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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

Calibration method of HLS’s sensor used in SSRF

The site of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) is of complicated geological conditions, and a system to monitor the uneven subsidence of foundation and key parts (different kinds of magne...

HE Xiaoye, WU Jun

2008, 19 (6): 321-324

Simulation on control of beam halo-chaos by power function in the hackle periodic-focusing channel

The K-V beam through a hackle periodic-focusing magnetic field is studied using the particle-core model. The beam halo-chaos is found, and a power function controller is proposed based on mechanism o...

YU Haijun, WENG Jiaqiang, BAI Long

2008, 19 (6): 325-328

M-C simulation of shielding effects of PE, LiH and graphite fibers under 1 MeV electrons and 20 MeV protons

Shielding effects of different materials under 1 MeV electron and 20 MeV proton beams were simulated with Geant4 code. It was found that shielding effects of polyethylene and graphite fibers are much...

YUE Kun, LUO Wenyun, ZHA Yuanzi

2008, 19 (6): 329-332

Electron-induced damage to NPN transistors under different fluxes

Radiation damage of NPN transistors under different fluxes with electron energy of 1.5 MeV was investigated in this article. It has been shown that when NPN transistors were irradiated to a given flu...

ZHENG Yuzhan, LU Wu, REN Diyuan, GUO Qi, YU Xuefeng, Lü Xiaolong

2008, 19 (6): 333-336

Evaluation of suspected local recurrence in lung cancer and head & neck cancer: A comparison between 99mTc-HL91 SPECT and CT for biopsy proven lesions

CT has rather low accuracy for the follow-up of tumors after therapy. This study was to determine whether the diagnostic accuracy can be improved with 99mTc-HL91 SPECT in comparison with parallel resu...

SU Xinhui, SUN Long, HUANG Jingxiong, CHEN Guibing, HE Xiaojiang

2008, 19 (6): 337-342

Analyses of organics in irradiated aqueous N, N-diethylhydroxylamine solution

The organics in γ-ray irradiated aqueous N, N-diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) solution, which is used as a reducing agent in reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, were analyzed with gas chromatography eq...

WANG Jinhua, WAN Ying, WU Minghong, BAO Borong, SUN Xilian

2008, 19 (6): 343-346

Preparation and preliminary evaluation of [55Co](II)vancomycin

Co-55 (t1/2=17.53 h) was produced by 150 μA irradiation of a natural nickel target using 15 MeV protons. It was separated from the irradiated target material by two ion exchange chromatography steps ...


2008, 19 (6): 347-353

Particle identification using CsI(Tl) crystal with three different methods

Three pulse-shape-discrimination (PSD) methods are applied to study the particle identification (PID) by using CsI(Tl) crystal, especially for identifying light charged particles. The zero-cross time...

LAN Changlin, RUAN Xichao, LIU Gang

2008, 19 (6): 354-357

Method for converting in-situ gamma ray spectra of a portable Ge detector to an incident photon flux energy distribution based on Monte Carlo simulation

A matrix stripping method for the conversion of in-situ gamma ray spectrum, obtained with portable Ge detector, to photon flux energy distribution is proposed. The detector response is fully described...


2008, 19 (6): 358-364

Influence on electron energy loss spectroscopy of the niobium- substituted uranium atom: A density functional theory study

We present the electronic structure and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) for uranium, niobium and U3Nb in which uranium is substituted by niobium. Comparing the electronic structures and opti...

LU Chunhai, NI Shijun, CHEN Wenkai, ZHANG Chengjiang, WANG Yongli

2008, 19 (6): 365-369

Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis and strepavidin conjugation of amino-magnetic nanoparticles

MNPs are widely used in biotechnology, magnetic resonance imaging, catalysis and other areas. In this paper, we propose a simple, quick, inexpensive and efficient way to prepare amino-MNPs with sonic...

LIU Li, JIAO Qinghua, PENG Cheng, HE Shijiang, WANG Lihua

2008, 19 (6): 370-375

Characteristics of a reactor with power reactivity feedback

The point-reactor model with power reactivity feedback becomes a nonlinear system. Its dynamic characteristic shows great complexity. According to the mathematic definition of stability in differentia...

LI Fengyu, ZHANG Yusheng, LIU Ying, ZHANG Guangfu

2008, 19 (6): 376-379

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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