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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

RF front-end for digital beam position monitor signal processor

RF circuit board has a significant impact on performance of the Digital Beam Position Monitor (DBPM) in storage ring of a synchrotron radiation facility.In this paper,a front-end RF board is designed ...

YI Xing, LENG Yongbin, LAI Longwei, ZHANG Ning, YANG Guisen

2011, 22 (2): 65-69

Design of the reflection magnet and its shielding effect analysis for the neutral beam injector of EAST

In this paper,a reflection magnet to be installed in the EAST neutral beam injection system is simulated and designed.The field intensity of reflection magnet of 42-cm maximum bending radius is about ...

LIANG Lizhen, HU Chundong, XIE Yuanlai, WEI Jianglong, XIE Yahong, LI Jun

2011, 22 (2): 70-76

Pigment analysis of a color-leaf mutant in Wandering Jew (Tradescantia fluminensis) irradiated by carbon ions

Many mutants of plant induced by heavy ion beam irradiation have been reported in recent years,but leaf anthocyan mutants induced by ion irradiation in evergreen were rarely found.In this study,a colo...

HE Jinyu, LU Dong, YU Lixia, LI Wenjian

2011, 22 (2): 77-83

A CaS:Ce,Sm-based dosimeter for online dosimetry measurement

A film dosimeter based on optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) material of CaS:Ce,Sm was developed for online irradiation dosimetry measurement.The stimulation is provided by a laser with a wavelen...

SUN Yurun, CHEN Zhaoyang, FAN Yanwei, YAN Shiyou, HE Chengfa

2011, 22 (2): 84-88

Scanning transmission proton microscopy tomography of reconstruction cells from simulated data

For scanning transmission proton microscopy tomography,to compare cell images of the proton stopping power and relative electron density,two cell phantoms are designed and simulated by code FLUKA.The ...

ZHANG Conghua, LI Min, HOU Qing

2011, 22 (2): 89-94

Radiolytic organics in γ-ray irradiated aqueous solution of N,N-diethylhydroxylamine

N,N-diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) is a novel salt-free reducing agent used in separating Pu and Np from U in the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel.In this paper,we report the study on γ-radiolysi...

WANG Jinhua1,ZHANG Jie1 WU Minghong, XU Gang, BAO Borong, SUN Xilian, ZHENG Weifang, HE Hui, ZHANG Shengdong

2011, 22 (2): 95-98

Nanographene oxide labeling with (188)Re

Nanographene oxide (NGO) is currently being explored for various biomedical applications.However,little information is known about its biological behaviors in vitro and in vivo.For further studying it...

ZHANG Xiaoyong, LI Jing, ZHU Ying, QI Yujin, ZHU Zhiyong, LI Wenxin,HUANG Qing,

2011, 22 (2): 99-104

[(99m)Tc(CO)_3]+ labeled histidine derivative containing 4-nitroimidazole:Synthesis,biodistribution as a tumor hypoxia imaging agent

A novel histidine derivative containing 4-nitroimidazole,(S)-2-(4-((4-nitro-1H-imidazol-1-yl) methyl) benzamido)-3-(1H-imidazol-4-yl)propanoic acid (His-NI),was synthesized and labeled with [99mTc(CO)...

MEI Lei, CHU Taiwei

2011, 22 (2): 105-110

Image quality of cone beam CT on respiratory motion

In this study,the influence of respiratory motion on Cone Beam CT (CBCT) image quality was investigated by a motion simulating platform,an image quality phantom,and a kV X-ray CBCT.A total of 21 motio...

ZHANG Ke, LI Minghui, DAI Jianrong,WANG Shi

2011, 22 (2): 111-117

Magnetic alloy cores for the HIRFL-CSRm compressor cavity

Four types of magnetic alloy cores,labeled as V1,V2,A1 and A2,were produced by Liyuan Corp.Ltd.,for the radio frequency compression cavity of HIRFL-CSRm.In this work,their permeability,quality factor ...

MEI Lirong, XU Zhe, YUAN Youjin, JIN Peng, BIAN Zhibin, ZHAO Hongwei

2011, 22 (2): 118-121

Pool boiling heat transfer enhancement on porous surface tube

The passive residual heat removal exchanger (PRHR HX),which is a key equipment of the passive residual heat removal system,is installed in an elevated pool.Its heat transfer performance affects securi...

LI Yong, YAN Changqi, SUN Zhongning, SUN Licheng

2011, 22 (2): 122-128

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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