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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Synchronizing spatiotemporal chaos in the coupled map lattices using nonlinear feedback functions

In this paper the nonlinear feedback fuuctional method is presented for study of synchronization of spatiotemporal chaos in coupled map lattices with five connection forms. Some of nonlinear feedback ...

Fang Jin-Qing, M K Ali

1997, 8 (3): 129

Entropy produced in heavy ion collisions

A new observable, yield ratio of d/(d+t+3He+4He) produced in heavy ion reactions is suggested as a measure of entropy. It is found that in quantum statistical model (QSM), which is quite commonly used...

Xi Hong-Fei, Zhu Yong-Tai, Shen Wen-Qing, Wei Zhi-Yong

1997, 8 (3): 136

Regular behaviors in SU(2) Yang-Mills classical mechanics

In order to study regular behaviors in high-energy nucleon-nucleon collisions, a representation of the vector potential Aia is defined with respect to the (a,i)-dependence in the SU(2) Yang-Mills clas...

Xu Xiao-Ming

1997, 8 (3): 139

The study of aeroball system for measuring 3D neutron flux distribution in reactor core

Aeroball system is attractive in several aspects because it can easily transport the map of neutron flux distribution to be measured from incore to outside of a reactor vessel. However, before the aer...

Luo Zheng-Pei, Li Fu, Zhang Ya-Dan

1997, 8 (3): 144

Experimental study on steam-water two-phase flow frictional pressure drops in helical coils

Experiments of steam-water two-phase flow frictional pressure drop in a vertical helical coil were carried out in the high-pressure water test loop of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The coil is made of st...

Bi Qin-Cheng, Chen Ting-Kuan, Tian Yong-Sheng, Chen Xue-Jun

1997, 8 (3): 149

Mössbauer study of the orientation of the magnetic moments in Fe-based nanocrystalline alloys

Magneto-impedance (MI) effect in Fe-based nanoerystalline Fe73Cu1Nb1.5Mo2Si13.5B9 alloys has been observed by Mössbauer spectroscopy. The results show that the field dependence of the MI ratio is stro...

Hu Bing-Yuan, Yang Jie-Xin, Chen Guo, Shen Guo-Tu Jiang Ke-Yu, Yang Xie-Long, Zhaug Gui-Lin

1997, 8 (3): 154

Measurement and theoretical evaluation of cross section for Na(4D) + Na(38)→Na(4F) + Na(3S)

Cross section σ4D→4F was measured for the collision transfer process of Na(4D) + Na(3S) →Na(4F) + Na(3S). The 4D state is excited by two-photon absorption using a tunable dye laser. Since the 4F → 3D ...

Shen Yi-Fan, Li Wan-Xing, Polat Ahmat and Luo Lan

1997, 8 (3): 157

Influence of scanning force microscope loading force on measurement of ion-track diameter

Scanning force microscope (SFM) was operated in the lateral-force mode with different loading forces. The mica samples were irradiated by Se ions with a kinetic eneıgy of 11.4MeV/u. The "full-height w...

Wang Yu-Gang, Zhao Wei-Jiang, Ackermann J, Müller A, Neumann R

1997, 8 (3): 160

Electron microscopic observations and DNA chain fragmentation studies on apoptosis in bone tumor cells induced by 153Sm-EDTMP

The morphological changes observed by electron microscopy indicate that after internal irradiation with 153Sm-EDTMP bone tumor cells displayed feature of apoptosis, such as margination of condensed c...

Zhu Shou-Peng, Xiao Dong, Han Xiao-Feng

1997, 8 (3): 163

Activation measurement of neutron distribution in intermediate energy heavy ion target area

The distribution of neutrons produced by the reaction of 50MeV/u !?C-ion on a thick Cu target are studied. The neutrons are measured with threshold activation detectors. AL,F,C, Aland In activation sa...

Li Gui-Sheng, Wang Jing, Zhao Yan-Sen, Li Wen-Jian, Zhang Tian-Mei, Su You-Wu, Li Zong-Qiang

1997, 8 (3): 166

Total dose radiation characteristics of n-channel MOSFETs fabricated using FIPOS technology

High quality SOI (silicon on insulator) materials were fabricated using highly selective and self-stopping full isolation by porous oxidized silicon (FIPOS) technology, tlıen n-chanrzel MOSFETs were s...

Zhu Shi-Yang, Huang Yi-Ping, Wu Dong-Ping, Gao Jiau-Xia, Li Jin-Hua

1997, 8 (3): 170

Feasibility studies of D-3He fusion power in China

The sysiematic study on D-3He advanced fuel fusion in China has been performed. Comparisons between D-3He and D-T fuel cycles in physics, engineering, environmental safety and so on have been made. D-...

Deng Bai-Quan, Feng Kai-Ming, Peug Li-Lin, Xie Zhong-You, Deng Pei-Zhi

1997, 8 (3): 174

Optimization and comparison of accelerating cavities for the SSRF

The two kinds of cavities commonly used, the nose-coned and the bell-shaped cavities, are investigated for the RF cavity optimum design ofthe SSRF (Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility). The maximu...

Chen Ming, Guo Yi-Gang, Qin Jiu, Wang Guang-Wei

1997, 8 (3): 179

Transtarget residue products of 47 MeV/u 12C ions on 133Cs targets

The yield of transtarget produced in the reaction of 47 MeV /u 12C bombardment on cesium compound targets are measured by means of nuclear chemical method and the offline γ spectrum technique. The mea...

Li Zong-Wei, Yang Wei-Fan and Zhao Zhi-Zheng

1997, 8 (3): 183

Application of neutron activation tracer sediment technique on environmental science

Field and laboratory investigations were carried out to study the transport and dispersion law of polluted sediments near wastewater outlet using neutron activation tracer technique. The direction of ...

Yin Yi, Zhong Wei-Ni, Cheng Ai-Ping, Chang Nai-Huan

1997, 8 (3): 186

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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