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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Image fusion using MIM software via picture archiving and communication system

The preliminary studies of the multimodality image registration anc fusion were performed using au image fusion software and a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to explore the methodol...

GU Zhao-Xiang, JIANG Mao-Song

2001, 12 (4): 241

Evaluation of some ratio effects in 99mTc -MIBI imaging of breast tumors

The effectiveness of usiug some rativs in 99mTc -MIBT imaging for the diagnosis of breast tumors was evaluated, After 100 patients ith the breast tumor underwent 99mTc-MIBI imaging. the ratios ...

YAN Jian, CAI Jin, LU Zhe, LIN Jia-Sheng, JIANG Mao-Song

2001, 12 (4): 247

Action of ZDY101 on passive avoidance test and brain M-receptor density after intracranial co-injection of Aβ plus ibotenic acid

The aim of this study was to establish a model by single injection of Aβ1-40-+IA into rat brain basal ganglion and examine the effect of ZDY 101, an active component of a Yin tonic from Chinese tradit...

HU Ya-Er, XIA Zong-Qin, SUN Qi-Xiang, Li Ai-Ming, Chen Qin

2001, 12 (4): 250

Pharmacological studies of dopamine transporter imaging agent 125/131I -β- CIT

To prepare 125/131I-β- CIT (29-carbomthoxy-34- (4-iodophenyljtropane as an imaging agent for dopamine transporter (DAT), the labeling method from tail. utylstanny] precursor with peracetic acid has ...

DING Shi-Yu, ZHOU Xiang, TANG Jun, CITEN Zheng-Ping, WANG Feng, WU Chun-Ying, LIN Yan-Song JI Shu-Ren, LU Chun-Xiong!, FANG Ping

2001, 12 (4): 256

Preparation of N, N’-diacylpiperaziue and its extraction property for U(VI)

A novel extractant. N, N'-diacylpiperazine, (DAPEZ). was synthesized and characterized for the first time. Its extraction property for U(VT) from aqueons nitric acid media has been studied. The effect...

BAO Bo-Rong, YANG Xing-Cun

2001, 12 (4): 265

The synergic extraction of uranium (V1) with tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) and petroleum sulfoxides(PSO) /benzene

The syncrgistic extraction of uranium (V1) from nitric acid aqucons solution with a mixture of trisu-buty! phosphate (TBP) pnd petroleusn sulfoxides(PSO1 in benzene was studied. Tt has been found that...

DONG Yan, YANG Yan-Zhao, FAN Wei-Liu, SUN Si-Xiu

2001, 12 (4): 270

Unified understanding of neutrino oscillation and negative mass-square of neutrino

The author indicates that even a conclusive confirmation of uewtrine oscillation does not necessarily imply the existence of tuassive neutrinos. The negative value of neutrino mass-square may be an al...

AI Xiao-Bai (Hsiao-bai Ai)

2001, 12 (4): 276

Half-life measurement of neutron-rich isotope 237Th

60 MeV/u 18O ions were used to bombard uatural uraaium targets. aud the heavy neutron-rich isotope 237Th was produced via mulli-nueleon transfer reaction and dissipative fragmentation of the heavy t...

XU Yan-Bing, XIAO Yong-Hou, YANG Wei-Fan, YUAN Shuang-Gui, HE Jian-Jun, XIONG Bing, MA Tao-Tao

2001, 12 (4): 284

K X-ray fluorescent source for energy-channel calibration of the spectrometer

A new K X-ray fluorescent source for calibrating the X or γ-ray multichannel analyzer spectrometer is introduced. A detailed description of the K thorescent source device is given. The calibration m...

TAN Da-Gang, QIN Yue-Ting

2001, 12 (4): 289

Investigation on the strain of SiGe/Si heteroepitaxial system during high temperature annealing by RBS/Channeling

The influence of the high temperature processing om the strain stored in SiGe hetero epilayer was studied by means of RBS/Channcling. Channeling angular scan along the axial direction in the (100) pla...

CHEN Chang-Chun, ZTU De-Zhang, ZHANG Shi-Li, LIU Hua-Ming, CAO Jian-Qin, ZITANG Zhi-Bin, PAN Hao-Chang, WANG Yong-Qi

2001, 12 (4): 295

Preliminary study of the tight lattice pressured heavy water reactor loaded with Pu/U and Th/U mixed fuels

To improve nuclear fuel utilization efficiency and prolong fuel cycle buri-up. a tight pitch lattice pressured heavy water reactor was investigated as an alternative of next generation of power reacto...

XU Xiao-Qin, XU Qiu, YOSHIIE Toshimasa, SHIROYA Seiji

2001, 12 (4): 302

Application of fractal characteristic quantities of pressure fluctuation in subcooled boiling regime recognition

The dynamical behavior of the subcaoled boiling two-phase syster was introduced and discussed. With the introduction of fractal concept. an analysix of the fractal feature of pressure wave signals fro...


2001, 12 (4): 309

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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