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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

An embedded single-board computer for BPM of SSRF

An embedded single-board computer (SBC) system based on AT91RM9200 was designed for monitoring and controlling the digital beam position monitor system of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF...

CHEN Kai, LIU Shubin, YAN Han, WU Weihao, ZHAO Lei, AN Qi, LENG Yongbin, YI Xing, YAN Yingbing, LAI Longwei

2011, 22 (4): 193-199

Major parameter measurement of high-brightness injector in Hefei Light Source

A photocathode radio frequency gun,which is an S-band normal conducting 1.6 copper cell cavity with water cooling system,was installed in Hefei Light Source.In order to know its characteristics and ge...

WANG Xiaohui, HE Zhigang, SUN Baogen, JIA Qika

2011, 22 (4): 200-204

Multi-technique characterizations of main elements in the vehicle exhaust particles collected in a tunnel in Shnaghai

In this study,vehicle exhaust particles were collected three locations (the middle,entrance and outside) of the Dapu Road tunnel in downtown Shanghai,and the particle samples were characterized using ...

JIN Chan, FAN Xiaoyan, LI Yan, LIANG Feng, LI Yulan, ZOU Yang, YANG Yongji, XIE Yaning

2011, 22 (4): 205-211

Therapeutic safety evaluation of sodium glycididazole combined with 131I radiotherapy for differentiated thyroid carcinoma

To evaluate safety and therapeutic efficacy of sodium glycididazole (CMNa) combined with 131I radiotherapy for differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC),the 60 patients of DTC therapeutic protocols were ...

SUN Wenwei, GU Xinquan, GAO Shi, BAI Lin, CUI Qu, MA Qingjie, Wang Qing, Zhao Guoqing

2011, 22 (4): 212-216

Directly radiolabeled phage with spleen-targeting specificity

Phage display technique is a powerful approach for discovering new tumor-and organ-targeting ligands,and radiolabeled phage has a potential to analyze the phage-binding sensitivity and specific imagin...

SUN Liyan, LIANG Kun, WANG Xiangyun, CHU Taiwei

2011, 22 (4): 217-223

Influence factors of two dimensional position map on photomultiplier detector block designed by quadrant sharing technique

The position decoding accuracy and the spatial resolution of positron emission tomography detectors are greatly influenced by the performance of the two-dimensional position map,including the gain uni...

WEI Qingyang, WANG Shi, Ma Tianyu, MA Fei, DAI Tiantian, XU Tianpeng, WU Zhaoxia, JIN Yongjie, LIU Yaqiang

2011, 22 (4): 224-229

Cable attenuation study of Tibet water Cherenkov muon detector array-A

This work aims at online calibration of signal attenuation of the long cable used in Tibet water Cherenkov muon detector array-A (Tibet MD-A) under the Tibet air shower array.Based on a waterproof con...

GOU Quanbu, GUO Yiqing, LIU Cheng, QIAN Xiangli, HOU Zhengtao

2011, 22 (4): 230-234

Shear viscosity to entropy density ratio in BUU transport model

Shear viscosity (η) is a basic transport coefficient of the medium.In this work,we calculate shear viscosity to entropy density ratio (η/S) of an equilibrated system in intermediate energy hea...

LI Shaoxin, FANG Deqing, MA Yugang, ZHOU Chenglong

2011, 22 (4): 235-239

Hydrophobic ionic liquids/water interfacial phase transfer induced by direct current electric field

To investigate the affect of direct current electric field (DCEF) on the interfacial phase,in this paper,a hydrophobic ionic liquid (HIL)/water as liquid-liquid two-phase binary system is established ...

NIU Dongxiao, CHEN Jiajia, WANG Wei, YANG Xinju, HU Jun

2011, 22 (4): 240-244

Influencing factors on local reduction of graphene oxide with a heated AFM tip

In this paper,the factors influencing the local thermal reduction of graphene oxide (GO) sheets are investigated.The lateral force microscopy and scanning polarization force microscopy verify that the...

WU Zhongliang, SHEN Yue, ZHOU Xingfei, GUO Shouwu, ZHANG Yi

2011, 22 (4): 245-250

Stable isotopes applied as water tracers for infiltration experiment

The δD and δ18O vertical profiles of soil water were measured prior to and after a rainfall event.Mechanisms of soil water movement were deciphered by comparing the soil water isotope prof...

LIU Xiaoyan, CHEN Jiansheng, SUN Xiaoxu, SU Zhiguo

2011, 22 (4): 251-256

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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