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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Subnanosecond current mode detectors for prompt physical process diagnosis

For prompt physical diagnosis, several types of subnanosecond current mode detectors have been developed, including scintillator detectors with large linear output current, GaAs:Cr and InP:Fe photocon...

WEN Shu-Huai, YANG Jian-Lun, YANG Hong-Qiong, TANG Zheng- Yuan, WANG Gen-Xing, CHEN Jin-Xiu, SUN Ke-Xi, XU Rong-Kun

1999, 10 (3): 129

Modified “DMC” technique for stretching DNA molecules

A modified "dynamic molecular combing"(DMC) technique used for stretching double-stranded DNA is reported. DNA molecules were stretched on the silanized mica surface by this technique, its speed being...

LI Bin, ZHANG Yi, OUYANG Zhengqian, HU Jun, HUANG Yibo, LI Mingian

1999, 10 (3): 134

Neutron distribution and yield produced by 50 MeV/u 18O-ion on thick targets

Neutron energy, fluence rate, angular distributions and dose equivalent rate distributions around the thick Be, Cu, Au targets bombarded by 50 MeV/u 18O-ion were measured using a threshold detector ac...

LI Guisheng, ZHANG Tianmei, LI Zongwei, SU Youwu, ZHANG Shumin

1999, 10 (3): 137

Columbia University microbeam: development of an experimental system for targeting cells individually with counted particles

Columbia University microbeam was constructed in 1993 and finished by the end of 1995. It is well established and used routinely to irradiate cells in a highly localized spatial region with a defined ...

WU Lijun, Tom K. HEI, Gerhard RANDER-PEHRSON, WANG Shaohu, YU Zengliang

1999, 10 (3): 143

Study of rotational bands of 129La using the projected shell model

The projected shell model is applied to the nucleus 129La. The present results of theoretical calculations about the one-quasiproton bands are compared with experimental data. The agreement with both ...

WANG Zixing, SHEN Shuifa, SHI Shuanghui, GU Jiahui, LIU Jingyi, ZHU Zhiyuan

1999, 10 (3): 149

Kinetic simulation study of one dimensional collisional bounded plasma

A self-consistent kinetic simulation study of one dimensional collisional bounded plasma is presented. The formation of stable sheath potential is investigated. It is found that mass ratio of electron...

ZHU Shaoping

1999, 10 (3): 155

A high power MOPA free-electron laser with narrow line-width

A new kind of MOPA configuration to obtain a high power free-electron laser with very narrow line-width that can satisfy the requirements of some applications such as the laser isotope separation has ...

SHU Xiaojian

1999, 10 (3): 165

Filtering-efficiency measurement of Chinese-made filter 1 by double-filter method

Filtering efficiency of the Chinese-made filter 1 has been measured by the double-filter method with only one set of measurement equipment. The β counts of the two filters are measured in turn for eve...


1999, 10 (3): 168

Distribution of 14C-chlorsulfuron bound residues in soil organic matter

The reason why chlorsulfuron (2-chloro-N-[4-methoxy-6-methyl-1,3,5triazin-2-yl)amino] carbony]]benzenesulfonamide)bound residues can still make an injury to rotational crops is still kept unknown. The...

GUO Jiangfeng, SUN Jinhe, YE Qingfu

1999, 10 (3): 171

60Co irradiation effect on cooked rice texture and amylopectin structure

The effect of γ irradiation on the cooked rice texture and amylopectin structure is studied with three varieties (Zhefu 504, Zhefu 802 and Zaogeng T2) subjected to 4kGy, 8kGy and 12kGy irradiation. Th...

BAO Jinsong, SHU Qingyao, Christine BERGMAN, XIA Yingwu, Anna McCLUNG

1999, 10 (3): 176

Analysis of products of thymine irradiated by 18O8+ ion beam in N2O saturated aqueous solution

Some methods of capillary gas chromatography, such as GC, GC-MS, GC-FT-IR, are used to analyze the products of thymine irradiated by 18O8+ ion beam in N2O saturated aqueous solution. From the results ...

CAI Xichen, WEI Zengquan, LI Wenjian, LIANG Jianping, LI Qiang

1999, 10 (3): 180

Phase distribution in horizontal gas-liquid two-phase bubbly flow

An investigation on phase distribution in air-water two-phase flow in horizontal circular channel was conducted by using the double-sensor resistivity probe. The variations of phase distribution with ...

SUN Kexia, ZHANG Mingyuan, CHEN Xuejun

1999, 10 (3): 184

Experiments on mine-detection with fast neutron activation

Fast neutron activation of nitrogen and oxygen contained in the explosives used for simulated mine samples has been preliminarily carried out in our laboratory. By spectroscopic analysis of characteri...

LUO Wenyun, WANG Chuanshan

1999, 10 (3): 190

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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