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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Systematic study of anomalous fragment anisotropies in subbarrier complete fusion-fission reactions

The complete fusion-fission is separated from the transfer-induced-fission with the fragment folding angle technique. The cross sections and fragment angular distributions for the complete fusion-fiss...

Zhang Huan-Qiao, Liu Zu-Hua, Xu Jin-Cheng, Qian Xing, Qiao Yu and Lin Cheng-Jian

1997, 8 (1): 1

Opacity calculation based on average atom model

The relativistic self-consistent average atom model is employed to calculate the radiative opacities for high Z plasma. One-electron transitions are considered for boundpound process. The line distrib...

Sun Yong-Sheng, Meng Xu-Jun and Zheng Shao-Tang

1997, 8 (1): 6

A method of analysing experimental data of nuclear reaction cross sections

A method of analysing experimental data of nuclear reaction cross sections o, induced by radioactive beam is described. It can be used in analysis of experimental nuclear reaction cross section data o...

Feng Jun and Shen Wen-Qing

1997, 8 (1): 10

A non-perturbation approach in temperature Green function theory

A set of diffcro-integral equations for many-body connected temperature Green's functions is established which is non-perturbative in nature and provides a reasonable trun tion scheme with respect to ...

Zuo Wei, Wang Shun-Jin

1997, 8 (1): 14

Mathematical feature of photon spectra produced in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collision

In 1994 the first single-photon spectra from the 200 GeV/A S + Au collisions at CERN SPS were reported by WA80 group. Based on these data, it can be proved that as long as there is an instantancous th...

Ai Xiao-Bai(Ai Hsiao-Bai)

1997, 8 (1): 18

Yield of iodine isotopes from interaction of 47 MeV/u 12C with 133Cs

The production cross sections of the iodine isotopes have been measured radiochemically for the interaction of 47MeV/u 12C with 133Cs. The iodine isotopic yield distribution was deduced from these dat...

Yang Wei-Fan, Zhao Zhi-Zheng, Li Zong-Wei and Mu Wan-Tong

1997, 8 (1): 23

Formation cross sections of nuclei with (n, 2n) reactions

Neutron activation technique is used to measure the formation cross sections on even-even target nuclei with 14.6 MeV (n,2n) reactions. The absolute values are calculated by using an integrated pre-eq...

Chen Xue-Shi, Xie Kuan-Zhong, Zhou Sheng-Mo, Yan Qing-Quan, Zhou Mu-Yao, Wang Chuan-Shan

1997, 8 (1): 26

Positron annihilation study of defects in GaAs irradiated by fission neutron

The defects in Si-doped, N-type HB GaAs single crystal irradiated by En >1MeV fission neutrons (6.5 x1016cm-2 and 1.4x1014cm-2) have been investigated using positron annihilation lifetime technique. T...

Zhu Sheng-Yun, Li An-Li, Luo Qi, Fan Zhi-Guo, Zheng Sheng-Nan, Gou Zhen-Hui, Qian Jia-Yu

1997, 8 (1): 30

Investigation of trace elements in Guangxi ancient pottery by INAA

Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Region is an original place for manufacture of ancient pottery in China since Zenpiyan site, dated 9240-10370 years ago, was excavated. Contents of trace elements...

Peng Zi-Cheng, Sun Wei-Dong, Huang Yun-Lan, Satoshi Koshimizu, Kenji Tomura, Minoru Suzuki, Jiang Tin-Yu, Chen Wen

1997, 8 (1): 33

Flashing and flashing coupled density wave oscillation in natural circulation system

The phenomenon and mechanism of different kinds of two-phase flow instabilities, namely geysering, flashing instability and flashing coupled density wave instability are firstly well interpreted by th...

Jiang Sheng-Yao, Wu Xin-Xin, Wu Shao-Rong, Bo Jin-Hai, Zhang You-Jie, Jia Hai-Jun

1997, 8 (1): 38

Experimental observation of radiation heat waves

Radiation heat waves play an impo rtant role in high-temperature hydro-dynamic phenomena which is very impor tant for laser fusion .Therefore , the propagation of a radiation heat w ave through a thi...

Ding Yao-Nan , Yao Zhen-Yu , Miao Wen-Yong , Li Wen-Hong , He Hai-En , Yi Rong-Qing , Shun Ke-Xi , Zheng Zhi-Jian and Wen Shu-Huai

1997, 8 (1): 43

Dynamic stabilization of D-T burn in Tokamak reactors

A simple, enginecringly feasible dynamic method is supposed to control the deuterium-tritium burn process in Tokamak reactors operated in an advanced scenario. The thermal transport of the D-T plasma ...

Shi Bing-Ren and Long Yong-Xing

1997, 8 (1): 46

Study on radiation Vulcanization of natural rubber latex

The effect of dose rate of 60Co γ-ray on radiation vulacnization of natural rubber latex is studied using Malaysian latex with 0.002 mass fraction KOH and 0.05 mass fraction n-BA. Results show that, w...

Zhu Nan-Kang, Makuuchi K, Yoshii F, Wang Chun-Lei

1997, 8 (1): 51

Design of a mobile neutron radiography installation based on a compact sealed tube neutron generator

A series of optimum conditions are taken into account in the construction of neutron radiography (NR) installation based on a sealed tube neutron generator capable of gnerating 1010 n/s with 14MeV. T...

Ma Wei-Chao, Dong Ai-Ping, Yao An-Ju, Li Zhong-Min, Li Wen-Jic, Yue Jin-Sheng

1997, 8 (1): 53

Sustained mutagenic effect in bone marrow cells induced by signal nuclide 134Cs retention in skeleton

The skeleton transference and the retention dynamics of i.v. 134Cs are investigated. Results indicate that the retention percentage of 134Cs in skeleton could be characterized by R(t) = 0.0029exp(—0.1...

Zhu Shou-Peng, Xia Fen and Yang Wei-Dong

1997, 8 (1): 56

Radiogenotoxicological effect of signal nuclide 134Cs on somatic and germ cells

Chromosome abcrration rates in bone marrow cells and micronucleus formation in bone marrow polychromatic erythrocytes both rise with increase in radioactivities of 134Cs, and can be fitted to power fu...

Zhu Shou-Peng, Xia Fen and Yang Wei-Dong

1997, 8 (1): 59

Effects of several Chinese crude drugs on 40Ca transmembrane influx in vascular smooth muscles

The effects of several Chinese crude drugs including Crocus sativus, Carthamus tinctorius and Ginkgo biloba on Ca2+ transmembrane influx in rat aorta rings were studied. Resting 45Ca uptake was not ma...

Chen Heng-Liu, Mo Shang-Wu, Liu Ning, Zhang Shu-Yuan, Jin Jian-Nan, Li Wen-Xue

1997, 8 (1): 62

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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