse dynamics usually neglect thermal conduction, but recent computations show about a 3-fold reduction in bubble gas temperature if thermal conduction is included. Howe...

Thomas V Prevenslik

1997, 8 (4): 236

Neutron yields and emission rates in the forward direction for 50 MeV /u 16O-ion on thick Be, Cu, Au targets

Total neutron yields and neutron emission rates in the forward direction for 50 MeV/u 18O-ion on thick Be, Cu, Au targets have been measured using an activation technique. The results indicate that ne...

Li Gui-Sheng, Zhang Tian-Mei, Li Zong-Wei, Su You-Wu and Zhang Shu-Min

1997, 8 (4): 239

Calculation of response of Chinese hamster cells to ions based on track structure theory

Considering biological cells as single target two-hit detectors, an analytie formula to calculate the response of cells to ions is developed based an track structure theory. In the calenlation, the sp...

Liu Xiao-Wei, Zhang Chun-Xiang

1997, 8 (4): 243

Bone mineral density of normal people by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry

The bone mineral density (BMD) determination is performed for 210 selected Shanghai residents of both sexes across the age range 15-50 using Hologie QDR-2000 dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). T...

Zhang Yuan-Xun, Li De-Yi, Ma Ji-Xiao, Huang Qi-Ren

1997, 8 (4): 246

Studies of Al metabolism in animal by accelerator mass spectrometry

The correlation between Al metabolisın and senile dementia in animal has been studied by AMS (accelerator mass spectrometry). Three groups of laboratory rats were fed with normal food, food with high ...

Wang Na-Xiu, Zhou Wei-Nan, Liu Lian-Fan, Cheng Xiao-Wu, Zhu Jin-Hua, Qiu Hui-Yuan, Sun Guo-Yan, He Shi-Yu, Zhu Han-Min, Chen Shu-Ying, Han Rui-Ping

1997, 8 (4): 249

Coextraction of uranium(VI) from nitric acid solutions by N,N-diethyldecanamide and TBP

The partition of uranium(VI) between nitric acid and N,N-diethyldecanamide, C9H19CON(C2H5)2, (DEDEA) in kerosene has been investigated at various concentrations of nitric acid, extractant and salting-...

Sun Guo-Xin, Wang You-Shao, Yang Yan-Zhao, Bao Bo-Rong, Sun Si-Xiu

1997, 8 (4): 251

Measurement of mean excitation energy by energy loss

The mean excitation energy (MEE) for Al, Ti, Fe, Cu and Ta has been determined experimentally by the Landan equation, which describes the most probable energy loss of electrons in the incidence d...

Liu Chang-Shi

1997, 8 (4): 254

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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