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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Three approaches to assign the spins of rotational bands

Using the three approaches for the spin assignment of rotational bands, the observed superdeformed (SD) bands of even-even nuclei in the A -190 region are analyzed. For the yrast SD bands 194Hg(1) and...

Lei Yi-An, Zeng Jin-Yan

1997, 8 (2): 65

Valence and sea quark mixing in meson states

A meson model with gg and (qq)2 mixing has been developed. The 0- meson state has been studied within this model space. Considerable qq and (qq)2 mixing has been found. The first excited state is in t...

Wang Zi-Xing, Song Hong-Qiu, Hou Ren-Chang, Zong Hong-Shi, Wang Fan

1997, 8 (2): 71

Cold rotation in the reaction 19F+51V

Excitation functions of the dissipative products in the reaction 19F+51V have been measured from 102.25 to 109.50 MeV in a step of 250 keV at θ1=21.7°. Nuclear temperature of the system is extracted a...

Wang Qi, Lu Jun, Xu Hu-Shan, Li Song-Lin, Zhu Yong-Tai, Zhang Yu-Hu, Tian Wen-Dong

1997, 8 (2): 74

Transport methods for energetic particles

In order to estimate radiation risk assessment for astronaut's radiation safety in space activities, transport codes for high energy particles have been created. Two of the transport methods, perturba...

Wu Hong-Lu, Yane Chui-Hsu

1997, 8 (2): 77

Measurements of neutron spectra from iron and boron-in-polyethylene bombarded with 14 MeV neutrons

The leakage spectra of 14MeV neutrons from spheres of iron and boron-inpolyethylene with three different mass ratios of boron carbide to polyethylene were measured over the energy range of 20 keV to 1...

Zhou Yu-Qing, Chen Yuan and Zhang Bao-Han

1997, 8 (2): 83

A compact Tokamak transmutation reactor

The low aspect ratio Tokamak is proposed for the driver of a transmutation reactor. The main parameters of the reactor core, neutronic analysis of the blanket are given. The neutron wall loading can b...

Qiu Li-Jian, Xiao Bing-Jia, Guo Zeng-Ji, Chen Yi-Ping, Liu Li-Li, Wang Shao-Jie, Wu Yi-Can, Xu Qiang, Huang Qun-Ying, Kong Ming-Hui

1997, 8 (2): 85

Experimental observation of hot electrons produced by laser with small scale-length and shorter wavelength

The experiments on gold-disk and hohlraum targets irradiated by laser beams with wavelength of 0.35 μm (Xingguang-II) and 0.53 μm (Shenguang-I) are performed. The characteristics of hot electrons and ...

Qi Lan-Ying, Jiang Xiao-Hua, Zhao Xue-Wei, Zheng Zhi-Jian, Li San-Wei Ding Yao-Nan, Ding Yong-Kun, Li Chao-Guang, Zhang Wen-Hai

1997, 8 (2): 91

Sonoluminescence: microwaves and cold fusion

Sonoluminescence (SL) observed in the cavitation of water is explained by the Planck theory of SL that treats the bubbles as miniature masers converting the velocity of bubble collapse to electromagne...

T V Prevenslik

1997, 8 (2): 94

Plasma properties of pulsed laser ablation of GaAs

Simultaneous time and space-resolved emission spectrum from a Nd: YAG laser-ablated plasma on a GaAs target has quantitative information on the generation and the propagation of species in the plasma ...

Man Bao-Yuan, Wang Xiang-Tai, Hu Xie-Rong, Guo Xiang-Xin, Miao Yong

1997, 8 (2): 98

Solvent extraction of uranium(VI) and thorium(IV) in nitric acid solution by N,N,N',N'-tetrabutyladipicamide

N,N,N'N'-tetrabutyladipicamide(TBAA) has been synthesized, and applied to the extraction of U(VI) and Th(IV) from nitric acid solutions in a diluent composed of 0.50 volume fraction 1,2,4-trimethyl be...

Wang You-Shao, Sun Guo-Xin, Li Yu-Lan, Bao Bo-Rong, Liu Jian-Wei, Sun Xiao-Yu, Mao Jia-Jun

1997, 8 (2): 103

Cellular and molecular studies of mutation induction by low energy heavy ions

Mutation induction by low energy heavy ions was scored at the hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HGPRT) locus using both normal human fibroblasts and the human-hamster hybrid Ay cells. I...

Tom K Hei, Li X Zhu, David J Chen, Charles A Waldren

1997, 8 (2): 107

Interpretation program for internal contamination measurement

An internal dose calculation program is introduced. It adopts the ICRP new tespitatory tract model. It is capable of calculating the initial intakes and the committed effective dose from the measured ...

Zhang Shao-Dong, Zheng Wen-Zhong, Tang Ming-Hua, Guo Li-Sheng, Liu Guo-Lian, Zhou Shu-Zhen

1997, 8 (2): 114

Rem-meter correction factor for measuring high energy neutron dose equivalent

The dose equivalent of neutrons from intermediate energy heavy ion reactions measured with a Rem-meter, would be underestimated because of the energy response of the instrument. The correction factors...

Li Gui-Sheng

1997, 8 (2): 117

Study of organic N transformation in red soils by 15N tracer method

Uniformly 15N -labelled ryegrass was used to investigate NH+4 -production, microbial transformation and humification of organic N in two types of red soils by incubating the soils amended with labelle...

Ye Qing-Fu, Zhang Qin-Zheng, Xi Hai-Fu, Wu Gang, He Zhen-Li

1997, 8 (2): 121

Comparative study on metabolic peculiarity in testes and reproductive toxicity induced by different radiators

The fitted equations to describe the retentions of a radiator 235U and β 147Pm as well as γ 134Cs were obtained respectively. The half life component of 235U is the longest, T1/2=197 d, of 147Pm is sh...

Zhu Shou-Peng, Wang Liu-Yi, Hu Qi-Yue, Yang Wei-Dong

1997, 8 (2): 125

Extraction of uranyl(VI) ion with N,N-dibutyloctadecanamide from nitric acid solution

The extraction of U(VI) with newly synthesized long chain alkyl amide, N,Ndibutyloctadecanamide (DBODA), has been studied. The dependence of the extraction on nitric acid concentration, DBODA concentr...

Sun Guo-Xin, Wang You-Shao, Bao Bo-Rong, Liu Chane-Xin, Bao Meng

1997, 8 (2): 190

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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