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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Lead isotopic study of Shang Dynasty bronzes (13-11 B.C.) and their ore sources

The Shang Dynasty civilization in China is based on the development of the bronze techniques. A large amount of Shang Dynasty bronzes, excavated from Jiangxi, Hubei and Henan Provinces, have become a ...

PENG Zi-Cheng, ZHANG Zhao-Feng, HE Jian-Feng, WANG Zhao-Rong, LIU Shi-Zhong, HUA Jue-Ming

2000, 11 (2): 65

Improvement of poly(vinyl alcohol) /poly(viny! pyrrolidone) blended hydrogel by radiation crosslinking

A series of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) blended hydrogel with kappa-carrageenan (KC) were prepared by radiation crosslinking with electron beam to improve the properties of...

WU Ming-Hong, BAO Bo-Rong, Fumio YOSHII, Keizo MAKUUCH

2000, 11 (2): 72

Measurement of boron isotopes by negative thermal ionization mass spectrometry

The isobaric interference for boron isotopic measurement by negative thermal ionization mass spectrometry (NTIMS) has been studied. The result shows that the CNO- is not only from the organic material...

LIU Wei-Guo, PENG Zi-Cheng, XIAO Yin-Kai, ZHANG Zhao-Feng, WANG Zhao-Rong

2000, 11 (2): 79

Reduction and compensation of lattice stress in high energy P+ and P+Sb implanted silicon

The relations of variation of lattice stress to shape, peak concentrations of the P atom depth profile and Sb doses of P+Sb dual implantation were studied in high energy P implantation silicon. The ex...

WU Yu-Guang, ZHANG Tong-He, ZHAO Shou-Nan, ZHU Zhong-Hua

2000, 11 (2): 85

Optimum thickness of Mossbauer absorber

If recoilless fraction fa, is available, the optimum absorber thickness dopt can be calculated by maximizing the signal to noise ratio or Q factor. In this work, an approach presented is to get experi...

CHEN Yi-Long, YI Fan, ZHANG Fu-Liang

2000, 11 (2): 91

Behaviors of optical and chemical state of Nb+ implanted sapphire after annealing

The behavior of the radiation damage of sapphire crystal, produced by implantation with 380 keV Nbt ion followed by annealing jin a series of steps from 500 to 1100°C at reducing atmosphere, was inves...

HUANG Ning-Kang, CHENG Bei-Bei

2000, 11 (2): 96

Effects of gamma ray strong irradiation in single crystal LiF

The electron spin resonance, transmission and reflection spectra showed that a steadily electron-type paramagnetic complex color point defect Fn, center is produced by 60Co γ-ray strong dose irradiati...

HOU Bi-Hui, LI Zhi-Wei, YAO Kun, CAI Zhang-Shun, GE Yu-Xiang, Chen Yu-Tao

2000, 11 (2): 101

Positorn annihilation study on point defects in lead tungstate

A study on point defects in lead tungstate (PbWO4) by using positron annihilation lifetime method is presented. The measurement was carried out for the cases of untreated, vacuum-annealed, oxygenannea...

GU Mu, TANG Xue-Feng, TONG Hong-Yong, LIANG Ling, YAO Ming-Zhen, CHEN LingYan, LIAO Jing-Ying, SHEN Ding-Zhong, YIN ZhiWen, WANG Jing-Cheng, XU Wei-Xin

2000, 11 (2): 105

Stopping powers for MeV Ge ions in Al foil

Stopping powers for Ge ions (3.5 MeV~8.0 MeV) in Al foil were measured with RBS (Rutherford backscattering) technique and determined with a new method. Our results are much smaller than the values pre...

SHEN Yi-Xiong, JIANG Dong-Xing, LU Xi-Ting, XIA Zong-Huang, SHEN Ding-Yu

2000, 11 (2): 109

Kinetic study of wet oxidation of Si0.5Ge0.5 alloy by Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy

The oxidation of Si0.5Ge0.5 alloy has been investigated at the temperatures of 800°C and 900°C. Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy has been employed to determine the composition and thickness of t...

ZHANG Jing-Ping, CHEN Chang-Chun, LIU Jing-Hua, ZHU De-Zhang, XIE Dong-Zhu, PAN Hao-Chang

2000, 11 (2): 114

Structure and optical properties of the Ge and Sn quantum-dots

Abstract Embedded cluster samples Ge:CaF2 and Sn:CaFz with different sizcs less than 8nm were produced and their optical properties were examined. Electron diffraction reveals that the clusters’ struc...

HAN Zhao-Hui, ZHAO Zi-Qiang

2000, 11 (2): 119

A new method for lengthening SR pulses periodicity in HLS

Hefei synchrotron radiation Light Source (HLS) is a low energy Synchrotron Radiation (SR) facility. The SR produced from the HLS is in a series of pulses with a strict time structure. To meet some exp...

FAN Kuan-Jun, FENG Guang-Yao, PEI Yuan-Ji, WANG Xiang-Qi

2000, 11 (2): 124

Beam instrumentation and diagnostics for HLS

The beam diagnostic instrumentation for the Heifei Light Source (HLS) is described. It provides. sufficient parameters for machine study during the commi sioning and common operation. The measured res...

SUN Bao-Gen, WANG Jun-Hua, LU Ping, FANG Zhi-Gao, GAO Yun-Feng

2000, 11 (2): 130

Analysis of the measurement field of the optical klystron

The measured fields of the optical klystron in NSRL (National Sychrotron Radiation Laboratory) are given, incliding the distribution on the axis, and the integrated field distribution. The harmonic ma...

DIAO Cao-Zheng, XU Hong-Liang, JIA Qi-Ka, LI Ge, LI Jing-Yi, LI Wei-Min ZHOU An-Qi, LIU Gong-Fa, LI Yong-Jun, YAO Cheng-Gui, HE Duo-Hui

2000, 11 (2): 136

Data management and analysis of HLS control system

The control system of HLS (Hefei Light Source) is based on EPICS. The control data is held in a distributed database, which resides in several IO Cs. An EPICS tool, AR, is used to archive the control ...

LI Jing-Yi, LIU Gong-Fa, LI Wei-Min, DIAO Cao-Zheng, FIHOU An-Oi. LI Yone-Jun

2000, 11 (2): 140

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

ISSN: 1001-8042     eISSN: 2210-3147

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