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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

Heat transfer analysis of the bent cooling channels in SSRF light-blocked components

The front end light-blocked components of the third generation of synchrotron radiation facility,which are subjected to high heat load,are cooled with flowing water through the cooling channels.The co...

JIN Jianfeng; CHEN Haibo; XIAO Weiling; CHENG Wenlong; WANG Naxiu;

2012, 23 (6): 321-327

Modal analysis of CSNS/RCS dipole magnet and magnetic measurement girder

The dipole magnet of the China Spallation Neutron Source(CSNS) Rapid-cycling Synchrotron(RCS) will be operated at a 25 Hz sinusoidal alternating current which causes severe vibration.The vibration wil...

LIU Renhong;ZHANG Junsong;QU Huamin;WANG Haijing;

2012, 23 (6): 328-331

Information retrieval methods for high resolution γ-ray spectra

A program based on MATLAB 7.0 platform was developed to locate characteristic peak position and calculate net area of characteristic peak.The formula for the calculation of relative standard deviation...

WU Hexi;ZHANG Huaiqiang;LIU Qingcheng;YANG Bo;WEI Qianglin;YUAN Xinyu;

2012, 23 (6): 332-336

Monte-Carlo simulation of cement neutron field distribution characteristics in PGNAA

The distribution characteristics of the neutron field in cement was simulated using the MCNP code to comply with the requirements of an online Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis system.Simulatio...

YANG Jianbo; YANG Yigang; LI Yuanjing; TUO Xianguo; LI Zhe; LIU Mingzhe; CHENG Yi; MU Keliang; WANG Lei;

2012, 23 (6): 337-343

Effects of boron number per unit volume on the shielding properties of composites made with boron ores from China

The total macroscopic removal cross sections,deposited energies and the absorbed doses of three new shielding composites loaded with specific boron-rich slag,boron concentrate ore and boron mud of Chi...

LI Zhefu; XUE Xiangxin; LIU Sulan; LI Yong; DUAN Peining;

2012, 23 (6): 344-348

Pharmacokinetics and radiation dosimetry of ~(99m)Tc-3PRGD_2 in healthy individuals:A pilot study

~(99m)Tc-3PRGD_2 is a new SPECT radiotracer for several tumor imaging with high uptake where integrinα_vβ_3 is highly expressed.This pilot study was to assess the safety,biodistribution and...

CHENG Guanghui; GAO Shi; JI Tiefeng; MA Qingjie; JIA Bing; CHEN Zuowei; WANG Qing;

2012, 23 (6): 349-354

Chinese SPECT semi-quantitative analysis of striatum

To study and analyze reconstruction parameters in ~(99m)Tc-Trodat-l SPECT(Tomography EmissionComputed Single-Photon) brain semi-quantitative analysis,and the outlined methods of ROIs(regions of intere...

WANG Yuankai; LIU Xingdang; ZUO Chuantao; LIU Congjin; LIU Miao; ZHANG Guangming; CHEN Zhengping; TANG Jie;

2012, 23 (6): 355-360

Clock synchronization design and evaluation for trigger-less data acquisition system

For modern particle physics experiments,trigger-less data acquisition(DAQ) system has been put into practice because of the need of reaction multiplicity and trigger flexibility.In such new DAQ system...

SHANG Linfeng; SONG Kezhu; CAO Ping;

2012, 23 (6): 361-368

Effect of hydrogen combustion in the primary pump compartment

Hydrogen combustion in a nuclear power plant may threaten the integrity of some important systems and components.In this paper,the effect of hydrogen combustion in the primary pump compartment is anal...

LI Jingxi; TONG Lili; CAO Xuewu;

2012, 23 (6): 369-373

Main coolant pump resistance influence on single phase water reverse flow in the inverted U-tubes under natural circulation

Based on nuclear power plant(NPP) best-estimate transient analysis with RELAP5 / MOD3 code,the reactor point kinetics model in RELAP5 / MOD3 code is replaced by the two-group,3-D space and time depend...

WANG Chuan; YU Lei;

2012, 23 (6): 374-379

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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