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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Methods of measurement for the beam-based alignment system in HLS

The beam-based alignment system is given in HLS (Hefei Light Source), in which a switchable shunt resistor was installed on quadrupole to bypass a small percentage of the magnet current. The system c...

CAO Yong, SUN Bao-Gen, LU Ping

2005, 16 (6): 321

Re-estimation of absolute gamma ray intensities of 56Mn using k0-standardization

The thermal neutron capture gamma ray facility at Pakistan Research Reactor (PARR-1) is being used for the re-estimation of various properties like capture cross-sections, resonance integral, absolut...


2005, 16 (6): 325

Overview of SOI materials technology in China

In recent years, novel structure SOI materials have been fabricated successfully. Also, SiGeOI (SGOI) material, an ideal substrate for realizing strained-silicon structures, has been investigated by ...

CHEN Meng, WANG Xi, LIN Cheng-Lu

2005, 16 (6): 330

The present status of the Shanghai electron beam ion trap

In this report, an introduction to the structure of Shanghai EBIT, a brief description of the status of Shanghai EBIT project, and a short discussion of the first results of Shanghai EBIT are present...

GUO Pan-Lin, HU Wei, GONG Pei-Rong, LU Di, HE Mian-Hong, WU Shimin, YAO Ke, HUANG Min, ZHANG Xue-Mei, WANG Xin-Cheng, ZHU Xi-Kai, JIANG Di-Kui, HUTTON R, ZOU Ya-Ming

2005, 16 (6): 335

Study of nuclear reaction method for the determination of protein content in wheat seeds

A 13.4 MeV deuteron beam from the 1.2 meter cyclotron of Sichuan University was used to determine the protein content in wheat seeds on the basis of (d,p) reactions. The influence of the variation of...

LUO Xiao-Bing, ZHANG Ruan-Yu, CHEN Shi-Guo, LI Tai-Hua, AN Zhu, CAO Yang-Shu, HE Fu-Qing, PENG Xiu-Feng, PAN Shi-Biao

2005, 16 (6): 338

Sulfonated polyetherketone (SPEK-C) films investigated by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy

The characterization of sulfonated polyetherketone (SPEK-C) films was investigated by using positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). It was found that fre...

Htwe Htwe Yin, YIN Ze-Jie, TANG Shi-Biao, HUANG Huan, ZHU Da-Ming

2005, 16 (6): 343

Simulation of distribution of radiation energy density in water balls

The distribution of energy deposition density in radiate region and its surrounding areas from γ-rays was simulated and analyzed for a water-ball model with Geant4 package(Geant4.7.0,2005) developed ...

TANG Shi-Biao, MA Qing-Li, YIN Ze-Jie, TANG Yu, HUANG Huan, RAO Nan-Xia, ZHU Da-Ming

2005, 16 (6): 347

Simulataneous analysis of react ivity of anilines in the hydrogen- isotope exchange reaction

In order to reveal the reactivity of a functional group in an aromatic compound having two substituents in the aromatic ring, the hydrogen-isotope exchange reaction (T-H exchange reaction) between tr...

ZHAO Dong-Yu, IMAIZUMI Hiroshi, LEI Qing-Quan, ZHAO Dong-Mei

2005, 16 (6): 352

Study of visualized simulation and analysis of nuclear fuel cycle system based on multilevel flow model

Complex energy and environment system, especially nuclear fuel cycle system recently raised social concerns about the issues of economic competitiveness, environmental effect and nuclear proliferatio...

LIU Jing-Quan, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, ZHOU Yang-Ping

2005, 16 (6): 358

Study on efficiency of DCP for nuclear hydrogen production

With many advantages, hydrogen is considered as the fuel of the future. But there is no natural resource of hydrogen and it must be produced by other kinds of energy. As for the primary energy, nucle...

LIN Qian, CAO Xue-Wu, JIANG Rui-Peng, ZHANG Xu

2005, 16 (6): 371

Natural γ-ray-emitting radionuclides in Egyptian cement

Samples of cement manufactured in Egypt and the raw materials have been analyzed using gamma- spectroscopy, in order to determine the concentration of natural radionuclides and associated radiologica...


2005, 16 (6): 376

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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