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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2018 Impact factor 0.961

Improvement on a Michelson interferometer for bunch length measurement of a femtosecond accelerator

Based on the femtosecond accelerator facility at Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP), a conventional far-infrared Michelson interferometer was built to measure the bunch length by means of o...

LIN Xuling, ZHANG Jianbing, BEI Hua, DAI Zhimin

2009, 20 (1): 1-4

Spontaneous radiation from relativistic electrons in a tapered Apple-II undulator

This paper presents most properties of radiation from a tapered Apple-II undulator. The study demonstrates that tapering an Apple-II undulator can broaden the harmonic bandwidth and the performance of...

CHEN Mingzhi, HE Jianhua

2009, 20 (1): 5-10

Animal biodistribution, safety and validation study of dopamine transporter PET imaging agent 18F-FECNT

This work was to investigate the pharmacologic characteristics of 18F-FECNT (2β-carbomethoxy-3β- (4-chlorophenyl)-8-(2-[18F]fluoroethyl)nortropane) as a dopamine transporter (DAT) PET imagin...

WANG Songpei, CHEN Zhengping, LI Xiaomin, TANG Jie, LIU Chunyi, ZOU Meifen

2009, 20 (1): 11-16

Comparison of diagnostic accuracy between 18F-FDG PET and PET/CT for pulmonary neoplasm

Aimed at comparing diagnostic accuracy of 18F-FDG PET with PET/CT for pulmonary neoplasm, a study based on multi-center clinical trial of the diagnoses, in randomized and semi-blind ways, was executed...

CHEN Yangchun, CHEN Ping, TIAN Jiahe, CAI Xin

2009, 20 (1): 17-21

Targetry of MoO3 on a copper substrate for the no-carrier-added 94mTc production via 94Mo(p,n)94mTc reaction

94mTc was produced via natMo(p, xn)94mTc reaction. Deposition of MoO3 on Cu substrate was carried out via two special sedimentation methods for the production of 94mTc. The 533 mg of MoO3, 600 μL o...


2009, 20 (1): 22-26

Biological reduction and intracellular trapping differences of 188Re(VII) and 99Tcm(VII) in Escherichia coli

99Tcm is the most commonly used diagnostic radioisotope. And 188Re is an excellent therapeutic radioisotope with a gamma photon for imaging. Both locate in the same group and have very similar propert...

XU Fenghua, YIN Duanzhi, ZHENG Mingqiang, WANG Yongxian

2009, 20 (1): 27-30

The role of high-energy computed radiography (CR) in radiotherapy

Computed radiography (CR) imaging has high irradiation tolerance and it is easy to archive CR images along with other image information by Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format...

LI Zhaobin, SUN Yi, LU Yaohong, FU Shen

2009, 20 (1): 31-36

Monte-Carlo simulation of pinhole collimator of a small field of view gamma camera for small animal imaging

Needs in scintimammography applications, especially for small animal cardiac imaging, lead to develop a small field of view, high spatial resolution gamma camera with a pinhole collimator. However the...

ZHU Jie, MA Wenyan, ZHU Yufeng, MA Hongguang, WU Yuelei, HU Huasi

2009, 20 (1): 37-41

Energy and angular distribution of recoil proton of fast neutron in scintillation fiber: a simulation study

Due to their low cost, big reaction cross-section with neutrons, flexibility, and convenience for long distance data transfer, plastic scintillation fibers (PSF) have been increasingly used as detecto...

MA Qingli, TANG Shibiao, ZOU Jiwei

2009, 20 (1): 42-45

Simulation of the anode structure for capacitive Frisch grid CdZnTe detectors

CdZnTe (CZT) capacitive Frisch grid detectors can achieve a higher detecting resolution. The anode structure might have an important role in improving the weighting potential distribution of the detec...

MIN Jiahua, SHI Zhubin, QIAN Yongbiao, SANG Wenbin, ZHAO Hengyu

2009, 20 (1): 46-50

A multi-parameter data acquisition system for the collision research platform at Shanghai EBIT

In this work we describe a multi-parameter data acquisition system (DAQ) which has been developed for the Shanghai EBIT. This system is operated at the collision research platform which includes a rec...

WANG Xincheng, WEI Baoren, YANG Yang, SHEN Yang, XIAO Jun

2009, 20 (1): 51-55

Dynamics of nuclear spin-1/2 system in a strong bichromatic RF-field

Based on calculating the influence of RF-field with various physical parameters on the dynamics of the spin 1/2 system, it was found that the spin state could be changed up and down by choosing approp...

LU Hongliang, SHI Chunhua, QIU Xijun

2009, 20 (1): 56-59

Multi-group pin power reconstruction method based on colorset form functions

A multi-group pin power reconstruction method that fully exploits nodal information obtained from global coarse mesh solution has been developed. It expands the intra-nodal flux distributions into non...


2009, 20 (1): 60-64