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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

Modified model for harmonic generation free electron laser

The longitudinal modulation to the electron beam by a coherent seed laser pulse is widely used for generating fully coherent, short wavelength radiation in various harmonic generation free electron la...

DENG Haixiao, DAI Zhimin

2010, 21 (1): 1-6

Clock distribution and local oscillator of a digital low-level radio-frequency board for SSRF

In the storage ring RF system of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, the clock distribution and the local oscillator are two parts of the digital low level radio frequency hardware board. In this...

FU Zechuan, ZHAO Yubin, LIU Jianfei, ZHAO Zhentang

2010, 21 (1): 7-10

MC simulation of thermal neutron flux of large samples irradiated by 14 MeV neutrons

The response of a 14 MeV neutron-based prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) system, i.e. the prompt gamma-rays count rate and the average thermal neutron flux, is studied with a large conc...


2010, 21 (1): 11-15

Monte carlo study on 6 MV photon beams of a CyberKnife® stereotactic radiosurgery system

In this paper, the beam quality and percent depth dose curves for different field sizes of CyberKnife® system were investigated by Monte Carlo simulations using the PENELOPE code, which has been u...

DONG Xiaoqing, LUO Wenyun, YUE Kun, WANG Chuanshan, ZHOU Shiqing, PAN Fuxing, WANG Enmin, WANG Chaozhuang

2010, 21 (1): 16-19

Image quality of the proton imaging from computer-simulated data

In this paper, the proton image quality of three designed phantoms is studied by the Monte Carlo simulation tool FLUKA, and is compared with that of the photon, and electron imaging. The passages of p...

ZHANG Conghua, HOU Qing, GOU Chengjun, WU Zhangwen

2010, 21 (1): 20-23

Complement of 99mTc-octreotide scintimammography to mammography in evaluating breast cancers

In this paper, the 99mTc-octreotide scintimammography as a useful complementary technique of mammography was evaluated in diagnosing breast cancers. The 45 breast lesions were consecutively detected b...

SU Xinhui1 HE Xiaojiang, WU Hua, PAN Weiming, HUANG Jingxiong, YU Hao, CHEN Guibing, WANG Wei

2010, 21 (1): 24-28

Static stress analysis of coupling superconducting solenoid coil assembly for muon ionization cooling experiment

The stresses in the coupling superconducting solenoid coil assembly, which is applied in the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE), are critical for the structure design and mechanical stability b...

PAN Heng, WANG Li, WU Hong, GUO Xinglong, XU Fengyu

2010, 21 (1): 29-34

A pulse shape discrimination of CsI(Tl) crystal with 6He beam

The performance test of a CsI(Tl) crystal (70×27×23 mm3) was performed by applying the pulse shape discrimination technique for identification of light charged particles . The crystal is c...

FAISAL Jamil-Qureshi LOU Jianling LI Zhihuan* YE Yanlin, HUA Hui, SONG Yushou, LV Linhui, CAO Zhongxin, XIAO Jun, LI Qite, CHEN Ruijiu

2010, 21 (1): 35-38

A non-equilibrium molecular dynamics study of the thermal conductivity of uranium dioxide

The thermal conductivity of uranium dioxide in the temperature range of 300–2400 K was estimated by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics calculation using Fourier law. The Kawamura function was ad...

WANG Zenghui, HUANG Xiaofeng

2010, 21 (1): 39-43

Design and test results of a low-noise readout integrated circuit for high-energy particle detectors

A low-noise readout integrated circuit for high-energy particle detector is presented. The noise of charge sensitive amplifier was suppressed by using single-side amplifier and resistors as source deg...

ZHANG Mingming, CHEN Zhongjian, ZHANG Yacong, LU Wengao, JI Lijiu

2010, 21 (1): 44-48

LUT-based non-linearity compensation for BES III TOF’s time measurement

The impact of the integral non-linearity (INL) to the time resolution of HPTDC (High Performance Time to Digital Converter) is presented in this paper. An INL correction method based on look-up table ...

LIU Shubin, FENG Changqing, YAN Han, AN Qi

2010, 21 (1): 49-53

Instability of OTSG in movable NPP by using multivariable frequency domain method

The instability occurring in OTSG (Once-Through Steam Generator) of movable nuclear power plants is presented by a multivariable frequency domain theory. As concerning coupling interactions of OTSG tu...

HOU Suxia,TAI Yun, ZHAO Fuyu, WEI Xinyu

2010, 21 (1): 54-59

Preparation and characterization of FPGX hydrogel dosimeters

A three dimensional Fricke-(PVA-glutaraldehyde)-xylenol orange (FPGX) hydrogel dosimeter was prepared by chemical crosslinking method. Dose determination was performed by measuring the absorbance chan...

Xiao Ruijia, Yang Liming, Chen Jie, Qian Qiang, Rong Liang, Cao Fangqi, Luo Wenyun, Dong Xiaoqing, Zha Yuanzi, Wu Guohua

2010, 21 (1): 60-62

An neutron generator-based NIPGA system for on-site analysis

Utilizing NIPGA, an experimental device for cement raw material analysis has been developed, with a 2.5 MeV D-D neutron generator, BGO detector and 2048 MCA. A linear regression was developed for calc...

JIA Fuquan, GU Deshan, CHENG Daowen, LIU Linmao, ZHU Qibo, WANG Jishan

2010, 21 (1): 63-64

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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