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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Radiochemical separation of thorium from 18O induced reaction with natural uranium

A radiochemical procedure used to separate and purify trace concentration thorium produced in heavy ion reaction with uranium targets is presented. The procedure can rapidly yield thorium fraction sui...

YANG Wei-Fan, YUAN Shuang-Gui, XIONG Bing, XU Yan-Bing, HE Jian-Jun, PAN Qiang-Yan, MA Tao-Tao

2001, 12 (2): 81

Separation of W from Ta, Hf, Lu and Mo by BPHA-C5H11OH /HCl extraction system

In the batch experiment with W, Ta, Hf, Lu and Mo as radiotracers, a new rapid radiochemical isolation procedure for clement tungsten has been developed by using radiochemical separation methed and y ...


2001, 12 (2): 87

Preparation and 99mTc labeling of hydrazino nicotinamide modified RC-160 conjugate

Conjugations of 6-Boc-hydrazinopyridine-3-carboxylie acid (Boc-HYNIC) with RC-160 [Lys5, Boc] using different coupling methods were studied. After deprotection, the resulted peptide conjugates were pu...

HU Ji, SUZUKI Kazuko Horiuchi, SAJI Hideo

2001, 12 (2): 94

Labeling polypeptide with 99mTc and bioactivity get back

A method for labeling polypeptide (insulin) with technetium- 99(99mTc ) was established without marked loss of biological activity. Following reduction of intrinsic disulfide bonds by mercaptoethanol...

LI Shao, JIANG Xiao-Fei, PANG Hua, LIU Fang-Xin, SHI Qiong

2001, 12 (2): 99

Synthesis of [18F ]-N-3-fluoropropyl 2β-carbomethoxy-3β-(4-iodophenyl]) nortropane([18F ]-FP-β-CIT)

The ligand of N-(3-fuoropropyl)-2β-carbomethoxy -3β-(4'iodophe nyl} nortropane (FP-G-CIT) and mesylate precursor were synthesized by hydrolysis of cocaine, followed by dehydration, esterification, G...

FANG Ping, CHEN Zheng-Ping, LIN Yan-Song, ZHOU Xian, DU Yi-Kui, WANG Shi-Zhen

2001, 12 (2): 105

Synthesis and labelling of epidepride

S-[(1-ethyl -2-pyrrolidinyl )methyl}-5-iodo-2,3-dimethoxybenzamide (proposed generic name, epidepride) is a very potent dopamine D2 antagonist. It was synthesized by five steps from 3-methoxysalicyli...

YANG Min, PEI Zhu-Guo, HU Ming-Yang, WANG Bo-Cheng, ZHOU Xing-Qin

2001, 12 (2): 111

Blistering and flaking of amorphous alloys bombarded with He ions

The blistering and flaking behavior of many kinds of amorphous alloys under helium ion bombardment at room temperature was investigated. Helium ions with energies of 40keV and 6UkeV were implanted wit...

HOU Ming-Dong, LIU Jie, ZHANG Qing-Xiang, LIU Gang

2001, 12 (2): 117

Surface contamination of the charge-coupled device

An experimental method to study the influence of surface contamination of a thinned, backside illuminated charge-coupled device(CCD) upon its quantum efficiency in soft X-ray region is suggested. A tr...

YANG Jia-Min, DING Yao-Nan, ZHENG Zhi-Jian, CHENG Jing-Xiu SUN Ke-Xu, WANG Yao-Mei, ZHANG Wen-Hai

2001, 12 (2): 126

Control system of HLS transport line and Linac focusing power supplies

The control system of transport line and Linac focusing power supplies of Hefei Light Source was built upon Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System. The hardware construction, software desi...

LIU Gong-Fa, LI Jing-Yi, LI Wei-Min, ZHOU An-Qi, DIAO Cao-Zheng, LI Yong-Jun, YU Xiang-Kun

2001, 12 (2): 131

Xenon poisoning calculation code for miniature neutron source reactor (MNSR)

In line with the actual requirements and based upon the specific characteristics of MNSR, a revised point-reactor model was adopted to model MNSR’s xenon poisoning. The corresponding calculation code,...

KE Guo-Tu, LI Zhun-Jie, XU Han-Ming

2001, 12 (2): 135

Distribution of void fraction for gas-liquid slug flow in an inclined pipe

In order to investigate the effect of inclination angle on the spatial distribution of phases, experiments on gas-liquid two-phase slug flow in an inclined pipe were carricd out by using the optical p...

XIA Guo-Dong, ZHOU Fang-De, HU Ming-Sheng

2001, 12 (2): 143

Provenance studies of archaeological ceramics from Mar-Takla (Ain-Minin, Syria) using radioisotope X-ray fluorescence method

The radioisotope X-ray fluorescence method was applied to studies of the provenance of the ceramics fragments originated from the Mat-Takla site in Syria. The samples were irradiated 1000s by a 109Cd ...


2001, 12 (2): 149

Paleodose evaluation of porcelain: a practical regression method of saturation exponential in pre-dose technique

A practical regression method of saturation exponential in pre-dosc technique is proposed. The method is mainly applied for porcelain dating. To test the method, some simulated paleodoses of the imita...

WANG Wei-Da, LEUNG P L, ZHOU Zhi-Xin, XIA Jun-Ding

2001, 12 (2): 154

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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