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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

EXAFS and SR-XRD study on Cu occupation sites in Zn1-xCuxO diluted magnetic semiconductors

ZnO films, doped with 2.9 atom% Cu, were prepared by radio frequency magnetron sputtering on sapphire substrate at different substrate temperatures. No magnetic impurities such as Fe, Co and Ni were f...

YANG Chen, ZHANG Bin, WANG Jianzhong, SHI Liqun, CHENG Huansheng, YANG Tieying, WEN Wen, HU Fengchun

2012, 23 (2): 65-69

Development of a PSD-based photon beam position measurement system

As an important part of the beam diagnostic system, the synchrotron light beam position measurement has a very high value in the high quality and high stability light source applied research. A new ph...

XIAO Yunyun, SUN Baogen, GU Liming, LU Ping, WANG Jigang, TANG Leilei, YANG Yongliang, ZHOU Zeran, XU Hongliang

2012, 23 (2): 70-74

A beam position measurement system of fully digital signal processing at SSRF

This fully digital beam position measurement instrument is designed for beam position monitoring and machine research in Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility. The signals received from four positio...

YAN Han, ZHAO Lei, LIU Shubin, CHEN Kai, WU Weihao, AN Qi, LENGYongbin, YI Xing, YAN Yingbing, LAI Longwei

2012, 23 (2): 75-82

Simulation of a low energy beam transport line

A 2.45 GHz electron cyclotron resonance intense proton source and a low energy beam transport line with dual-Glaser lens were designed and fabricated by Institute of Modern Physics for a compact pulse...

YANG Yao, LIU Zhanwen, ZHANG Wenhui, MA Hongyi, ZHANG Xuezhen, ZHAO Hongwei, YAO Zeen

2012, 23 (2): 83-89

A new multi-parallel-beam collimators with improved sensitivity for SPECT

In this paper, a new design of multi-parallel-beam (MPB) collimators with projection multiplexing is proposed. In the MPB system, two different oblique parallel channels are introduced in a convention...

MA Jiayi, ZHAO Jingwu, SHI Xiaodong, ZHANG Kevin, HUANG Runshen

2012, 23 (2): 90-96

Microarray screening of differentially expressed genes in DCX transfected U87 cells before and after irradiation

Radiation therapy plays a critical role in the treatment of neurogliocytoma and it is known that doublecortin (DCX)-transfected U87 cells can inhibit tumor cell growth. Microarray analysis to screen f...

FENG Shuang, WANG Jie, JIANG Xin, XU Yuanyuan, ZHANG Haowen, Cao Jianping, YU Jiahua, LIU Fenju

2012, 23 (2): 97-102

Graft co-polymerization of maleic acid and vinyl acetate onto poly(vinylidene fluoride) powder by pre-irradiation technique

Binary monomers of maleic acid and vinyl acetate are grafted onto poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) powder by pre-irradiation induced graft polymerization technique in emulsion solution. The co-graftin...

ZHANG Bowu, WEI Rongmao, YU Ming, DENG Bo, LI Linfang, LI Jingye

2012, 23 (2): 103-108

Waveform digitization utilizing switched-capacitor arrays

Compared with traditional waveform digitization with flash-ADCs, waveform digitization with switched-capacitor arrays (SCAs) is able to achieve the sampling speed above 1 GS/s without degrading the an...

WANG Jinhong, ZHAO Lei, FENG Changqing, LIU Shubin, AN Qi

2012, 23 (2): 109-113

An automatic gain adjustment Campbell integrator for neutron flux detection in ITER

Neutron Flux Monitor, a key diagnostic system in International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, may provide for reading a series of important parameters in fusion reaction process. We designed an i...

CAO Hongrui, LI Shiping, XU Xiufeng, TANG Shibiao, YANG Jinwei, YANG Qingwei, YIN Zejie

2012, 23 (2): 114-117

Ageing management strategies for instrumentation and control equipment in NPPs

This paper aims to explain main ageing stressors and effects on instrumentation and control (I&C) components followed by ageing management strategies through developed design such as using freewhe...


2012, 23 (2): 118-123

Local and global sensitivity analysis of PCR kinetic model

A mathematical model of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) containing uncertain and time-varying parameters has become important for model-based guidance experiment design. In this study, the local and g...

LI Lanting, MI Lijuan, HU Jun

2012, 23 (2): 124-128

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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