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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Radiation mean free path for non-LTE fully ionized medium

Radiation mean free path (RMFP) is the function of radiation temperature, electron temperature and material density, and needs to apply Planck mean and Rosseland mean, respectively, in the regions of ...

Zhang Jun

1998, 9 (3): 129

Hypernucleus-16O in the density-dependent Hartree approach based on the chiral-σ model

A relativistic density-dependent interaction has been used to study hypernucleus 16O, The density-dependent coupling constants of the relativistic effective Hartree-Lagrangian are obtained from the re...

Jiang Wei-Zhou, Zhang Xiu-Rong, Qiu Xi-Jun

1998, 9 (3): 134

Measurements of fast-neutron capture cross sections for 159Tb and 169Tm

The neutron capture cross sections for 159Tb and 169Tm relative to the 197Au (n, γ) 198Au reaction are measured at neutron energies of 0.57 , 1.10 and 1.60 MeV by using the activation method. The acti...

Chen Jin-Xiang, Shi Zhao-Min, Tang Guo-You, Zhang Guo-Hui, Lu Han-Lin, Han Xiao-Gang, Huang Xiao-Long

1998, 9 (3): 138

Theoretical study on the carbon nanotube used as hard X-radiation source

Calculations and analyses are made on the interaction between the carbon nanotube and the incident positron of high energy. The results obtained show that it is possible to use carbon nanotube as hard...

Lu Jing-Han, Qiu Xi-Jun

1998, 9 (3): 142

Neutron dose equivalent rate for heavy ion bombardment

The fluence rate distribution of neutrons in the reactions of 50 MeV/u 18O-ion on thick Be, Cu and Au targets have been measured with an activation method of threshold detectors and the neutron dose e...

Li Gui-Sheng, Zhang Tian-Mei, Li Zong-Wei, Su You-Wu, Zhang Shu-Min

1998, 9 (3): 145

Diagnoses of gastric cancer and other gastric diseases by serum pepsinogen I and II levels

Serum pepsinogens I and Il (PGI, PGI) levels were determined by PGI and PGILRIA kits in 84 healthy controls and 128 patients of gastric diseases including 42 patients with gastric cancer. The results ...

Xiao Zhi-Jian, Jiang Meng-Jun, Cheng Zhao-Ming

1998, 9 (3): 148

Transfer of uranium(VI) through emulsion liquid membrane with N,N-dibutyloctanamide as a carrier

The transfer behavior of uranium(VI) through an emulsion liquid membrane using N,N-dibutyloctanamide(DBOA) as a mobile carrier has been investigated. The result shows that the liquid membrane process ...

Han Jing-Tian, Sun Guo-Xin, Bao Bo-Rong, Sun Si-Xiu

1998, 9 (3): 150

Study of some marine bivalves as the biomonitor candidates for environmental assessment of the Jiaozhou Bay by NAA and AAS

Some kinds of marine bivalves were selected as the biomonitor candidates to study the possibility of the environmental assessment of the Jiaozhou Bay with biomonitors. The contents of 29 elements in b...

Zhang Pei-Qun, Qian Qin-Fang, Hou Xiao-Lin, Lu Xiang-Li, Chai Zhi-Fang, Wane Wen-Qi, Li Feng-Lan, Dong Jin-Hai

1998, 9 (3): 153

Recent advances of annular centrifugal extractor for hot test of nuclear waste partitioning process

Advances are being made in the design of the annular centrifugal extractor for nuclear fuel reprocessing extraction process studies. The extractors have been built and tested. Twelve stages of this ex...

He Xiang-Ming, Yan Yu-Shun, Zhang Quan-Rong, Lui Bin-Ren

1998, 9 (3): 157

The dodecyltolylsulfoxide extraction of uranium(VI)

The liquid-liquid extraction behavior of uranium(VI) from aqueous nitric acid media with dodecyltolylsulfoxide (DTSO) has been studied over a wide range of conditions. The extracted species appear to ...

Yang Yan-Zhao, Sun Guo-Xin, Bao Bo-Rong, Yang Yong-Hui, Sun Si-Xiu

1998, 9 (3): 163

The mineralization and transformation of both added organic nitrogen and native soil N in red soils from four different ecological conditions

The NH4+-N microbial biomass-N, humus-N, and extractable organic N derived from the added 15N-labelled ryegrass and soil indigenous pool were measured separately with 15N tracing techniques. Based on ...

Ye Qing-Fu, Zhang Qin-Zheng, He Zhen-Li, Xi Hai-Fu, Wu Gang, Wilson M J

1998, 9 (3): 166

Effect of 211At treating pollen and stigma on generative cells and seed setting of rice

Low specific radioactivity (7.4kBq/ml) 211At treating pollen and stigma can obviously affect morphological structures and physiological functions of pollen, stigma and ovule or embryo sac cells, and c...

Jin Jian-Nan, Chen Fang, Mo Shang-Wu, Liu Ning, Zhang Yi-Zheng, Gao Mao-Guo, Zhou Mao-Lun, Zhang Shu-Yuan

1998, 9 (3): 173

Nitrogen utilization and transformation in red soil fertilized with urea and ryegrass

The influence of fertilization with urea and ryegrass on nitrogen utilization and transformation in red soil has been studied by using 15N tracer method. When urea and ryegrass were applied alone or i...

Wu Gang, Zhang Qin-Zheng, Ye Qing-Fu, Zhu Zhu-Jun, Xi Hai-Fu, He Zhen-Li

1998, 9 (3): 176

Distribution of implanted ions in seeds and roots of mung bean

Doses of 1×1016, and 2×1016cm-2 and 1×1016, 2×1016, 3×1016 and 3.6×1016cm-2 for iron and cppper ions are implanted in dry seeds of mung bean, respectively. The results show that the accumulated-copper...

Liu Dong-Hua, Wang Wei, Jiang Wu-Sheng, Zhang Zhi-Xiang, Hou Wen-Qiang, Guo Xi-Ming, Li Yi

1998, 9 (3): 181

Study on accumulation of 137Cs in aquatic organisms

The organisms were cultivated for 7d in well water contaminated with 137Cs. The experimental results show that the accumulation level of tissues of carassius auratus had the order of gill> viscera> ep...

Feng Ding-Hua, Cheng Qi-Jun, Cheung T

1998, 9 (3): 184

Solution of rate constants in pharmacokinetics local model of nuclear medicine

Rate constants are important pharmacokinetic parameters and very useful in study of radiopharmaceuticals, nuclide therapy and internal radiation. In the situation of small number of compartments, solu...

Cao Guo-Xian, Yu Hui-Xin and Huang Xu-Quan

1998, 9 (3): 186

Preparation and preclinical studies of a hepatic receptor imaging agent

Galactosyl neoglycoalbumin (NGA) was synthesized by the covalent coupling of a bifunctional reagent, 2-imino-2-ethyloxymethy1-1-thiogalactose, to human serum albumin. The average number of galactose g...

Zhang Rong-Jun, Jin Jian, Liang Gao-Lin, Wan Wei-Xing, Tao Yong-Hui and Wang Bo-Cheng

1998, 9 (3): 189