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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

The Shanghai FEL User Facility

The Shanghai FEL User Facility (SFEL) for interdisciplinary studies is based on arf linear accelerator. The prime goal of SFEL is to provide a broadly tunable laser beam froin near-IR to far-IR with t...

Zhao Xiao-Feng, Sheng Shu-Gang, Chen Ming, Zlıang Xi-Lin, Yang Fu-Jia, Luo Yiug-Xiong

1998, 9 (1): 1

Incident energy dependence of dilepton production in an expanding baryon—rich quark—gluon fireball*

From the full stopping scenario, the dilepton production in the baryon-rich quark-gluon fireball based on a relativistic hydrodynamic model is studied, and it is found that with increasing incident en...

He Ze-Jun, Zhang Jia-Ju, Wang Zi-Xing, Liu Bo

1998, 9 (1): 5

Extending Bragg peak of heavy ion beam and melanoma cell inactivation measurement

A rotating range modulator was designed and manufactured, which is applied to extend Bragg peak of heavy ion beam. Bragg curves of 75MeV/u 16O and 75MeV/u 16O ion beams through this range modulator we...

Li Qiang, Wei Zeng-Quan, Li Wen-Jian, Zhou Guang-Ming, Dang Bing-Rong, Cai Xi-Chen, He Jing, Xie Hong-Mei, Han Guang-Wu, Huang Tao, Chen Wei-Qiang, Wang Ju-Fang, Zhang Shu-Min

1998, 9 (1): 8

Formation and decay of neutron-deficient nuclei Po and Pb

A study of a-decay for 192,194Po and 188,190Pb was performed in the reaction of 36Ar on 160Dy at 176 MeV. The forniation cross section was obtained to be 5.0±0.2 μb for 192Pb and 11.6±0.3 μb for 194Po...

Chen Xue-Shil, Ahmad , Andreyev A N, Batchelder J C, Bijnens N, Binghamn C R, Blumenthal D, Busse B C, Conticchico L F, Davids C N, Huyse M, Janssens R V F, Mantica P, Penttila H, Reviol W, Seweryniak D, Duppen P Van, Walters W B, Wauters J., Zimmerman B E

1998, 9 (1): 11

Experiments on X-ray-ablated C8H8 samples

The behavior of materials heated by X rays to high energy density state is a very interesting and active research ficld for application in inertial fusion, astrophysics and so on. Some new experiments...

Ding Yao-Nan, Yang Jia-Min, Sun Ke-Xu, Cheng Zheng-Lin, Yi Rong-Qing, Huang Tian-Xuan, He Hai-En, Zheng Zhi-Jian, Wen Shu-Huai, Zhao Yong-Kuan, Wang Yao-Mei, Hu Xin, Chen Jiu-Sen, Cui Yan-Li and Yu Yan-Ning

1998, 9 (1): 14

KK-vacancy sharing and TET energy shift in near-symmetric heavy-ion atom collision

The two-clectron-one-photon transitions (TET) are measured in 75 MeV Ni+q + Cu collisions. The K K-vacancy sharing ratio Rex is deduced, which is in agreement with the theoretical prediction of Lennar...

Li Jing-Wen, Jiang Li-Yang, Hu Ai-Dong, Zeng Xian-Tang, Chang Hong-Wei, Tian Wei, Li Zhi-Hong and Zhou Shu-Hua

1998, 9 (1): 18

Neutron generator for the array borehole logging

The performance mechanism of the array neutron generator to be used to porosity logging is presented. The neutron gencrator utilizes a drive-in target ccramic neutron tube, which bursts neutron with f...

Lu Hong-Bo, Li Wen-Sheng, Guo Jing-Fu, Yue Cheng-Bo, Zhong Zhen-Qian, Shi Jian, Luo Fu-Kang, Chen Bao

1998, 9 (1): 22

Formation of a potential tumor therapeutic pharmaceutical 186Re-bleomycin

The influence of experimental conditions on the formation of 186Re bleomycin (BLM) was studied. The results show that the labeling yield is mainly dependent on the pH valne in reaction medium and gluc...

Luo Shun-Zhong, Pu Man-Fei. Qiao Jian, Liu Guo-Ping, Liu Zhong-Lin, Zhao Peng-Ji, Fu Yi-Bei, Deng Hou-Fu

1998, 9 (1): 26

Synthesis, labelling and animal experiments of the derivative of phenylpentadecanoic acid (CACPPA)

The synthesis and biodistribution were discribed for 99mTc labelled fatty acid, p-[(N,N'-di-carboxymethyl) aminomethyl carboxyamino]-phenylpentadecanoic acid (CACPPA). 99mTc--CACPPA was prepared by th...

Wu Chun-Ying, Ji Shu-Ren, Fang Ping, Zhou Xiang, Chen Zheng-Ping and Cao Guo-Xian

1998, 9 (1): 29

Radioimmunoassay of pepsinogens I and II in human serum

Radioimmunoassay (RIA) for pepsinogens I and II (PGI and I) in serum is developed by using the purified PGI and II from human gastric mucosa. The assay range was 8-256μg/L for PG Land 2-64μg/L for PGI...

Xiao Zhi-Jian, Jiang Meng-Jun and Huang Xu-Quan

1998, 9 (1): 33

Relationship between serum heat-stable alkaline phosphatase level and pregnancy

Serum heat-stable alkaline phosphatase (HSAP) level in 649 cases of normal pregnaucy and 164 cases of high-risk pregnancy is measured by radioimmunoassay (RIA). The results indicate that the HSAP leve...

Cao Guo-Xian, Xiao Wei-Hong, Yu Hui-Xin, Li Wei-Yi, Huang Xu-Quan, Ding Mei-Juan

1998, 9 (1): 36

Interfacial wave patterns and their transitions in gas -liquid two-phase flow through horizontal ducts

The interfacial wave patterns and their transition characteristics in gas-liquid two-phase flow through rectangular and circular horizontal conduits are investigated. The interfacial waves were traced...

Li Guang-Jun. Guo Lie-Jin and Chen Xue-Jun

1998, 9 (1): 39

Control rod drive for high temperature gas cooled reactor

This control rod drive is developed for HTR-10 high temperature gas cooled test reactor. The stepmotor is prefered to improve positioning of the control rod and the scram behavior. The preliminary tes...

Deng Jun-Xian, Xu Ji-Ming, Xiao Shu-Ru, Zhang Han, Yang Shen-Hua, Liu Ai-Jun, Zhang En-Hai, Yu Xing-Bo. Hao Wen-Jiang and Wang Jie

1998, 9 (1): 45

Pre-exposure effect of low-dose 16O8+ or γ-rays on testicular endocrine of mice

The testes of the B6C3F, hybrid strain mice were irradiated with 0.05 Gy of 16O8+ ion /60Co γ-ray as the pre-exposure dose, and were then irradiated with 2 Gy of 16O8+ ion/60Co γ-ray as challenging ir...

Zhang Hong, Wei Zeng-Quan, Li Wen-Jian, Chen Wei-Qiang, Liang Jian-Ping, Han Guang-Wu, Huang Tao, Li Qiang, Dang Bing-Rong, Xie Hong-Mel. He Jing, Zheng Rong-Liang, Gao Qing-Xiang

1998, 9 (1): 47

Chromatin and DNA chain fragmentation studies on apoptosis in immune cells induced by 235U and radioprotection of IL-2 or IL-6

The apoptosis in huinan acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line Molt-4 cell and macrophage cell line Ana-1 cell are studied after internal irradiation with enriched uranium 235U, The cumulative absorpt...

Zhu Shou-Peng, Zhang Lan-Sheng and Fu Qiang

1998, 9 (1): 49

Study on concentration of nuclides in aquatic organisms

Accumulation contents and concentration factors (CF) for 54Mn, 60Co, 58Co, 124Sb occurring simultancously in aquatic organisms were determined. The results show that CF correlates to nuclides, the spe...

Cheng Qi-Jun, Feng Ding-Hua, Cheung T, Yu K N

1998, 9 (1): 52

Uptake of phosphorus by ryegrass and effect of adding organic matter on inorganic P absorption in red soil

32P-labelled KH2PO4 with or without unlabelled ryegrass and 32P-labelled ryegrass with unlabelled KH2PO4 were respectively applied to red soil, and ryegrass was grown in the fertilized soil and h...

Ye Qing-Fu, Zhang Qin-Zheng, Xi Hai-Fu, Wu Gang, He Zhen-Li

1998, 9 (1): 56

Transformation of organic N newly added to red soil treated with different cultural practices

By using 15N tracer method, transformation of organic N, which was newly added to red soil treated with different cultural practices, was studied under the laboratory incubation condition. The experim...

Zhang Qin-Zheng, Ye Qing-Fu, Xi Hai-Fu, Wu Gang, He Zhen-Li

1998, 9 (1): 59

Dynamics of ryegrass P in red soils

An investigation on the dynamics of transformation of P from 32P-labelled ryegrass in red soils was conducted in laboratory. The results showed that the rapid increase in flush *?P related with biomas...

Xi Hai-Fu, Zhang Qin-Zheng, Ye Qing-Fu, Wu Gang, He Zhen-Li

1998, 9 (1): 62

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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