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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

New heavy neutron-rich isotope 238Th

A new nuclide 238Th has been produced via multinucleon transfer reaction by 60 MeV/u 180 ion irradiation of the natural uranium. The thorium was radiochemically separated from the mixture of uranium a...

XU Yanbing, YUAN Shuanggui, YANG Weifan, LI Zongwei, MA Taotao, XIONG Bing, HE Jianjun

1999, 10 (2): 65

Experimental observations of the characteristics of hot electron and nonlinear processes produced in special material

Making use of disk targets composed of several peculiar materials (foam Au, foam CgHg) and hohlraum with a special structure, experiments have been done at “Xing Guang - II” laser facility, which stud...

QI Lanying, JIANG Xiaohua, ZHENG Jian, WANG Yichao, LI Sanwei, LI Chaoguang, ZHANG Wenhai, ZHENG Zhijian

1999, 10 (2): 69

Experimental determination of the internuclear separation of HD+ ion micro-cluster

Measurements of zero-degree breakup fragment energy distribution from the Coulomb-Explosions of 1.50965 MeV HD± ion micro-cluster beam are reported. Mean value of the internuclear separation of HD± is...

SHI Miangon, TANG Ayou, ZHU Zhousen, YANG Beifang, MIAO Jingwei

1999, 10 (2): 74

Study of transmission grating diffraction efficiencies for soft X-ray

Tansmission grating spectrometers are extensively used to measure absolute X-ray spectra in a photon-energy range below 1000eV. The transmission grating, as its dispersive element, must be calibrated ...

YANG Jiamin, DING Yaonan, ZHENG Zhijian, YI Rongging, SUN Kexu, CUI Minggqi CUI Congwu, ZHU Peiping, CHEN Zhenlin, LI Chaoguang, WANG Yaomei

1999, 10 (2): 78

Inactivation cross section of yeast cells irradiated by heavy ions

Inactivation cross sections for haploid yeast cell strain 211a have been calculated as 1-hit detector based on the track theory in an extended target mode and a numerical calculation of radial dose di...

ZHANG Chunxiang, LUO Daling

1999, 10 (2): 83

Monte Carlo simulation of single beam dose profile

The single beam dose profiles of Leksell Gamma Unit are simulated and the results are compared with the experimental results of ELEKTA. The effect of diameter of cylinder source on the dose profile is...

LIU Xiaowei, WEN Guanghao, LI Mianfeng

1999, 10 (2): 87

Adaptive response of the mutagenicity of the somatic and germ cells in mice induced by in vivo 147Pm radiation

Effects of pretreatment of mouse with low doses of internally deposited 147Pm on the mutagenicity of both the bone marrow lymphocytes and the spermatoblasts induced by subsequent high dose of internal...

YANG Zhanshan, ZHU Shoupeng, YANG Shuain

1999, 10 (2): 91

Investigation of chromatin folding patterns by atomic force microscopy

The chromatin folding patterns in air and liquid were studied by atomic force microscopy (AFM). A gentle water-air interface method was adopted to spread chromatin from interphase nucleus of chicken e...

ZHANG Yi, OUYANG Zhengian, HU Jun, CHEN Shengfu, LI Mingian, ZHAO Hui, QIAN Ruolan

1999, 10 (2): 96

Immunoradiometric assay for carcinoembryonic antigen using avidin-biotin separation technique

A sensitive, specific, noncompetitive, sandwich-type radioimmunoassay for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) has been developed in our laboratory, which can be performed conveniently. The assay involves t...

SONG Shiping, TANG Guozhong, LI Bin

1999, 10 (2): 100

The release of 14C-chlorsulfuron bound residue by autoclaving method and its identification

When individual microorganisms were used to release bound pesticide residues, it was ussually not take into full account whether the autoclaving method could lead to the release of bound residues. The...

GUO Jiangfeng, SUN Jinhe, PING Xiaofei, YE Qingfu

1999, 10 (2): 105

Study of point defect detectors in Si

The importance of point defects in semiconductor and function materials has been studied in detail, but effective means for detecting point defects has not been available for a long time. The end of r...

SHEN Dingyu, CHEN Jian, ZHAO Qiang, WANG Xuemei

1999, 10 (2): 111

Injection system of the minicyclotron accelerator mass spectrometer

The existing injection system of the SMCAMS (super-sensitive minicyclotron accelerator mass spectrometer) is described together with the discussion of its disadvantages exposed after having been opera...

LIU Yonghao, LI Deming, CHEN Maobai, LU Xiangshun

1999, 10 (2): 116

Neutrons produced by 75 MeV/u 12C-ion on thick targets

Fluence rates and angular distributions of the neutron emitted by 75 MeV/u 12C-ion bombardment on thick Be and Au targets have been measured by means of the threshold detector activation method. Base...

LI Guisheng, ZHANG Tianmei, LI Zongwei, SU Youwu, ZHANG Shumin

1999, 10 (2): 121

Synergistic extraction of U(VI) and Th(IV) from nitric acid media with HBMPPT and TBP in toluene

The synergistic extraction of U(VI) and Th(IV) from nitric acid solution by HBMPPT (4-benzoyl-2,4-dihydro-5-methy]-2-phenyl-3H-pyrazol-3-thione) and TBP (tributylphosphate ) in toluene was studied. Th...

YU Shaoning, BAO Borong

1999, 10 (2): 125

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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