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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Thermodynamical properties of microscopic IBM and applications to Fe nuclei

By using the microscopic sdIBM-2 formalism, procedures of canonical ensemble average and saddle point method, the finite-temperature internal energy, specific heat and level density of nucleus were ca...

JE Shi-Yin, SHI Zhu-Yi

2001, 12 (1): 1

Analysis of energy autocorrelation functions in dissipative heavy ion collision of 27Al+27Al

The excitation functions were measured in the reaction of 7Al+27 A] at incident energies from 114MeV to 127MeV in steps of 200keV. The detection angles were continuously covered from 10° to 57° in the...

WANG Qi, LI Song-Lin, TIAN Wen-Dong, LU Jun, HU Peng-Yun, LUO Yi-Xiao

2001, 12 (1): 9

Long range implantation by MEVVA metal ion source

Metal vapor vacuum arc (MEVVA] source ion implantation is a new technology used for achieving long range ion impantation. It is very important for research and application of the ion beam modification...

ZHANG ‘ong-He, WU Yu-Guang, MA Fu-Rong, LIANG Hong

2001, 12 (1): 16

Photoluminescence from neodymium silicide thin films formed by MEVVA ion source

Neodymium silicides were synthesized by Nd ion implanted into Si substrates with the aid of a metal vapor vacuum arc (MEVVA) ion source. The blender of NdsSig and NdSiz was formed in a neodymium-impla...

XIAO Zhi-Song, XU Fei, CHENG Guo-An, ZHANG Tong-He, YI Zhong-Zhen, WANG Shui-Feng

2001, 12 (1): 21

Penetration depth and concentration distribution for implanted heavy ions with low energies in plant seeds by SEM and EDS

The penetration depth and concentration distribution of implanted ions have been studied for low energy heavy ions implanted in the dry seeds of plant. such as peanut, mung bean, sunflower, wheat and ...

WANG Xin-Fu, ZHOU Yun-Long, ZHOU Hong-Yu, LU Ting, Wang Chao, SU Ying, ZHU Guang-Hua, WEN Chen-Lin, LI Yong-Liang

2001, 12 (1): 26

Mossbauer study of the effect of Nb in Fe-based nanocrystalline alloy

Microstructure of nanocrystalline alloys of Fer73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 and (FesSi)0.95o.osNb0.05 was investigated by Mossbauer spectroscopy, A Nb-rieh interfacial layer with weak magnetism formed in the re...

JIANG Ke-Yu, ZHAO Zhen-Jie, LI Xiang-Qin, YANG Xie-Long

2001, 12 (1): 32

Dependence of void nucleation on post-irradiation annealing temperature in α-Al2O3

The evolution of void nucleation in α-Al2O3 irradiated by En > 1MeV neutrons of 3 x 1020cm-2 and post-annealed from 100°C to 100°C is studied hy a positron annihilation lifetime technique. The void nu...


2001, 12 (1): 36

Positron annihilation study of effect of aluminum on iron-based amorphous allovs

Seven Fe-based amorphous alloys have been studied by Doppler broadening and lifetime techniques of the positron annihilation. It is shown that the parameters of positron annihilation in the Fe-based a...

WANG Jing-Cheng, YOU Fu-Qiang, YIN Jun-Lin, GAO Guo-Hua

2001, 12 (1): 40

Flow patterns and their transition characteristics of the air-water two-phase flow in a horizontal pipe with a sudden-changed cross-section area

Flow patterns in upstream and downstream straight tubes of suddenchanged areas in a horizontal straight pipe were experimentally examined. Both sudden-expansion cross-section (SECS) and sudden-contrac...

YANG Ying-Zhen, LI Guang-Jun, ZHOU Fang-De, CHEN Xue-Jun

2001, 12 (1): 44

Computational analysis for prediction of pressure of PWR presurizer under transient conditions

A computer model has been developed for prediction of the pressure in the pressurizer under transient conditions, In the model three separate thermodynamic regions which are not reqnired to be in ther...

MAHMOOD Arshad, XU Ji-Jun

2001, 12 (1): 53

Bifurcation and hysteresis phenomena in the two-phase natural circulation system

The static bifurcation of the two-phase natural circulation (TPNC) aystem was studied theoretically and numerically. By the DERPAR. algorithm the solution diagram was calculated, which shows that the ...

YAO Wei, KUANG Bo, XU Ji-jun

2001, 12 (1): 61

Stabilization and volume reduction of radioactive spent ion exchange resins

Stabilization and volume reduction of spent radioactive ion-exchange resins (IERs) were studied. Stabilization technology includes volume reduction with wet chemical oxidation process and immobilizati...

YE Yu-Cai, YU Shao-Ning

2001, 12 (1): 68

Effect of mining and utilizing bone coal on environment

The average air 7-ray dose rates measured from the field, road. bone coal, bone coal cinder and bone coal cinder bricks in the three bone coal mines in west Zhejiang Province, are 3.8 x 102, 4.1 x 102...

YE Ji-Da, LIU Hong-Shi, WU Zong-Mei, WU Xiao-Fei

2001, 12 (1): 73

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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