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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Preparation,characterization and radiolabelling of antigranulocyte monoclonal antibody

The human granulocytes were isolated. Using hybridoma techniques, a hybridoma cell line (HSN) producing monoclonal antibody (McAb) against human granulocyte was obtained. The antibody belonged to IgG1...

GU Zhaoxiang, LIN Xiangtong, XUE Fangping, ZHANG Jinming

1999, 10 (4): 93

Rhenium labeled McAb-SZ39 and colloid

Two kinds of rhenium labeled radiopharmaceuticals for therapy of the human brain glioma were prepared. Anti-human brain glioma monoclonal antibody (McAb-SZ39) was directly labeled with 186ReOZ. When a...

ZU Jianhua, DONG Mo, LI Huiyuan, WU Yuanfang

1999, 10 (4): 197

188Re-labeled McAb 3H11 used as preventive for the peritoneal micrometasis of gastric cancer

In advancing gastric cancer, especially when the serous is invaded. the plantation of cancer cells in peritoneal is common and it affects patients'survival time severely. Based on successfully labeled...

YANG Zhi, ZHANG Meiying, LIN Bache, ZHAO Changying, HAN Yan, MOU Aping, MA Yunxia, XU Guangwei

1999, 10 (4): 203

Preparation of 11C labelled tamoxifen

The syntheses and HPLC analysis of N-desmethyltamoxifen and carbon11 labelled tamoxifen are described. In order to obtain the N-desmethyltamoxifen, tamoxifen citrate was first converted to tamoxifen f...

LIU Ning, DING Yu-Shin

1999, 10 (4): 207

Antioxidation and scavenging effects on free radicals of some extracts from Chinese medicines

The inhibiting effects of Chinonin, Quercetin and Tannic Acid on the lipid oxidation (LPO) induced by irradiation were investigated by means of a modified TBA spectrophotometry. The scavenging effects...

WANG Chongdao, QIANG Yizhong, LAO Qinhua, CUI Fengmei, SHAO Yuan SUN, Cunpu

1999, 10 (4): 211

Biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of 99mTc-CQDO and 99mTc-CQDO-MeB for new myocardial imaging agent

A comparison of 99mTc- CQDO and 99mTc-CQDO-MeB has been made for biodistribution and pharmacokinetics. 99mTc-CQDO and its adducts of methaneboronic acid 999mTc-CQDO-MeB were prepared by the reduction ...

ZHU Junging, LUO Shineng, WU Chunying, JI Shuren, CAO Guoxian, ZHOU Xiang, CHENG Zhengping, MO Yiqing

1999, 10 (4): 217

Study of proton radiolysis of solid uracil film

In order to understand the molecules mechanism of ion irradiation. which has been widely used in many fields such as cancer therapy, uracil, one of the bases of nucleic acid, was chosen in the low ene...

LI Lingyun, WANG Yugang, XUE Jianming, YAN Sha, ZHAO Weijiang, WANG Wenging, WU Jilan

1999, 10 (4): 221

Micro-beam XRF localization by a laser beam

A new method for micro-beam XRF localization is presented. A laser beam along with an incident X-ray hits on the surface of a sample. The micro region on the sample that reached by X-ray beam can be l...

GUO Panlin, WANG Jiqing, LI Xiaolin, LE Anquan, ZHU Jieqing

1999, 10 (4): 225

7Be content and its seasonal variation in the ground air around Hangzhou area

Twice investigations around Hangzhou area show that 7Be content average in the ground air is 5.9 mBq·m-3. The content of 7Be is the highest in autuninwinter period reaching about 7.7mBq·m-3; the next ...

JIANG Rangrong

1999, 10 (4): 230

Microscopic sdgIBM-2 description of low-lying excitation spectra of 48,52,56Cr

Starting from the shell model configurations. valence nucleon effective interactions and fermion E2 transition operator, a microscopic approach of sdgIBM2 is used to calculate the energy spectra. E2 t...

SHI Zhuyi, LIU Yong, SANG Jianping

1999, 10 (4): 235

Dependence of the dilepton production in QGP on the incident energy of colliding nuclei

Initial values of the quark-gluon plasma system from relativistic nucleusnucleus collisions are discussed under thermodynamic equilibrium. From these initial values, the dependence of the dileptou pro...

HE Zejun, JIANG Weizhou, ZHANG Jiaju

1999, 10 (4): 240

Simulations for plasma spectroscopy based on UTA theory

The unresolved transition array(UTA) simulation with configuration average approximation is used to calculate the spectral properties of plasmas involving complex ions. This method is used to simulate...

STIN Yoneshene. MENG Xujun, YUAN Jiankui, ZHANG Jinglin, ZHENG Shaotang

1999, 10 (4): 245

Mass dependence of critical parameter and multiplicity of intermediate mass fragments in heavy ion reaction

SU Qianmin, MA Yugang, SHEN Wenqing, WANG Jiansong, CAI Xiangzhou, FANG Deqing, HAN Dingding

1999, 10 (4): 249

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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