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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Measurement of 79Se by accelerator mass spectrometry using projectile X-ray technique

In order to carry out the measurement of heavy nuclei in accelerator mass spectrometry, characteristic X-rays of the incident projectile have been explored and used as a method for isobar discriminati...

HE Ming, JIANG Shan, JIANG Song-Sheng, WU ShaoYong, Thao Zhan-Xia. Dong Yue-An

2000, 11 (1): 1

Seawater desalination plant using nuclear heating reactor coupled with MED process

Asmall size plant for seawater desalination using nuclear heating reactor coupled with MED process was developed by the [Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology, Tsinghua University, China. This seawat...

WU Shao-Rong, DONG Duo, ZHANG Da-Fang, WANG Xiu-Zhen

2000, 11 (1): 6

Neutron diffraction study of Er2Fe15Al2 and Er2Fe12Al5

The crystallographic and magnetic structures of Er2Fe15Al2 and Er2Fe12Al5 have been refined in Gaussian peak-shape by Rietveld analysis of Neutron diffraction data. The refined results indicated that ...

CHEN Dong-Feng, SUN Kai, GOU Cheng, YE Chun-Tang, ZHANG Huan-Qiao, SHEN Bao-Gen, ZHANG Jun-Xian, CHENG Zhao-Hua, YAN Qi-Wei, ZHANG Pan-Lin

2000, 11 (1): 13

Synthesis and structural analysis of 13C-fatty acids

The 13C-labeled fatty acids octanoic-13C acid and palmitic-1-13C acid were synthetically prepared from Ba 13CO3. The yield of the former was more than 90% and that of the latter was above 85%. MS, IR,...

WANG Hui-Qiong, ZHAO Xia-Ling, TANG Guo-Zhong

2000, 11 (1): 17

Inhibition of mouse tumors by heavy ion irradiation

Inhibition effects, control probabilities and pathology tissue changes of mouse transplanted tumors Sigo after irradiation with 50MeV/u 12C%* ions are reported. Doses of single irradiation were 0.5, 1...

LI Wen-Jian, WEI Zeng-Quan, LI Qiang, ZHOU Guang-Ming, DANG Bing-Rong, XIE Hone-Mei, . WANG Ju-Fang, ZHANG Xiao-Wen, GUO Hong-Yun

2000, 11 (1): 22

Proton and neutron alignments of the Kπ=5/2- band in 79Kr

An experimental study of high-spin states in 79Kr has been performed ne GASP array using the reaction 55Mn(30Si, αpn). Nine new states along with 10 new gamma ray transitions were found in the Kπ...

PAN Qiang-Yan, De Poli M, De Angelis G, Fahlander C, Bazzacco D, Farnea E, Napoli D R. Spolaore P

2000, 11 (1): 27

Study of safety performance of the 241Am fire alarm source

The safety performance of 241Am fire alarm sources made by using powder metallurgical technology has been preliminarily studied, so as to determine an allowable maximum energy limit value of the alpha...

FENG Gen-Sheng

2000, 11 (1): 34

Criterion for reducible hydrodynamic equations of baryon—rich quark-gluon plasma

Besides the state equation there exists another cubic algebraic equation about  μf in the form of μf3 + pμf + q = 0, which relates parameters, temperature T1, chemical potential  μf , a...

AI Xiao-Bai (Hsiao-bai AT)

2000, 11 (1): 41

Coherent transition radiation from REB im plasma ripple

The coherent transition-radiation emission from an underdense relativistic bean of electrons, travelling through a dense plasma ripple, was studied. The evolution of this radiation field is described ...

DAT Zhi-Min, ZHANG Jin-Song, ZHAO Xiao-Feng

2000, 11 (1): 45

High-dose neutron induced radiation swelling simulated by heavy ion irradiation and its microscopic study with positron annihilation technique

70 MeV-carbon-ion irradiation is used to simulate the radiation swelling induced by neutron irradiation of 3.2x1022 in domestically-made 316 austenitic stainless steels modified by a 20%-cold-w...

AHMAT Polat, FAN Zhi-Guo, LUO Qi, ZHENG Sheng-Nan, GOU Zheng-Hui LI An-Li, RUAN Yu-Zhen, ZHU Sheng-Yun

2000, 11 (1): 52

Analysis of the negative-parity yrast band in 155Tb

Using the particle-rotor model, the energy spectrum and the B(M1)/B(E2) ratio of the negative-parity yrast band in 155Tb are investigated and compared with the experimental data before and after the b...

WU Xing-Ju, XU Jin-Zhan, CHEN Xing-Qu

2000, 11 (1): 56

γ-ray spectrometry results versus sample preparation methods

According to recommended conditions two bio-samples, tea leave and flour, are prepared with different methods: grounding into powder and reducing to ash, then they were analyzed by γ ray spectrometry....

SU Qiong, WANG Xue-Wu, CHEN Bo-Xian

2000, 11 (1): 60

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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