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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Parity violation and neutrino mass

Besides the fact of parity violation in weak interactions, based ou evidences from neutrino oscillation and tritium beta decay, a natural conjecture'is hat neutrinos may be spacelike particles with a ...

Tsao Chang

2002, 13 (3): 129

Collision of low energy Na+ ion with C60

Abstract — ‘The collision-induced reaction of Na+ ion with neutral Cop vapour was investigated at the energy range of 10 to 150eV. The deposited films were studied via Jaser desorption time-of-flight ...

ZHANG Jian-Guo, GONG Jin-Long, LIN Sen-Hao

2002, 13 (3): 134

AFM study of combinatorial Ga+ implanted Co7Ag93 film and its Kerr effect

In this paper, a magnetooptic chip was prepared on Si wafer by coinbinatorial Ga+ implantation into ion sputtered Co7Ag93 film. The surface morphology of each unit of the chip was detected by AFM, whi...

CAI Ying-Wen, GU Ming, WEI Lun, LI Jian-Guo, LI Ai-Guo, NI Xin-Bo, ZHANG Gui-Lin, WANG Song-You, SHEN Zuo-Cheng, LI Jing, CHEN Liang-Yao

2002, 13 (3): 143

Experimental test of a new neutron threshold detector and its application

The possibility of using 209Bi as a new threshold detector to mensnre high-cnergy neutrons was investigated for the first time. At the same time the exper iment measured successfully the emitted neutr...

LI Gui-Sheng, ZHANG Tian-Mei, SU You-Wu, LI Shu- Wei

2002, 13 (3): 149

Catenary-like pattern of stretching DNA molecules: experiments and models

It was verified that our "ssuspension bridge" model may be uot ouly responsible for catenary-like patterns of DNA molecules which were formed in onr experiments, but also for catenary-like patterns of...

LEI Xiao-Ling, WU Shi-Ying. ZHANG Yi. AI Xiao-Bai, HU Jun, LI Min-Qian

2002, 13 (3): 156

Investigation on the priming effect of a CVD diamond microdosimeter

CVD diamond microdosimeter is an ideal substitute of common Si, GaAs detector for extremely strong radiation experimental environment due to its high band gap energy, fast charge collection, low diele...

LU Rong-Rong, QIU Hui-Yuan, JIANG Da, LI Xiao-Lin, ZHU Jie-Qing

2002, 13 (3): 161

Surface decomposition and annealing behavior of GaN implanted with Eu

Investigations on surface decomposition of GaN implanted with low energy (80keV) Eu ion to alow dose (1x1014cm-2), and its annealing behavior under high temperature (1050 oC) in Nz are performed,...

LIU Hua-Ming, ZHANG Zhi-Bin, CHEN Chang-Chun, WANG Sen, ZHU De-Zhang, XU Hong-Jie

2002, 13 (3): 167

A VMEbus interface for multi-detector trigger and control system

MUSE (MUltiplicity SElector) is the trigger and control system of CHIMERA, a 4π charged particles detector. Initialization of MUSE can be performed via VMEbus. This paper describes the design of VMEbu...

GONG Pei-Rong, Cali C, Litroco P

2002, 13 (3): 172

A small dimension intraoperative probe

This article introduces the usage of the intraoperative probe in surgical based on RGS and proposes one method to design the probe. Also, a charge-sensitive preamplifier used in semiconductor detector...

WEI Hai-Peng, LIN Ying- Wu, LIAO Xi-Zheng, QIU Shi

2002, 13 (3): 177

Clinical value of dipyridamole brain perfusion imaging in the diagnosis of ischemic cerebrovascular disease

Using dipyridamole stress test to evaluate cerebral blood flow reserve in cerebrovascular disease (CVD). Dipyridamole stress tests were performed first, the baseline SPECT images were obtained under s...

ZHANG Rong, WEI Wen-Shi, TANG Xi, GU Zhao-Xiang, JIANG Mao-Song

2002, 13 (3): 182

The 18F-FDG uptake in non small cell lung carcinoma correlates with the DNA-grading of malignancy

In order to evaluate correlation of glucose metabolism and DNA ploidity of tumors, the uptake of 18F-Deoxyglucose (FDG) by PET prior to surgery and the DNA cotent and DNA-grading of malignancy (DNA-MG...

WU Jin-Chang, BAUM R P

2002, 13 (3): 187

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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