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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Approximation analytical solutions for a uniled plasma sheath model by double decomposition method

A unified plasma sheath model and its potential equation are proposed. Any higher-order approximation analytical solutions for the unified plasma sheath potential equation are derived by double decomp...

Fang Jin-Qing

1998, 9 (4): 193

The level structure of 76Se from 76Br γ-decay

The decay of 76Br has been investigated for further study of the 76Se levels. Gamma ray singles were measured with HpGe-NaI Compton-suppressed spectrometer. Coincidence spectra were collected with two...

Li Yan, Huang Wen-Da, Shi Shuang-Hui, Gu Jia-Hui, Liu Jing-Yi, Yu Xiao-Han, Zeng Ji-Ping

1998, 9 (4): 199

Dilepton as a signature for baryon-rich quark-gluon matter

Considered the Drell-Yan background in the intermediate invariant mass region, the dilepton production in an expanding hot baryon-rich quark-gluon matter fire-cylinder has been studied based on a prev...

He Ze-Jun, Zhang Jia-Ju, Liu Bo

1998, 9 (4): 209

New developments at nuclear emulsion experiment

Three new nuclear emulsion techniques used for measuring emission angles of charged particles in central events at ultra-high evergy heavy-ion collisions are fully described.

Qian Wan-Yan, Cai Xu, Zhou Dai-Cui

1998, 9 (4): 213

Fluorine ion transmission through thin biological samples

F2+ beam with 3 MeV is used to irradiate thin biological samples (onion inner surface membrane and kidney bean coat) in the transmission measurement, its current density is 400~800 nA/cm2. Results sho...

Xue Jian-Ming, Wang Yu-Gang, Lu Xi-Ting, Yan Sha, Chen Jiang, Zhao Wei-Jiang

1998, 9 (4): 218

Magnetic fields in the Planck theory of sonoluminescence

Sonoluminescence (SL) observed in the cavitation of water may be explained by the Planck theory of SL that treats the bubbles as collapsing miniature masers having optical waves standing in resonance ...

Prevenslik T V

1998, 9 (4): 221

The conversion factor of Keff to K3.7 in thermoluminescence dating

In the fine-grain TL dating the full a dose must be converted into the equivalent β dose. The conversion is finished by Keff-value, which is an effective α effectiveness, But the Keff can not be measu...

Wang Wei-Da, Zhou Zhi-Xin, Xia Jun-Ding, Leung P L, Stokes M J

1998, 9 (4): 227

Collective excitation of spherical sodium cluster within a semiclassical discription

A microscopic semiclassical Vlasov equation approach is used to investigate the dipole giant resonances of spherical cluster Na14. The main strength distributions of collective response function are l...

Cai Yan-Huang, Zhu Zhi-Yuan

1998, 9 (4): 231

Comparison of DNA double-strand breaks induced by 16O8+ in deproteinized DNA and intact cells

The yield of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) is sure to be influenced by the environment around DNA molecule. Inverse pulsed-field gel elecirophoresis (PIGE) has been applied to compare the sensitivit...

Zhou Guang-Ming, Wei Zeng-Quan, Li Wen-Jian, Gao Qing-Xiang, He Jing, Li Qiang, Wang Jü-Fang

1998, 9 (4): 235

(d,pγ)-coincidence technique and its preliminary application

When there exist many light elements in a sample or the sample is thick, a reliable (d,p) reaction analysis cannot be often obtained due to the interference of particle groups corresponding to differe...

An Zhu

1998, 9 (4): 239

Extraction of uranium(VTI) with di-(2-ethylhexyl) sulfoxide in toluene

The mechanism of extraction uranium(VI) with di(2-ethylhexyl) sulfoxide (DEHSO) from aqueous nitric acid mediu has been studied. The influence of the concentrations of nitrie acid, extractant, salting...

Yang Yan-Zhao, Sun Si-Xiu, Bao Bo-Rong

1998, 9 (4): 243

Synthesis and radioiodinated labeling of p-iodophenyl pentadecanoic acid

A new method for the preparation of p-iodopheuyl pentadecanoic acid (IPPA) has been developed. The synthesis are described, and physical properties of IPPA are characterized by IR, 1HNMR, elementary a...

Wu Chun-Ying, Ji Shu-Ren, Fang Ping

1998, 9 (4): 246

A rapid easy-to-perform solid phase digoxin radioimmunoassay

A solid-phase-radioimmunoassay (SPRIA) for the monitoring of blood digoxin level has been developed, in which a secondary antibody-coated polystyrene tubes are used. This noval method seems to be simp...

Li Bin, Zhou Mei-Ying, Liu Fang-Yan, Wang Mei-Di

1998, 9 (4): 251

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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