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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

A precursor of -delayed fission: 230Ac

The 230Ra has been produced via multinucleon transfer and dissipative fragmentation of heavy target in the 60 MeV/u 18O ion reaction with natural thorim. The radium was radiochemically separated fro...

XU Yan-Bing, YANG Wei-Fan, YUAN Shuang-Gui, LUO Yi-Xiao, XIAO Yong-Hou

2002, 13 (1): 1

A high time resolution multi-gap resistive plate chamber

Abstract — Research on a single cell Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chamber (MRPC) was carried out for the Time Of Flight detector (TOR) R. and D of the STAR experiment. The property of the single chamber ...

LI Cheng, WU Jian, WANG Xiao-Lian, CHEN Hong-Fang, XU Zi-Zong, SHAO Ming, YE Shu-Wei, RUAN Li-Juan, HUANG Sheng-Li

2002, 13 (1): 6

Magnetovolume and chemical bonding effects of Sn atom in the γ'-(Fe1-xSnx)4N compounds

Combining x-ray diffraction and high pressure Mossbauer spectroscopy,the structure and the hyperfine parameters of Sn substituted for Fe in γ'-Fe4N were in-vestigated. The results of x-ray diffraction...

THAO Zhen-Jie, XUE De-Sheng, KONG Yong, LI Fa-Shen

2002, 13 (1): 11

Coexistance of C40 and C54 TiSi2 during the solid state reaction of Ti/Mo/Si system

The effect of a 0.9 nm Mo interlayer at the interface of Ti film deposited on a Si substrate on phase formation of TiSi2 during annealing has been studied by using transusission electron micco-diffrac...

ZHANG Zhi-Bin, ZHANG Shi-Li, ZHU De-Zhang, XU Hong-Jie

2002, 13 (1): 19

Phase structure of the CPD prepared CdS films before and after Ar+ ion irradiation

CdS films prepared with chemical pyrolysis deposition (CPD) at dlifferent. temperature during filin growth were characteriged by XRD. Hexagon-like structure appeared at the temperature of 350-500°C, w...

LEI Jia-Rong, Yang Bin, CHA Deokjoon, HUANG Ning-Kang, CHEN Jian-Xuaa, WANG De-Zhi

2002, 13 (1): 25

Ion irradiation-induced structure damage to botanic samples using the ion transmission energy spectrum

In order to study the mechanism of irtadiation-indueed damaxe of botanic samples caused by low energy heavy ions , transmission cnergy spectrin mica surement was performed. Kidney bean slice samples...

WANG Si-Xne, WANG Yu-Gang, XUE Jian-Ming, LIU Feng, DU Guang-Hu LU Gang, YAN Sha, ZHAO Wei-Jiang

2002, 13 (1): 31

Strain in GaN/Si by <111> RBS/Channeling

GaN film grown on Si substrate was characterized by Rutherford backseattering/ Channeling (RBS/C). The experimental resulis show that the thickness of GaN epilayer is abont 2.5 μm and the GaN film has...

CHEN Chang-Chun, CAO Jian-Qing, WU Ming-Fang, ZHU De-Zhang, Ding Yin-Feng, PAN Hao-Chang

2002, 13 (1): 37

Semi-empirical schemes for the x-ray mass absorption coefficients used in XRF analysis

X-ray mass absorption coefficients play an important tole in the acenracy of any XRF intensity calculation. it is necessary to determine the proper schemes for providing satisfying values μ/ρ . In thi...

JI Xin-Ming, ZHU Jie-Qing, XU Hong-Jie

2002, 13 (1): 42

YE Ji Ja|LIU Hong-Shi|WU Zong-Mei|WU Xiao-Fei

The radioactivity level of the ambient environteut of Anren Bone-coal Power Station (BCPS) was investigated systematically. The γ radiation dose rte level in the environment, the content of °U and 225...

YE Ji-Da, LIU Hong-Shi, WU Zong-Mei, WU Xino-Fei

2002, 13 (1): 50

Trace elements in particles of motor vehicle exhaust in Shanghai

A nuclear microprobe with high spatial resolution and high analytical seusitivity was applied to analyze trace clements, especially lead, in vehicle exhaust of Shanghai city. The result shows that the...


2002, 13 (1): 57

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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