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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

Correction of integrated multipoles of five IDs in SSRF

Five of the seven Phase I beamlines of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) are based on insertion devices (IDs), which include two wigglers, one elliptically polarized undulator (EPU), and ...

LU Jie, ZHOU Qiaogen, WANG Hongfei, ZHANG Wei

2010, 21 (5): 257-260

Study of automobile exhaust particles by spectromicroscopy

In this paper, automobile exhaust particles of Gol and Santana 3000 were studied by spectromicroscopy. The STXM results show that the single particulate is sized at 500 nm, with the mass distribution ...

YANG Chuanjun, GUO Zhi, ZHANG Xiangzhi, WANG Yong, XU Zhijian, ZHANG Lijuan

2010, 21 (5): 261-265

Beam dynamics design of an SP-FEL compact THz source

In recent years, people are looking for a new compact THz source with high emission power, one potential choice is to build small accelerator with Smith-Purcell radiation. The main difficulty is how t...

DAI Dongdong, DAI Zhimin

2010, 21 (5): 266-270

The interaction of defects in titanium: A molecular dynamics study

Behaviors and properties of helium in titanium were explored by molecular dynamics (MD) simulation in this study. The influence of He number, vacancy number and He density (ratio of helium to vacancy)...

CHEN Min, HOU Qing

2010, 21 (5): 271-274

GATE simulation based feasibility studies of in-beam PET monitoring in 12C beam cancer therapy

In comparison with conventional radiotherapy techniques, 12C beam therapy has its significant advantage in cancer treatment because the radiation dose are mostly concentrated near the Bragg peak regio...

WU Jing, LIU Yaqiang, MA Tianyu, WEI Qingyang, WANG Shi, CHENG Jianping

2010, 21 (5): 275-280

The background calculation of the filter-fluorescer method

For the measurement of X-ray energy spectrum with filter-fluorescer method, the high energy tail at the rearward of response function is the main source of background. There are, traditionally, two te...

WANG Dong, YANG Gaozhao, TANG Dengpan

2010, 21 (5): 281-284

Developing anti-metallic contamination polyester membranes with nuclear pore technique

Surface contamination by conducting materials, metals in particular, is one of the important causes for electric breakdown of insulators under high voltage. In order to explore the feasibility of nucl...

LIU Cunxiong, NI Bangfa, TIAN Weizhi, XIAO Caijing

2010, 21 (5): 285-288

CrN films deposited by ion source-assisted magnetron sputtering

CrN coatings were deposited on Si(100) and piston rings by ion source assisted 40 kHz magnetron sputtering. Structure and composition of the coatings were characterized by X-ray diffraction, atomic fo...

LIU Chuansheng, TIAN Canxin, LI Ming, HE Jun, YANG HuiJuan,YANG Bing, WANG Hong Jun, FU Dejun

2010, 21 (5): 289-293

Regulation of the radiosensitivity of tumor cells through HIF-1α dependent intracellular redox status after fractionated radiation

Tumor cells often develop resistance to radiotherapy by fractionated radiation possibly due to the heterogeneity and hypoxia in tumor tissue. However, the mechanism of refractory effect remains unclea...

JIN Wensen, KONG Zhaolu, SHEN Zhifen, JIN Yizun, ZHANG Wukui

2010, 21 (5): 294-301

Tumor angiogenesis imaging agent: biodistribution of 131I-YG5 and 131I-Boc-YG5

The cyclic peptide YG5 and the t-butyloxycarbonyl (Boc)-modified analog (Boc-YG5) were labeled with radioiodine. The radiochemical purity of 131I-YG5 or 131I-Boc-YG5 was almost 100% after purification...

SUN Xin, CHU Taiwei, WANG Xiangyun

2010, 21 (5): 302-305

Dual time point FDG PET imaging in evaluating pulmonary nodules with low FDG avidity

A standardized uptake value(SUV) of 2.5 is frequently used as criteria to evaluate pulmonary lesions. However, false results may occur. Some studies have shown the usefulness of delayed PET for improv...

CHEN Xiang, ZHAO Jinhua, SONG Jianhua, XING Yan

2010, 21 (5): 306-311

Design and simulation of Gaussian shaping amplifier made only with CMOS FET for FEE of particle detector

The objective of this paper is to design and simulate a shaping amplifier circuit for silicon strip, Si(Li), CdZnTe and CsI detectors, etc., which can be further integrated the whole system and adopte...

WEMBE TAFO Evariste, SU Hong, QIAN Yi, KONG Jie, WANG Tongxi

2010, 21 (5): 312-315

Phase identification by a novel needle-contact capacitance probe in gas-liquid two-phase flows

In this paper, we propose a novel probe to identify phases in any two-phase flows where one phase is conductive and the other nonconductive. We can further obtain many parameters such as void fraction...

HUANG Shanfang, LU Jun, ZHANG Bingdong, WANG Dong

2010, 21 (5): 316-320

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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