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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Measurement of fast-neutron capture cross sections for 75As

The cross sections of the 75As (n,γ)76As reaction were measured in the neutron energy range from 0.50 to 1.50 MeV by using the activation technique. Neutrons were produced via the T(p,n)3He reactio...

ZHANG Guo-Hui, SHI Zhao-Min, TANG Guo-You, CHEN Jin-Xiang, LU Han-Lin

2001, 12 (3): 161

Intermediate mass dilepton production during the chemical equilibration of quark gluon plasma

The production of dileptons from the chemically equilibrating quark gluon plasma in the intermediate mass region has been studied. Comparing with the calculated results based on the thermodynamic equi...

ZHOU Wen-Jie, HE Ze-Jun

2001, 12 (3): 165

A new detection method in studying penetration depth of low-energy heavy ions in botanic samples

A new detection method has been applied to study the penetration depth of low-energy fieavy ions in botanic samples, Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) pieces were placed behind the target samp...

LIU Feng, WANG Yu-Gang, XUE Jian-Ming, WANG $i-Xue ZHAO Wei-Jiang

2001, 12 (3): 169

Temperature elevated N ion implantation of Ti6Al4V alloys using the plasma source

Specimens of Ti6AI4V alloy were implanted with nitrogen ions of 4x1018 cm-2 at temperatures from 100 to 600°C. Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES). microhardness measurements and pin-on-disk wear testin...

ZHAO Qing, ZHENG Yong-Zhen, Mo Zhi-Tao, TONG Hong-Hui, GENG Man

2001, 12 (3): 177

Annealing behavior of ultrathin Mo layer located at interface or on surface of Ti-Si system

Annealing behavior, at different annealing temperatures, of an ultrathin Mo layer located between a Ti film and Si substrate or deposited on the top of surface of a Ti film was investigated by Rutherf...

ZHANG Zhi-Bin, ZHANG Shi-Li, ZHU De-Zhang, XU Hong-Jie

2001, 12 (3): 183

Study of the deuterated titanium Ti2Hx sample by using nuclear reaction analysis and material analysis methods

Titanium is one of the best hydrogen loading material. The pre dicted maxiumun loading ratio of hydrogen in titaninm may reach to 2.0. Iu this work. a titanium layer on molybdenum substrate was deuter...

WANG Tie-Shan, DING Bao-Wei, WANG Zhi-Guo, ZHENG Shi-Kui, JIANG You-Rong, LI Wei-Jun

2001, 12 (3): 190

γ-ray irradiation effect on siloxane foam containning phenyl

The 60Co γ radiation effect on spherical open-porous polymethylphenylvinyi siloxane foam was studied in different atmospheres at room temperature. The physical and chemical behaviors of unirradiate...

HUANG Wei, FU Yi-Bei, XU Yun-Shu, BIAN Zhi-Shang, HE Mei-Ying

2001, 12 (3): 195

One step graft copolymerization of acrylic acid and sodium styrene sulfonate onto high-density polyethylene film by preirradiation method

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) films were irradiated by 60Co gamma tay with a dose of 100kGy in air and then immersed in aqueous solntion of acrylic acid (AA) and sodium styrene sulfonate (SSS) at ...

ZU Jian-Hua, WANG Heng-Dong, YE Yin, QIU Shi-Long, YAO Si-De

2001, 12 (3): 202

Total dose radiation effects of pressure sensors fabricated on Unibond-SOI materials

Piezoresistive pressure sensors with a twin-island structure were successfully fabricated using high quality Unibond-SOI (On Insulator) materials. Sines: the piezoresistors were structured by the sing...

ZHU Shi- Yang, HUANG Yi-Ping, WANG Jin, LI An-Zhen, Shen Shao-Qun, Bao Min-Hang

2001, 12 (3): 209

Source apportionment of single aerosol particles in the atmosphere of Shanghai city

A nuclear microprobe with high spatial resolution and high analytical sensitivity was applied to analyze atmospheric aerosol at five monitoring sites in Shanghai city. Meantime, a new pattern recognit...

QIU Zhi-Jun, LU Rong-Rong, GUO Pan-Lin, WANG Ji-Qing, QIU Hui-Yuan, LIT Xiao-Lin, ZHU Jie-Qing

2001, 12 (3): 215

Elemental analysis of rain- and fresh water by neutron activation analysis

Analysis of rain-and fresh water for brace constituents is a manda. tory part of environmental monitoring. ‘This text gives a survey of neutron activation, analysis (NAA) within the framework of curre...


2001, 12 (3): 224

DeviceNet in SSRF control system

In the process of making preliminary design for the Shanghai Synchrotrou Radiation Facility (SSRF) control system. we designed and implemented the fieldbus DeviceNet for communication between 10Cs (I/...

LENG Yong-Bin, ZHENG Li-Fang, SHEN Guo-Bao, LIU Song-Qiang

2001, 12 (3): 235

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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