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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2018 Impact factor 0.961

In-situ energy calibration of SSRF macromolecular crystallography beamline using powder diffraction

For X-ray powder diffraction spectra collected by an area detector of MarCCD on macromolecular crystallography beamline of SSRF,an energy calibration method was developed using LaB_6(660a) powder diff...

TAO Shixing, ZHU Jing, NIU Jing, CHEN Mingzhi, LIU Ke, WANG Yu, WANG Qisheng, SUN Bo, HUANG Sheng, TANG Lin, HE Jianhua

2010, 21 (6): 321-324

A new package: MySAS for small angle scattering data analysis

In this paper, A MySAS package, which is verified on Windows XP, can easily convert two-dimensional data in small angle neutron and X-ray scattering analysis, operate individually and execute one part...

HUANG Chaoqiang, XIA Qingzhong, YAN Guanyun, SUN Guang’ai, CHEN Bo

2010, 21 (6): 325-329

Neutron response functions and detection efficiency of a spherical proton recoil proportional counter

The neutron response function and detection efficiency of a spherical proton recoil proportional counter (SP) play key roles in precise measurement of neutron spectra of the interior materials.In this...

WANG Xinhua, HE Tie, GUO Haiping, AN Li, ZHEN Pu, MOU Yunfeng, YANG Jian

2010, 21 (6): 330-333

E-beam degradation of thiamphenicol and florfenicol

Thiamphenicol(THA) and florfenicol(FLO) aqueous solutions were irradiated to different doses by 1 MeV electron beams,and redox reactions of THA/FLO and radicals of OH,e_(eq)~- and ~·H were inve...

ZHOU Jiaxin, WU Minghong, XU Gang, MA Jing, WANG Liang, LIU Ning

2010, 21 (6): 334-338

Colloid-facilitated effects on migration of radionuclides in fractured rock with a kinetic solubility-limited dissolution model

Nuclides can move with groundwater either as solutes or colloids,where the latter mechanism generally results in much shorter traveling time as the nuclides interact strongly with solid phases,such as...

Chun-ping JEN, Neng-chuan TIEN

2010, 21 (6): 339-346

Total DNA of Glycyrrhiza uralensis transformed into Hansenula anomala by ion implantation:Preparing Glycyrrhizic acid in recombined yeasts

Glycyrrhizic acid(GA) in Glycyrrhiza uralensis(G.uralensis) is physiologically active.In this study,the total DNA of wild G.uralensis was randomly transformed into Hansenula anomala by implantation of...

JIN Xiang, L(U|¨)Jie, MA Yuan, MAO Peihong

2010, 21 (6): 347-351

Dose-rate effects of low-dropout voltage regulator at various biases

A low-dropout voltage regulator,LM2941,was irradiated by ~(60)Coγ-rays at various dose rates and biases for investigating the total dose and dose rate effects.The radiation responses show that t...

WANG Yiyuan, LU Wu, REN Diyuan, ZHENG Yuzhan, GAO Bo, CHEN Rui, FEI Wuxiong

2010, 21 (6): 352-356

Re-canalized stenostic rabbit nasolacrimal duct by the 125I radioactive probing:Affecting Bcl-2 and Bax protein expression

To evaluate the ~(125)I radioactive probing re-canalizing stenostic nasolacrimal duct,the nasolacrimal duct stenosis models in epithelium and connective tissues are experimentally structured by inbred...

GUO Pengde~1 MA Qingjie, YANG Dongyan, GAO Shi, JIN Longyun, ZHOU Xueyan, CUI Qu, HAN Zhenguo, ZHAO Guoqing

2010, 21 (6): 357-361

Ring chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes induced by 5-20 Gy carbon ion irradiation

In this paper,we study the biological response induced by heavy ions irradiation of high dose,human peripheral blood lymphocytes are irradiated in vitro by the carbon ions of LET=35 keV/μm,and the ...

WANG Zhuanzi, LI Wenjian, WANG Biqian, XING Junzhen

2010, 21 (6): 362-365

An USB-based time measurement system

In this paper,we report the electronics of a timing measurement system of PTB(portable TDC board), which is a handy tool based on USB interface,customized for high precision time measurements without ...

QIN Xi, LIU Shubin, AN Qi

2010, 21 (6): 366-369

Simulation of quenching in horizontal geometry channel

Two tests of refilling and reflooding in the horizontal geometry channel under different pressure conditions,respectively,are conducted to understand the thermal hydraulics behavior during a LOCA in t...

YUAN Jingtian, Tong Lili, CAO Xuewu

2010, 21 (6): 370-374

A framework for nuclear power plant emergency response system

The purpose of this study is to establish an intelligent expert system for nuclear power plant emergency response.A new framework of environmental risk management methodology by the concept of pattern...

Wang-kun CHEN

2010, 21 (6): 375-378