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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Dilepton production in baryon-rich quark-gluon matter

From the full stopping scenario and considered the Drell-Yang background, the rapidity dependence of the dilepton production from the central collision 197Au+197Au has been studied in the baryon-rich ...

He Ze-Jun, Zhang Jia-Ju, Jiang Wei-Zhou, Liu Bo

1998, 9 (2): 65

The microscopic approach of sdgIBM-1 and study of the 192,190,188Os isotopes

From the shell model configurations, valence nucleon effective interactions and fermion E2 transition operator, the sdgIBM-1 Hamiltonian and boson E2 transition operator are derived micoscopically wit...

Zhang Zhan-Jun, Sang Jian-Ping, Pan Wu-Ming, Liu Yong

1998, 9 (2): 69

Productions of kaon and lambda by 50 GeV protons incident on nuclear targets

A Glauber multiple scattering theory in terins of partons and nucleons is applied to study productions of kaon, lambda and antilambda in 50 GeV proton-nuclens scatterings at JHF (the Japan Hadron Faci...

Xu Xiao-Ming

1998, 9 (2): 74

Two-particle correlation and finite size effects of rapidity bin in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions

Using an aspect of rapidity bins with finite sizes the short-range and longrange behaviors of two-particle correlation, the connection of two particle correlation function with factorial moment and fa...

Zhou Dai-Cui, Cai Xu, Liu Lian-Shou, Qian Wan-Yan, Wang Xiao-Rong, Yang Chun-Bin and Yan Wen-Biao

1998, 9 (2): 78

Measurement of absolute reaction rates in Be, Pb and Fe spherical systems

The absolute reaction rates in Be, Pb and Fe have been measured by using the activation foil technique with different reaction energy thresholds. Thicknesses of Be, Pb and Fe spheres were 5.3, 19,1 an...

Liu Rong, Chen Yuan, Guo Hai-Ping, Shen Jian, Liu Yuan and Jiang Wen-Mian

1998, 9 (2): 82

The phase effect of electronic stopping power

A corrective factor (ψ(E,ρ) <1) dependent on ion energy and mass density of material for energy loss has been introduced into Bethe-Bloch formula, so that the energy deposition process of fast ion pen...

Ma Zhong-Quan, Zheng Yu-Feng

1998, 9 (2): 86

Observation of atomic steps on CaCO3 crystal surface

By using scanning polarization force microscopy, the deliquescence process and the atomic steps on the cleavage surface of CaCO3 in air were studied in situ. Under an exposure to medium humidity (~57%...

Sun Jie-Lin, Hu Jun, Zhang Yi, Chen Sheng-Fu, Ouyang Zhen-Qian and Li Min-Qian

1998, 9 (2): 90

Measurement of ionization distributions at nanometre level in tissue-equivalent gas

The developed track detector consists of two parts: a small drift region to obtain a good tracking and a relatively large multiplication region for getting an enough high gain at low pressure. All the...

Dang Bing-Rong, Wei Zeng-Quan, Li Wen-Jian, Li Qiang and Zhang Shu-Min

1998, 9 (2): 92

Calculation of mean dose deposited in extended volume around an ion path

Using the relation of radial dose distribution which is inverse proportion to square of radial distance, and considering angular distribution of secondary electrons, an analytical formula of mean dose...

Lin Xiao-Wei and Zhang Chun-Xiang

1998, 9 (2): 95

Analysis of surface damage produced by pulsed laser ablation on metal Al and semiconductor Si

The surface morphological changes produced by Nd:YAG pulsed laser ablation of metal Al and semiconductor Si were carefully examined and analyzed by using scanning electron microscope. The formation me...

Man Bao-Yuan, Liu Ai-Hua and Wang Xiang-Tai

1998, 9 (2): 98

The characterization of low energy molecular hydrogen ion-induced defects in synthetic diamond by optical absorption

The results of optical absorption analysis of the synthetic diamonds (type Ib) which were implanted with 40 keV molecular hydrogen ions at doses of 1015 ~ 1017H/cm2 (at 100K), showed that the increase...

Ma Zhong-Quan, Zheng Yu-Feng, Aoki Y, Naramoto H

1998, 9 (2): 102

Rem-meter correction factor for measuring high energy neutrons outside concrete shielding

Correction factors of both Rem-meters, the 10 inch diameter single-sphere Rem-meter and the standard A-B Rem-meter, were estimated for measuring high energy neutron dose equivalent outside a concrete ...

Li Gui-Sheng

1998, 9 (2): 109

Research of in-service sipping test device

Sipping test device is used to identify the tightness of the irradiated fuel assembly during refuelling campaign. The gas is selected as the medium and the xenon-133 as the indicating nuclide. The dev...

Deng Jun-Xian, Zhao Xi-Juan, Ye Xiao-Li, Zhao Hong, Zhang Han, Zhang En-Hai, Gao Yan-Gang, Liu Ying-Lin, Song Ruo, Li Yong-Yuan, Liu Ai-Jun, Zhao Ping-Jun, Xu Yu-Ming

1998, 9 (2): 113

Extraction of U(VI) and Th(IV) with a novel extractant N,N'-tetrahexylmalonamide (THMA) in toluene

The dependence of THMA extraction behaviour for U(VI) and Th(IV) on nitric acid concentration, THMA concentration and molecular structure of extracted complex has been studied. For nitric acid solutio...

Sun Guo-Xin, Han Jing-Tian, Bao Bo-Rong, Bao Meng, Cui Yu, Liu Chang-Xin

1998, 9 (2): 115

Extraction of Th(IV) from nitric acid with 4-benzoyl-2, 4-dihydro-5-methyl-2-phenyl-3H-pyrazol-3- thione

The BMPPT (4-benzoy]-2,4-dihydro-5-methyl-2-pheny]-3H-pyrazol-3-thione) was synthesized from BMPP. Its m.p. is 106-108℃. The results of the element analysis are as follows: C, 68.51%, H, 4.51%, N, 9.2...

Yu Shao-Ning, Yang Yan-Zhao, Bao Bo-Rong, Wang Teng-Jia, Ma Li, He Ying

1998, 9 (2): 118

Catalytic protection of stannous ion by ascorbic acid in diphosphonic acids solutions

The protective ability of ascorbic acid (Vc) on stannous ion and the influence of light irradiation on the stability of stannous ion in diphosphonate medium at pH=5 have been examined in order to atta...

Liu Guo-Zheng, Liu Fei, Miao Zeng-Xing, Wang Yi-Shan and Fang Ji-Dong

1998, 9 (2): 121

Study on animals'femur blood flow alteration under inadequate decompression with 133Xe isotope washout method

Animals'regional femur blood (F) alteration was studied under an inadequate decompression by using the inhaled isotope 133Xe washout method. Results showed that the average F on left and right side of...

Yu Shao-Ning, Bao Bo-Rong, Tian Wu-Xun, Yun Chang-Quan, Zhu Xiang-Qi, Wang Jing-Ying, Cao Bao-Gen

1998, 9 (2): 124

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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