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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2018 Impact factor 0.961

Evaluation of external quality factor of the superconducting cavity using extrapolation method

The estimation of the external quality factor is important for designing coupling devices for the cavities. A new representation of the external quality factor calculations for single-cell cavity coup...

MA Zhenyu, MA Guangming, HOU Hongtao, YU Haibo

2009, 20 (2): 65-70

Development of the bunch-by-bunch beam current acquisition system at SSRF

In this paper, we report the development of a bunch-by-bunch beam current acquisition system. Through a waveform- reconstruction algorithm, the system realizes high equivalent sampling rate with a rel...

HUANG Siting, LENG Yongbin, YAN Yingbing

2009, 20 (2): 71-75

A modeling GUI for accelerator physics of the storage ring at SSRF

In this paper, we report a MATLAB-based GUI tool, bodgui, which integrates functions of lattice editor, linear match, and nonlinear optimization, and visualized tracking functions for beam optics desi...

CHEN Guangling, TIAN Shunqiang, LIU Guimin, JIANG Bocheng

2009, 20 (2): 76-81

Development of a soft X-ray microprobe for single cell radiobiology

An X-ray microprobe for radiobiological studies was developed which deliver precise doses of radiation to the selected individual cells. The facility used synchrotron radiation as soft X-ray source. A...

CHEN Liang, YAN Jingwen, JIANG Shiping, YU Yang

2009, 20 (2): 82-86

Potential role of DNA-dependent protein kinase in cellular resistance to ionizing radiation

In this paper, we study the ability of DNA-PK-deficient (M059J) and -proficient (M059K) cells to undergo the rate of cellular proliferation, cell cycle distribution and apoptosis after 10 Gy X-ray irr...

LI Ning, ZHANG Hong, WANG Yanling, WANG Xiaohu, HAO Jifang

2009, 20 (2): 87-92

EDXRF analysis of beach rock samples of Andaman Island

Elemental contents of beach rock samples were analyzed using EDXRF. The samples were collected from three locations of Andaman Island. The Al, Ca, K, Fe, Ti, Si, V, Co, Cu, Ba, Zn, Pb, Cd and Mn conte...

Ravisankar R, Eswaran P, Vijay Anand K, Rajalakshmi A, Prasad MVR

2009, 20 (2): 93-98

Uptake of U- and Th-series radionuclides by cereal crops in Upper Egypt

The main aim of this study is to determine the activity concentrations of uranium series and thorium series radionuclide in crops cultivated in Upper Egypt. Fifteen types of cereal crops were collecte...

SHABAN Harb, ROLF Michel

2009, 20 (2): 99-105

Biodistribution characteristics of 188Re-TSC after TAE in rabbits bearing VX2 liver tumor

188Re-tin sulfur colloid (TSC) was prepared to compare its biodistribution characteristics with 188Re-macroaggregates album (MAA) after transhepatic arterial embolization (TAE) in rabbits bearing VX2 ...

ZHANG Bin, WU Yiwei, JIN Yonghai, LIU Yizhi, LUO Xianwen, FAN Wo

2009, 20 (2): 106-110

Two-phase flow instability in a parallel multichannel system

The two-phase flow instabilities observed in through parallel multichannel can be classified into three types, of which only one is intrinsic to parallel multichannel systems. The intrinsic instabilit...

HOU Suxia

2009, 20 (2): 111-117

Mitigating check valve slamming and subsequentwater hammer events for PPFS using MOC

The method of characteristic (MOC) was adopted to analyze the check valve-induced water hammer behaviors for a Parallel Pumps Feedwater System (PPFS) during the alternate startup process. The motion o...

TIAN Wenxi, SU Guanghui, WANG Gaopeng, QIU Suizheng, XIAO Zejun

2009, 20 (2): 118-123

Preparing UO2 kernels by gelcasting

A process named gel-casting has been developed for the production of dense UO2 kernels for the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor. Compared with the sol-gel process, the green microspheres can be got...

GUO Wenli, LIANG Tongxiang, ZHAO Xingyu, HAO Shaochang, LI Chengliang

2009, 20 (2): 124-128