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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2018 Impact factor 0.961

Venturi tube application in high power test of the SRF module

In the superconducting RF module, the dissipation power of the niobium cavity is an important parameter. In the Superconducting radio frequency (SRF) module’s acceptance test at Shanghai Synchro...

MA Guangming, LIU Jianfei, HOU Hongtao, MA Zhenyu

2009, 20 (3): 129-132

Design of S-band re-entrant cavity BPM

An S-band cavity BPM is designed for a new injector for HLS (Hefei Light Source). It consists of two cavities that work on 2448 MHz: a re-entrant position cavity tuned to TM110 mode and a reference ca...

LUO Qing, SUN Baogen, HE Duohui

2009, 20 (3): 133-139

Using different analytical techniques to study beach rocks of Tamilnadu, India

Beach rocks samples were collected from South East Coast of Tamilnadu, India. The mineralogical composition was determined using FT-IR and XRD. The natural radioactive measurements to detect radioacti...


2009, 20 (3): 140-145

Effect of p53 on lung carcinoma cells irradiated by carbon ions or X-rays

The study is to investigate the feasibility and advantages of heavy ion beams on radiotherapy. The cellular cycle and apoptosis, cell reproductive death and p53 expression evaluated with flow cytometr...

XIE Yi, ZHANG Hong, HAO Jifang, ZHAO Weiping

2009, 20 (3): 146-151

A study on Fricke-PVA-xylenol orange hydrogel dosimeter for E-beam radiotherapy

A Fricke-PVA-xylenol orange (FPX) hydrogel dosimeter, in good transparency, was prepared by physical crosslinking for three-dimensional dose measurements. The process of mixing the chemical dosimeter ...

CAO Fangqi, YANG Liming, CHEN Jie, LIN Han, FAN Jinchen

2009, 20 (3): 152-156

Preparation, quality control and biodistribution of [61Cu]-doxorubicin for PET imaging

This work was conducted for radiolabeling of an anticancer antibiotic, i.e. doxorubicin with 61Cu for production of possible tracer used in PET oncology. 61Cu was prepared with natural zinc target and...


2009, 20 (3): 157-162

Radiosynthesis and biodistribution of [18F]-tetracosactide using a semi-automated [18F]SFB production module

In order to prepare a specific melanocortin type 2 receptor (MC2R) ligand, ?1-24-corticotrophin was prepared in one-step reaction with [18F] SFB and ?-1-24-corticotrophin pharmaceutical solution (1 mg...

AKHLAGHI Mehdi, AHI Leyla Pashaye, JALILIAN Amir Reza, GAROUSI Javad

2009, 20 (3): 163-169

SPECT imaging of cardiac reporter gene expression in living rabbits

This work is to demonstrate feasibility of imaging the expression of herpes simplex virus 1-thymidine kinase (HSV1-tk) reporter gene in rabbits myocardium by using the reporter probe 131I-2’-flu...

LIU Ying, LAN Xiaoli, ZHANG Liang, WU Tao

2009, 20 (3): 170-176

An online monitor ionization chamber used in particle therapy

The clinical trials of tumor therapy using heavy ions beam 12C are now in progress at Institute of Modern Physics in Lanzhou. In order to achieve the precise radiotherapy with the high energy 12C beam...

TANG Bin, HU Zhengguo, MAO Ruishi, XU Zhiguo, WANG Jiansong, YUE Ke

2009, 20 (3): 177-180

A mathematical method to calculate efficiency of BF3 detectors

In order to calculate absolute efficiency of the BF3 detector, MCNP/4C code is applied to calculate relative efficiency of the BF3 detector first, and then absolute efficiency is figured out through m...

SI Fenni, HU Qingyuan, PENG Taiping

2009, 20 (3): 181-183

Effects of cooling channel blockage on fuel plate temperature in Tehran Research Reactor

In this study, the variation of the temperature distribution of the fuel plate in Tehran Research Reactor core was studied in case of coolant channels blockage. While the experimental method is not po...


2009, 20 (3): 184-187

Disposal of high level nuclear wastes: Thermodynamic equilibrium and environment ethics

Contamination of soil, water or air, due to a failure of containment or disposal of high level nuclear wastes, can potentially cause serious hazards to the environment or human health. Essential eleme...

RANA Mukhtar Ahmed

2009, 20 (3): 188-192