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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Variations in radioactivity of phosphate rocks from different sites in Central Eastern Desert of Upper Egypt

Natural radionuclides in the phosphate rock samples collected from Wadi Batur, Wadi Hegaza and Gabal Abu Had at Eastern Desert were deteruiued using a high resolution γ-ray spectrometer. The experimen...

AM El--Arabi, A M M Yousef

2002, 13 (4): 193

Multi-channel analyzer controlled by applet and flash

Both java applet and flash were applicd to emulate virtual panel of multichannel pulse height analyzer (MCA), and Microsoft IE browser was nsed to control MCA through internet to measure the γ-ray ene...


2002, 13 (4): 202

Microanalyses of the hydroxy]l-poly-calcium sodium phosphate coatings produced by ion beam assisted deposition

Thin calcium phosphate coatings on titanium alloy substrates were prepared by Ar+ ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD) from hydroxyl-poly-calcium sodinm phosphate (HPPA) target. The coatings were analy...

LIU Zhong-Yang, ZHENG Si-Xiao, LIAO Xiao-Dong, WANG Pei-In, SUN Guan-Qing, WANG Chang-Xing, CHEN Zhi-Qing, LIU Liang

2002, 13 (4): 205

Preliminary clinical application of dopamine transporter imaging with technetium-99m TRODAT-1 and SPECT on the early and differential diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease

The aim of the study was to demonstrate the degeneration of the dopaminergic nigrostriatal pathway in Parkinson's disease(PD) and Essential ‘Tremor {ET) by using the cocaine derivative 99mTc-TRODAT-1 ...

WANG Feng, WANG Zi-Zheng, LIU Zeng-Li, TANG Jun, LUO Wei-Feng, WU Jin-Chang

2002, 13 (4): 211

Effect of 125I seeds and 103Pd stents on proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells

This study aims at the theoretical aud practical evidence for prevention of restenosis in vitra, Vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) model was established using adherent ceil culture methods. The proli...

ZHU Jun, LUO Quan-Yong, ZHU Rui-Sen, LU Han-Kui

2002, 13 (4): 218

Regional cerebral metabolic changes after acupuncture by FDG PET: effects and methodology

In order to investigate the therapeutic mechanisms of acupunetue points in cerebrovascular ischemic patients and normal volunteers, FDG PET was adopted. Changes in cerebral glucose metabolism and cere...

GUAN Yi-Hui, LI Ji, ZUO Chuan-Tao, DONG Jin-Cheng, ZHAO Jun, LIN Xiang-Tong

2002, 13 (4): 224

The effect of adrenergic receptor—adenyl cyclase system on myocardial ischemic preconditioning in rats

Abstract — In order to study the effects of every part of adrenergic receptor-adeny] eyelase system on ischemic preconditioning of myocardium in rats in vive, SD rats were divided into three groups: I...

LAN Xiao-Li, DIAO Yao, LAN Ji-Cheng, PEI Zhu-Guo

2002, 13 (4): 230

Synthesis of highly concentrated, carrier free 188Re-mercaptoacetyltriglyciue

Chelation of 186Re to compounds such as MAG; will further reduce the radiation dose to the patient in case of balloon rupture through the rapid excretion from the body. In order to prepare highly conc...

ZHANG Xiu-Li, WANG Yong-Xian, LI Jun-Ling, ZHANG Chun-Fu, WANG Li-iTua, YIN Duan-Zhi

2002, 13 (4): 237

Preparation of 6-[18F]Huoro-L-DOPA and its biodistribution in normal and unilateral PD model rats

—No-carrier-added 6-[18F|fluoro-L-DOPA (6-FDOPA) was synthesized via a multistep procedure from a commercial available precursor, 6-nitroveratraldehyde. The total synthesis time was 75min, with a radi...

ZHANG Lan, TANG Gang-Hua, WANG Yong-Xian, YIN Duan-Zhi

2002, 13 (4): 244

An improved Coomassie Brilliant Blue (CBB R-250) staining to proteins in gels

An improved CBB staining with higher sensitivity than that of the typical CBB staining was reported. The main improvement was using a fixing step of 25% trichloroacetic acid (TCA) before CBB staining....

ZHOU Zhi-Dong, LIU Wang-Yi, LI Min-Qian

2002, 13 (4): 251

Killing effect of Chinese hamster V79 cells exposed to accelerated carbon ions and RBE determination

Survival curves of Chinese hamster V79 cells exposed tol accelerated carbon ions with linear energy transfers of 125.5. 200 and 700 keV/μm were iueasured, respectively. Inactivation cross sections cor...

LI Qiang, ZHOU Guang-Ming, WANG Ju-Fang, LI Wen-Jian, WEI Zeng-Quan

2002, 13 (4): 259

Approach to reducing the effect of bone-coal power station on radiation environment

The effect of two bone-coal power statious (6 MWe) on enviroument wax investigated within the scope of the dose contribution caused by various radionucildes in different ways. It is found that the bes...

Ni Shi- Ying, GU Pei-Long, ZHAO Ming-Hua, YE Ji-Da

2002, 13 (4): 264

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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