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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

DBPM signal processing with field programmable gate arrays

DBPM system performance is determined by the design and implementation of beam position signal processing algorithm.In order to develop the system,a beam position signal processing algorithm is implem...

LAI Longwei~(1,2)LENG Yongbin, YI Xing, YAN Yingbing, ZHANG Ning, YANG Guisen, WANG Baopeng, XIONG Yun

2011, 22 (3): 129-133

Structural biology investigation of EMF effect on insulin in solution

It was reported that the a-helix of protein molecules could be destroyed when they were exposed to the electromagnetic field(EMF) and finally the signal transduction could be affected.To study this ef...

LIU Yahui, CHEN Yongbin, XU Chunyan~1 XU Shenglong, SUN B, ZHOU Huan, SUN Lihua, YU Feng, TANG Lin, GUO Guozhen, HE Jianhua

2011, 22 (3): 134-138

Investigation of solid-state reaction by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy

Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy(THz-TDS)was utilized to investigate the solid-state reaction between L(+)-Tartaric acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate.Solid sodium hydrogen L(+)-tartrate monohydrate...

LIU Xiaohong, ZHAO Hongwei, WU Yuting, LI Qingnuan, ZHU Zhiyong

2011, 22 (3): 139-143

Imaging performance evaluation in depth-of-interaction PET with a new method of sinogram generation:A Monte Carlo simulation study

In conventional PET systems,the parallax error degrades image resolution and causes image distortion.To remedy this,a PET ring diameter has to be much larger than the required size of field of view(FO...

XIA Yan, MA Tianyu, LIU Yaqiang, SUN Xishan, WANG Shi, SHAO Yiping

2011, 22 (3): 144-150

Measuring energy loss of alpha particles in different vacuum conditions

In this paper,energy loss of alpha particles in different vacuum levels is studied experimentally and via theoretical analysis.A better understanding of energy loss of a particle in vacuum will help d...

CHENG Yi, TUO Xianguo, HUANG Lianmei, LI Zhe, YANG Jianbo, ZHOU Chuanwen, SONG Qianqian

2011, 22 (3): 151-155

Fast neutron radiation inactivation of Bacillus subtilis:Absorbed dose determination

In this paper,fast neutron inactivation effects of Bacillus subtilis were investigated with fission fast neutrons from CFBR-Ⅱreactor of INPC(Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry)and mono-energet...

SONG Lingli, ZHENG Chun, AI Zihui, LI Junjie, DAI Shaofeng

2011, 22 (3): 156-159

Preparation and characterization of proton exchange membranes from polystyrene grafted poly(vinylidene fluoride) powder

Proton exchange membranes(PEMs)were prepared in three steps:grafting of polystyrene onto PVDF powder using pre-irradiation graft polymerization technique,processing the grafted PVDF powder into membra...

LI Linfan,YU Yang, DENG Bo, YU Ming, XIE Leidong, LI Jingye

2011, 22 (3): 160-164

Monte Carlo simulation for internal radiation dosimetry based on the high resolution Visible Chinese Human

The internal radiation dose calculations based on Chinese models is important in nuclear medicine.Most of the existing models are based on the physical and anatomical data of Caucasian,whose anatomica...

LIU Yang, XIE Tianwu, LIU Qian

2011, 22 (3): 165-173

Study on the reaction kinetics of 99Tcm-labeled BIDP

A novel zoledronic acid derivative,1-hydroxy-2-(2-butyl-1H-imidazole-1-yl)-ethylidene-l,l- diphosphonic acid(BIDP),was synthesized and labeled with ~(99)Tc~m.The detailed kinetic study on the labeling...

LIN Jianguo, WANG Yan, LUO Shineng, QIU Ling, ZHAI Haozhen

2011, 22 (3): 174-177

A digitalizing board for the prototype array of LHAASO WCDA

In this paper,a digitalizing board for readout of PMT signals in the prototype array of WCDA(water Cerenkov detector array)for LHAASO(Large high altitude air shower observatory)is designed.The prototy...

HAO Xinjun, LIU Shubin, ZHAO Lei, AN Qi

2011, 22 (3): 178-184

A method for 3D simulation of internal gas effects on thermal-mechanical behaviors in nuclear fuel elements

A new method for three-dimensional simulation of the interaction between the gas and the solid around is developed.The effects of the gas on the thermal-mechanical behaviors within the surrounded soli...

JIANG Yijie, CUI Yi, HUO Yongzhong, DING Shurong

2011, 22 (3): 185-192

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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