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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Radiation-induced plasmons in Si-SiO2

The first level plasmons of Si in the pure Si state (corresponding to bonding energy (BE) of 116.95 eV) and in the SiO2 state (corresponding to BE of 122.0eV) of Si-Si0, prepared by irradiation hard a...

LIU Changshi

1999, 10 (1): 1

DNA gel electrophoretic and microaut oradiographic studies on apoptosis in bone tumor cells after exposure with 153Sm-EDTMP

The apoptosis in bone tumor cells is studied after 153Sm-EDTMP itradiation. Fragmented DNA is analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis. Experimental observations show that 153Sm-EDTMP exposure induces ...

ZHU Shoupeng, XIAO Dong, HAN Xiaofeng

1999, 10 (1): 5

Preclinical pharmacological study on 125I -IPPA

Myocardial uptake of 125I-IPPA in rats showed a peak of 4.4% of injected dose per gram. The half elimination time of myocardium was 3.8min and the maximal uptake of thyroid is only 0.005%ID/organ at 1...

WU Chunying, JI Shuren, FANG Ping, ZHOU Xiang, HE Yongjun, CAO Guoxian

1999, 10 (1): 8

Influence of some factors on alpha energy spectrum of 241Am fire alarm source

Several primary factors influencing the alpha energy spectrum of 241Am fire alarm source have been studied in order to get better alpha energy spectrum. The results show that the homogeneity and the t...

FENG Gensheng, FENG Xinzhan, LI Shujuan

1999, 10 (1): 11

History and prospects of irradiation treatment of sewage sludge

This paper presents a survey of irradiation treatment of sewage sludge in the world. Since the first sludge irradiation plant was built in Geiselbullach, West Germany in 1973 which used 60Co as irradi...

BAO Borong, WU Minghong

1999, 10 (1): 14

Solvent extraction of nitric acid, uranium(VI) and thorium(IV) by N,N,N'‚N'-tetrahexylsuccinylamide

A new kind of diamide N,N,N'‚N'-tetrahexylsuccinylamide (THSA) was synthesized, characterized and used for the extraction of HNO3, U(VI) and Th(IV) in a diluent composed of 0.5 volume fraction 1,2,4-t...

TAN Xufang, WANG Youshao, TAN Taizhe, YANG Yanzhao, BAO Borong, SUN Sixiu

1999, 10 (1): 19

Chemical and physical properties of poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogel films formed by irradiation

Chemical and physical properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) hydrogel films were investigated as a function of production factors. The experimental results show that the gel fraction depends strongly...

YANG Zhangshan, ZHU Nankang, YANG Shugin, QIANG Yizhong, WANG Chunlei

1999, 10 (1): 24

Application of pharmacokinetics local model to evaluate renal function

The pharmacokinetics local model was used to evaluate renal function. Some typical kinds of renal function cases, normal or disorder, were selected to be imaged with SPECT and those data ıneasured wer...

WAN Weixing, CAO Guoxian, YU Huixin

1999, 10 (1): 28

Phase changes of the ZrO2-12 wt%Y2O3 film with Ar+ irradiation

The zirconia containing 12wt%Y2O3 thin films deposited by r.f. magnetron sputtering at 25℃ or 400℃, and then bombarded with Ar+ beam at room temperature were characterized with XRD before and after Ar...

WANG Dezhi, ZHANG Hailong, YANG Bin, HUANG Ningkang

1999, 10 (1): 31

Clinical application of several tumor imaging agents

Neoplasms is one of the main diseases for harming health. It is difficult to prevent the neoplasms because the factors of bringing out them are complex. To raise survival rate the early diagnosis of t...

DING Hong, ZHU Weiging

1999, 10 (1): 35

Are the stacking faults in Cu-Zn-Al able to trap positrons

The phase transformation of Cu-23 at.%Zn-11at.% Al alloy from about 5℃ to 25℃ has been studied by means of the positron annihilation and transmission electron microscope. It is shown that the stacking...

WANG Jingeheng, YOU Fugiang, YIN Junlin

1999, 10 (1): 41

A solid phase radioimmunoassay for free triiodothyronine in serum:assay development and validation

A solid phase radioimmunoassay for free triiodothyronine in serum was developed based on double-antibody coated tubes. The method was turned out to be reliable with good reproducibility, higher sensit...

LIU Fangyan, ZHOU Meiying, YIN Linxiang, YANG Jianzhong, HUA Chenglin

1999, 10 (1): 44

Study for 228Th reduction in thermal reactor with Th-U fuel cycls

By using computer code WIMS/CENDL, the effects of some parameters, core configuration such as fuel element structure, neutron flux and burn-up, are discussed in this paper. It is shown that high neutr...

XU Xiaogin

1999, 10 (1): 484

A study of quenched CuZnAl Alloy by positron

Cu-23 at.%Zn-1lat.% Al alloy has been studied by positron annihilation technique. It is shown that the defects in the alloy induced by quenching from the temperature above a-transformation are basical...

WANG Jingcheng, YOU Fugiang, YIN Junlin, TANG Xuefeng, QI Jinlin

1999, 10 (1): 51

Extraction of uranium (VI) from nitric acid with N-decanoylpyrrolidine (DPOD) in toluene

The extraction behaviors of uranium (VI) from nitric acid by N-decanoylpyrrolidine (DPOD) in toluene has been studied at varying concentrations of nitric acid, extractant, saltingout agent LiNO3 and a...

HAN Jingtian, SUN Guoxin, BAO Borong, CHEN Shufeng, SHEN Yunxiu

1999, 10 (1): 54

Preclinical pharmacology study of neutral myocardial imaging agent 99mTcN(NOEt)2

To explore the biological properties of a new neutral myocardial imaging agent 99m TcN(NOEt)2, preparation and characterization of 99mTcN(NOEt)2, kinetics of blood-drug clearance in rabbits, biodistri...

FANG Ping, WU Chunying, WAN Weixing, ZHOU Xiang, CHEN Zhengping, JIANG Ningyi

1999, 10 (1): 57

Analysis of umayyad islamic silver coins (Dirhams) by using instrumental neutron activation analysis

Islamic silver coins (Dirhams) running the period between 107 to 126 Hijri (726743 AD), which belong to the Umayyad Empire period, 41-132 hijri (661-750 AD), were selected for analysis by using instru...

Bakraji E H, Sarhell A

1999, 10 (1): 61

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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