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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

Filling patterns in the SSRF storage ring

There are various filling patterns in a storage ring for the users’ requirements and consideration of the machine performances, such as beam lifetime, instability and chamber heating. These effe...

LIANG Yongnan, JIANG Bocheng, ZHAO Zhentang

2010, 21 (3): 129-133

Low-alpha optics design for SSRF

In this paper,short pulse radiation in Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility(SSRF)is generated by the low momentum compaction factor(α_C)optics,and three kinds of the low-α_C optics are ...

WANG Xin, TIAN Shunqiang, LIU Guimin

2010, 21 (3): 134-140

254/185 nm photolysis of p-nitrophenol

Degradation of low-concentration p-nitrophenol (p-NP) aqueous solution was carried out in 254/185 nm photolysis. The effects of Mn2+, pH value, O2 and O3 on the degradation efficiency have been invest...

ZHAO Sufang, MA Hongjuan, WANG Min, CAO Changqing, XIONG Jie, XU Yunshu, YAO Side

2010, 21 (3): 141-145

Cu2O nanoparticles: Radiation synthesis, and photocatalytic activity

Cu2O nanocrystals were synthesized by irradiating an aqueous solution of CuSO4·5H2O (1.25g), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA, 0.8 g), and isopropanol (3.1 mL). The products were characterized by powder ...

LIN Xiangfeng, ZHOU Ruimin, SHENG Xiaohai, ZHANG Jianqiang

2010, 21 (3): 146-151

Ionizing radiation effect on 10-bit bipolar A/D converter

In this article, radiation effects and annealing characteristics of a bipolar analog-to-digital converter (ADC) are investigated in different biases and dose rates. The results show that ADC is sensit...

CHEN Rui, LU Wu, REN Diyuan, ZHENG Yuzhan, WANG Yiyuan

2010, 21 (3): 152-156

Design and simulation of time-of-flight neutron reflectometer

In this paper, a time of flight neutron reflectometer model is proposed. According to the original objective inputting physical parameters and expectations, computer simulation was done by McStas pack...

LI Xinxi, WANG Yan, HUANG Chaoqiang, CHEN Bo

2010, 21 (3): 157-160

Preparation of uranium targets by electro-deposition method

In this paper, uranium targets are prepared by electro-deposition. Hydrated uranium dioxide films are electrodeposited into stainless steel plates using uranyl nitrate in ammonium oxalate solution. Th...

HE Jiaheng, CHEN Qiping, ZHONG Wenbin, LI Xingliang

2010, 21 (3): 161-164

Development of 153Sm-bleomycin as a possible therapeutic complex

Due to interesting therapeutic properties of 153Sm and antineoplastic antibiotic, bleomycin (BLM), 153Sm-bleomycin (153Sm-BLM) was developed as a possible therapeutic compound using 153SmCl3 and BLM. ...


2010, 21 (3): 165-170

Radio-ligand receptor binding assay in vitro and animal biodistribution in vivo of 99Tcm-N-ethyl-N2S2-memantine as a potential NMDA receptor imaging agent

The pharmacologic characteristics of 99Tcm-N-ethyl-N2S2-memantine, an NMDA receptor imaging agent, was investigated. It was prepared by a one-step reaction from N-ethyl-N2S2-memantine. The affinity an...

LIU Yingtao, ZHOU Xingqin, CAO Guoxian, ZHANG Jiankang

2010, 21 (3): 171-176

A novel algorithm for transmission image reconstruction of tomographic gamma scaners

It is difficult to develop image reconstruction algorithms for tomographic gamma scanning based on drummed radioactive residues or wastes. In this paper, a novel reconstruction algorithm of transmissi...

ZHANG Quanhu, HUI Weihua, WANG Dong, HE Bin

2010, 21 (3): 177-181

A practical soil radon (222Rn) measurement method

Soil radon measurement of high stability and sensitivity is widely applied, and in some applications, such as in uranium prospecting, 222Rn should be distinguished from 220Rn. To meet this requirement...

DING Weicheng,WANG Yi, LI Yuanjing,FANG Fang, YANG Liu

2010, 21 (3): 182-186

Data monitoring system of technical diagnosis system for EAST

Technical diagnosis system (TDS) is an important subsystem to monitor status parameters of EAST (experimental advanced superconducting tokamak). The upgraded TDS data monitoring system is comprised of...

QIAN Jing, WENG Peide, LUO Jiarong, CHEN Zhuomin, WU Yu, XI Weibin

2010, 21 (3): 187-192

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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