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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Plasma-based X-ray laser speckle and its application on ferroelectric material

A new type of soft X-ray source, i.e. a plasma-based X-ray laser, is found to be promising to conduct transient measurement. By means of picosecond X-ray laser speckles, the dynamic microscopic polari...

NAMIKAWA Kazumichi

2005, 16 (4): 193

A distributed control system for picosecond accelerator at SINAP

Abstract The picosecond accelerator (PA) is a low energy electron linear accelerator facility under commissioning, which is built for the experiment of ps level pulse radiolysis in Shanghai Institute ...

CAO Hong-Ping, CHEN Huan-Guang, LI De-Ming

2005, 16 (4): 201

Bystander effects induced by medium from carbon-ion- irradiated human cancer cells

The bystander effects induced by medium from human hepatoma SMMC-7721 and adenocarcinoma F56 cells irradiated with carbon ions were investigated. It was found that the survival fraction (SF) of the ir...

WANG Ju-Fang, LI Wen-Jian, ZHOU Guang-Ming, DANG Bing-Rong MA Qiu-Feng, FENG Yan

2005, 16 (4): 204

Effects of low-dose heavy ion irradiation on male germ cell adaptation and genetics

The heavy ions with high linear energy transfer and high relative biological effectiveness are much more deleterious on the male germ cells, ones of the most radiosensitive cells of the body, than low...

ZHANG Hong, LI Wen-Jian, ZHENG Rong-Liang

2005, 16 (4): 209

Clinical significance of combined determination of serum PGI, PGII and GAS for diagnosis of gastric cancer

To evaluate the clinical value of combined determination of serum PGI , PGII and GAS for early diagnosis of gastric cancer, the serum levels of PGI , PG{I and GAS in 190 healthy controls and 129 patie...

JIANG Meng-Jun, LI Wen-Xin, XIAO Zhi-Jian, ZHANG Rong-Jun, CAJ Gang-Ming

2005, 16 (4): 217

Experimental study of retinoic acid on improving iodide uptake in MCEF-7 breast cancer cells

The study aims to investigate the effect of retinoic acid on the iodide uptake of MCF-7 cells and its mechanism. The iodide uptake and expression of hNIS(human sodiunviodide symporter)mRNA in the brea...

FU Hong-Liang, WU Jing-Chuan, DU Xue-Liang, LI Jia-Ning, WU Zhen, ZOU Ren-Jian

2005, 16 (4): 221

Current progress of study on gas electron multiplier

Abstract Recent progress of study on gas electron multiplier (GEM) has been described. Due to its fast time response and excellent position sensitivity, the GEM will find wide applications in particle...

LI Jin, LAI Yong-Fang, CHENG Jian-Ping, LI Yuan-Jing, LI Yu-Lan, YUE Qi

2005, 16 (4): 225

Development of MRPC technology for STAR-TOF

A prototype of multi-gap resistive plate chamber (MRPC) modules with 6 gas gaps of 220 μm used for the time-of-flight (TOF) detectors has been developed by STAR TOF group. A tray (TOFr) composed of 28...

SUN Yong-Jie, LI Cheng, SHAO Ming, CHEN Hong-Fang, G EPPLEY, F. GEURTS, H. HUANG, HUANG Sheng-Li, WJ. LIOPE, T. NUSSBAUM, RUAN Li-Juan, J. SCHAMBACH, WANG Xiao-Lian, WU Jian, Z. XU

2005, 16 (4): 231

Study of performance of small gamma camera consisting of crystal pixel array and position sensitive photomultiplier tube

The performance of gamma camera with Nal(TI) array coupled with position sensitive photomultiplier tube (PSPMT) R2486 has been studied. The pixel size of Nal(TI) crystal is 2mmx2mm and the overall dim...

ZHU Jie, LIU Shi-Tao, LEI Xiao-Wen, YAN Tian-Xin, XU Zi-Zong, WANG Zhao-Min

2005, 16 (4): 238

Changes in percentage of lymphocyte subsets after I131 treatment in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer

To monitor the extent and the duration of lymphocyte subset changes in patients with thyroid carcinoma undergoing therapeutic 131I administration, the percentage of lymphocyte subsets were serially an...

LUO Quan-Yong, CHEN Li-Bo, YU Yong-Li, LU Han-Kui, ZHU Rui-Sen

2005, 16 (4): 214

Investigation on natural radionucildes levels in multiple media in bone-coal mine areas of five provinces

This paper reports methods and results of the investigation of natural radionuclides levels in multiple media in the bone-coal mine areas in Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, and Anhui Provinces. In th...

KONG Ling-Li, ZHANG Lian, LI Ying, YE Ji-Da, JIANG Shan, SHI Jin-Hua, WU Zong-Mei

2005, 16 (4): 244

Estimation of the resident’s additional dose in bone-coal mining areas of the five provinces

This paper introduces the resident’s additional dose in bone-coal mining areas. The increase of the annual additional effective doses accepted by the residents living in the carbide-brick houses, the ...

JIANG Shan, ZHANG Liang, YE Ji-Da, KONG Ling-Li, LI Ying, SHI Jin-Hua, WU Zong-Mei

2005, 16 (4): 249

The collective dose equivalent in evaluated region of bone-coal power stations and bone-coal shafts

Abstract During 1991-1993, the radioactivity levels of the bone-coal mines were investigated in Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Anhui Provinces, respectively, where the reserve of bone-coal is abo...

ZHANG Liang, JIANG Sha, KONG Ling-Li, LI Ying, YE Ji-Da, SHI Jin-Hua, WU Zong-Mei

2005, 16 (4): 253

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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