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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

Monitoring the charge bunch-by-bunch for the SSRF storage ring: Development and application

Bunch charge uniformity controlling is very important for top-up operation of the storage ring. In order to monitor filling pattern and measure the bunch charge precisely, a PXI waveform digitizer-bas...

LENG Yongbin, YAN Yingbin, YU Luyang, YUAN Renxian, CHEN Zhichu, ZHOU Weimin

2010, 21 (4): 193-196

Characterization and source identification of fine particulate matter in the atmosphere of downtown Shanghai using ?-SXRF and ICP-MS

To investigate the characteristic and sources of the fine particulate matter (PM2.5), and the major sources affecting particulate air pollution in Shanghai, China, the individual aerosol particles wer...

Akram Waheed1,* ZHU Yan, TAN Mingguang, BAO Liangman, ZHANG Guilin, LI Yan, Atsuo Iida, LI Xiaolin

2010, 21 (4): 197-203

An improved segmented gamma scanning for radioactive waste drums

In this paper, the equivalent radius of radioactive sources in each segment is determined by analyzing the different responses of the two identical detectors, and an improved segmented gamma scanning ...

LIU Cheng, WANG Dezhong, BAI Yunfei, QIAN Nan

2010, 21 (4): 204-208

Differentiation of illicit drugs with THz time-domain spectroscopy

The terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) was used for sensing and identifying illicit drugs. The absorption spectra of seven illicit drug samples (morphine and its hydrochloride, cocaine hydro...

LIU Guifeng, MA Shihua, JI Te, ZHAO Hongwei, WANG Wenfeng

2010, 21 (4): 209-213

Gaussian fitting in gamma-ray spectral decomposition

In order to extract the information of 662-keV 137Cs spectra from the overlapping peaks with 583-keV 208Tl, 609-keV 214Bi, the overlapping peaks are measured by in-situ γ-ray spectrometer using ...

FU Chen, WANG Nanping

2010, 21 (4): 214-217

Measurement of natural radionuclides in bricks and brick-making clays from Cuddalore district, Tamilnadu, India

In India, bricks as building materials are mainly prepared by clay using the deposited sediments of rivers, and the radionuclide contents in bricks and brick-making clays should vary with origin and g...

G. Viruthagiri, R. Ravisankar, B. Rajamannan, K. Thillaivelavan, A. Chandrasekaran, V. Meenkshisundram

2010, 21 (4): 218-220

MC simulation of a PGNAA system for on-line cement analysis

A prompt gamma neutron activation analysis system with a 252Cf neutron source for on-line cement analysis has been simulated with the MCNP code. The results indicate that the optimum arrangement is a ...

YANG Jianbo, TUO Xianguo, LI Zhe, MU Keliang, CHENG Yi, MOU Yunfeng

2010, 21 (4): 221-226

A proteomics analysis for certain signature proteins of rabbit lacrimal passages after 125I seeds brachytherapy

To search for certain signature proteins and the expression profiles in lacrimal passage stenosis, rabbit models of lacrimal passage stenosis were treated by 125I seed brachytherapy. All the signature...

LI Dandan, LIU Lin, GAO Shi, JIN Longyun, QI Liangchen, MA Qingjie

2010, 21 (4): 227-232

Gaseous products of aqueous N, N-dimethyl hydroxylamine degraded by radiation

In this work, the 0.1–0.5 mol·L–1 N, N-dimethylhydroxylamine (DMHA) were irradiated to 5–25 kGy, and gaseous products of mainly hydrogen, methane, ethane and n-butane were mea...

WANG Jinhua, LI Chun, WU Minghong, XU Gang, BAO Borong, ZHENG Weifang, HE Hui, ZHANG Shengdong

2010, 21 (4): 233-236

The stripper design and test at HIRFL-CSR

Charge stripping is employed to produce multi-charged ions for injecting the cooling storage ring. After penetrating through the carbon foil, the widened distribution of ion charge states poses a limi...

ZHANG Hongbin, XIAO Guoqing, YUAN Youjin, XU Hushan, LI Zhankui, LU Ziwei, MAO Ruishi, ZHAO Tiecheng

2010, 21 (4): 237-240

Simulation of heat transfer of supercritical water in obstacle-bearing vertical tube

The heat transfer coefficient is very low at bulk temperatures higher than the pseudo-critical point, because the supercritical pressure leads to a vapor-like fluid. In this paper, the heat transfer d...

ZHANG Bo, SHAN Jianqiang, JIANG Jing

2010, 21 (4): 241-245

Flow pattern identification based on a single-wire capacitance probe

To identify flow patterns in horizontal gas-liquid flows, a single-wire capacitance probe was used for voltage output for the first time. Regardless of the measurement accuracy of water layer height, ...

HUANG Shanfang, ZHANG Bingdong, LU Jun, WANG Dong, YANG Yanhua

2010, 21 (4): 246-250

Analysis of severe core damage accident progression for the heavy water reactor

In this study, the severe accident progression analysis of generic Canadian deuterium uranium reactor 6 was preliminarily provided using an integrated severe accident analysis code. The selected accid...

TONG Lili, YUAN Kai, YUAN Jingtian, CAO Xuewu

2010, 21 (4): 251-256

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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