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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

Simulation of higher order modes and loss factor of a new type of 500-MHz single cell superconducting cavity at SSRF

In this paper,higher order modes(HOMs) and loss factor of a new type of 500-MHz superconducting cavity is studied,by simulating its broadband HOMs damping at different positions of the ferrite HOM-abs...

YU Haibo, LIU Jianfei, HOU Hongtao, LU Changwang, WEI Yelong, MA Zhenyu, FENG Ziqiang, MAO Dongqing

2011, 22 (5): 257-260

Baseline recovery method to measure bunch charge under low-current mode of SSRF

The top-up injection mode of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility(SSRF) needs precise measurement of the beam bunch charges.This is performed by an integration current transformer,but the beam curr...

CHEN Zhichu, LENG Yongbin, ZOU Yi,YAN Yingbin, ZHOU Weimin

2011, 22 (5): 261-264

Simulation of monolithic active pixel sensor with high resistivity epitaxial layer

The time and efficiency of charge collection are the key factors of monolithic active pixel sensor devices for minimum ionizing particles tracking detection.In this paper,3D models of pixels with diff...

FU Min, TANG Zhenan

2011, 22 (5): 265-271

Electronic structure of In_2O_3 nanowires synthesized at low temperature

In_2O_3 nanowires with uniform morphology and single crystalline structure were synthesized at low temperature of 400℃~450℃using InSb as the precursor via VLS mechanism.The nanowires have uniform diam...

YUAN Gang, GAO Jing, SUN Xuhui, ZHOU Xingtai

2011, 22 (5): 272-276

Electron-beam induced degradation of bisphenol A

E-beam degradation of bisphenol A(BPA) was carried out,under reductive condition of ethanol-water solution and oxidative condition of acetonitrile-water solution.The degradation efficiency is higher i...

XU Gang, REN Hua, WU Ming-Hong, LIU Ning, YUAN Qing, TANG Liang, WANG Liang

2011, 22 (5): 277-281

Scanning transmission ion microscopy on Fudan SPM facility

In this paper,we report a novel measurement system based on the development of Fudan Scanning Proton Microscopy(SPM) facility.By using Si-PIN diode(Hamamatsu S1223-01) detector,scanning transmission i...

LI Yongqiang, SATOH Takahiro, SHEN Hao, ZHENG Yi, LI Xinyi, LIU Bo

2011, 22 (5): 282-286

Design of a prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis system on China Advanced Research Reactor

In this paper,computational methods are used to optimize the design of a prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis(PGNAA) system on China Advanced Research Reactor(CARR).Approaches are adopted for obta...

SUN Hongchao, NI Bangfa, XIAO Caijin, ZHANG Guiying, LIU Cunxiong, HUANG Jinfeng

2011, 22 (5): 287-292

Early monitoring of response to antimetabolic treatment of gemcitabine:A comparison of 18F-FLT and 18F-FDG uptake in Patu 8988 human pancreatic carcinoma cells

It is essential to predict the treatment efficacy of pancreatic carcinoma early.The purpose of this study was to examine whether ~(18)F-FDG(2'-deoxy-2'-[~(18)F]fiuoro-D-glucose) or ~(18)F-FLT(3'-deoxy...

DENG Shengming, ZHANG Bin, WU Yiwei, ZHANG Wei

2011, 22 (5): 293-298

Angle-resolved photoemission spectra in one-dimensional Hubbard-Holstein model

In order to understand the effects of electron-phonon coupling and Coulomb interactions in angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy(ARPES),a spin-1/2 Hubbard-Holstein model at half-filling is theoret...

SUN Peijian, HUAI Ping, ZHANG Wei, CHENG Cheng, ZHU Zhiyuan

2011, 22 (5): 299-303

Determination of absolute gamma-ray emission probabilities for 88Kr

In preparation of homogeneous Kr and Rb sources,the Kr activity was determined by the decay relationship between ~(88)Kr and ~(88)Rb using an HPGe detector.The peak efficiencies of ~(88)Kr and ~(88)Rb...

XIE Feng, HE Xiaobing, JIANG Wengang, CHEN Zhanying, SHI Quanlin, CHANG Yongfu

2011, 22 (5): 304-306

Water transport through T-shaped carbon nanotubes

The effect of an external charge on water transportation through T-shaped carbon nanotubes is tested by molecular dynamics simulations.The simulation results show that a relatively small charge reduce...

XU Wei, TU Yusong, Wang Chunlei, FANG Haiping

2011, 22 (5): 307-310

IRIS reactor core with thorium fuel

This work is aimed at running the first IRIS reactor core with mixed thorium dioxide fuel(ThO_2-UO_2 and ThO_2-PuO_2).Calculations are performed by using Dragon 4.0.4 and Citation codes.The results sh...

Alrwashdeh MOHAMMAD, YU Ganglin, WANG Kan

2011, 22 (5): 311-315

Application of thermal comfort theory in probabilistic safety assessment of a nuclear power plant

Human factor errors in probabilistic safety assessment(PSA) of a nuclear power plant(NPP) can be prevented using thermal comfort analysis.In this paper,the THERP+HCR model is modified by using PMV (Pr...

ZHOU Tao, SUN Canhui, LI Zhenyang, WANG Zenghui

2011, 22 (5): 316-320

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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