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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

Optimization analysis using orthogonal array designs for magnet girder assembly of SSRF

An optimization analysis for finite element (FE) results by variance analysis method (VAM) of orthogonal array designs (OADs) was performed to improve the dynamic performance of the prototype magnet g...

WANG Xiao, YAN Zhongbao, DU Hanwen

2012, 23 (1): 1-6

Synchrotrons radiation stability measurement and improvement

In the 3rd generation synchrotron light source,beside the orbit,air disturbance and ground vibration also could affect the position stability of photon beam in synchrotrons radiation measurement.In th...

Tang Siwei, Yin Chongxian, Liu Dekang

2012, 23 (1): 7-9

In-line X-ray phase-contrast imaging of murine liver microvasculature ex vivo

Imaging blood vessels is of importance for determining the vascular distribution of organs and tumors.Phase-contrast X-ray imaging can reveal the vessels in much more detail than conventional X-ray ab...

LI Beilei, XU Min, WU Weizhong, PENG Guanyun, ZHANG Xi, PENG Yifeng, SHI Hongcheng, CHEN Shaoliang

2012, 23 (1): 10-14

Analysis of output voltage on a planar insulating core transformer

Output voltage is an important performance characteristic of planar insulating core transformer (PICT).In PICT magnetic cores are insulated from their neighboring magnetic cores by solid insulating ma...

KANG Cheng, LIU Yonghao, LI Deming

2012, 23 (1): 15-18

Determination of 210Pb and 212Pb in water and their radiological impact to the public via drinking water

A sensitive and accurate method for determining ultra low-level 210Pb and 212Pb in water samples through double measurements was developed.Pb was pre-concentrated as hydroxides,separated from alkaline...

JIA Guogang, TORRI Giancarlo

2012, 23 (1): 19-28

Treatment of municipal sewage sludge by electron beam irradiation

Irradiation treatment of sewage sludge was carried out using an electron beam accelerator.The effects of irradiation dose,sludge water content and sludge thickness on the breakdown of sludge flocs,thu...

CAO Changqing, WANG Min

2012, 23 (1): 29-33

Screening tumor-targeting bacteriophage particles by pre-clearing phage display

Phage display technique provides a powerful approach for the discovery of new tumor-specific peptides.However,the peptides isolated through this technique usually did not possess high tumor-specific p...

LIANG Kun, LI Yao, CHU Taiwei

2012, 23 (1): 34-39

Semi-automated synthesis,validation and microPET imaging of 18F-FP-DTBZ as a vesicular monoamine transporter ligand

This work was to develop a semi-automated synthesis of 18F-9-fluoropropyl-9-desmethyl-DTBZ (18F-FP-DTBZ) and validate its potential as a vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) ligand.18F-FP-DTBZ wa...

CHEN Zhengping, LIU Chunyi,LI xiaomin, TANG Jie,TAN Cheng, HUANG Hongbo, YU Huixin, LUO Shineng

2012, 23 (1): 40-46

Radiolabeling and evaluation of 188Re-RGD as an agent for α_vβ_3 receptor expression

Integrin αvβ3,a cell adhesion molecule,plays a key role in angiogenesis and tumor cell metastasis and is therefore an important target for new therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.Since RG...

MA Yufei, YU Junfeng, WANG Cheng, SHEN Hua, WU Hua

2012, 23 (1): 47-51

Study of chemical kinetics on labeling of 99mTc-N-ethyl-N_2S_2-Memantine

In this work,a calculation method of chemical kinetics was established for labeling reaction of 99mTc-N-ethyl-N2S2-memantine,a potential NMDA receptor imaging agent prepared in our laboratory.Four gro...

CAO Guoxian, ZHOU Xingqin, LIU Yingtao, KONG Yanyan, ZHANG Jiankang

2012, 23 (1): 52-56

Bonding effect on channeling of C ions in a carbon nanotube

The channeling phenomenon of carbon ions in single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) is investigated by using the molecular dynamics simulation with analytical potentials.The relationship between the cha...

LI Yong, ZHANG Wei, XU Zijian, ZHENG Liping, ZHU Zhiyuan, HUAI Ping

2012, 23 (1): 57-60

Origin of the finite nuclear spin and its effect in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions

The heavy-ion phase-space exploration (HIPSE) model is used to discuss the origin of the nuclear spin in intermediate energy heavy-ion collision (HIC).The spin of maximal projectile-like fragment is f...

ZHANG Guoqiang CAO Xiguang FU Yao MA Yugang CAI Xiangzou WANG Hongwei FANG Deqing CHEN Jingen GUO Wei Tian Wendong LIU Guihua

2012, 23 (1): 61-64

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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