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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

An on-line data acquisition system of oscilloscope-embedded input/output controller for cavity BPM measurement

Cavity beam position monitor (BPM) is widely used in a precise electron beam position measurement. Based on high performance oscilloscope-embedded EPICS input/output controller, we developed an on-lin...

ZHANG Ning, WANG Baopeng, LENG Yongbin

2011, 22 (6): 321-325

Investigation of vacuum performances of TiZrV coated pipe

Some metal compounds called as Non-Evaporable-Getter have been widely used to improve vacuum system performance of accelerator facility.In this paper,a TiZrV film on the surface of stainless steel vac...

ZHANG Haiou, DAI Dongdong, TANG Ziyi, ZHANG Jidong, SHAO Bin, HE Suixia

2011, 22 (6): 326-329

Performance of two different modules of long-strip multi-gap resistive plate chamber

Long-strip multi-gap resistive plate chamber(LMRPC) were built with(Module 1) or without(Module 2) adhesive tapes and silicones.Their performances were investigated by working gas mixtures of differen...

CHEN Huangshan, WANG Yi, DING Weicheng, QIU Xuezhong, WANG Jingbo, ZHU Xianglei, CHENG Jianping, LI Yuanjing

2011, 22 (6): 330-333

Dynamic evolution characteristics of mining-induced fractures in overlying strata detected by radon

For environment protection in mining areas in northwest China,we developed a CTSRM(comprehensive test system by radon measurement) to measure radon radioactivity and detect dynamic evolution character...

ZHANG Wei, ZHANG Dongsheng, MA Liqiang, WANG Xufeng, FAN Gangwei

2011, 22 (6): 334-337

An analytical simulation technique for cone-beam CT and pinhole SPECT

This study was aimed at developing an efficient simulation technique with an ordinary PC.The work involved derivation of mathematical operators,analytic phantom generations,and effective analytical pr...

ZHANG Xuezhu, QI Yujin

2011, 22 (6): 338-343

A high-resolution small animal SPECT system developed at Tsinghua

An SPECT system dedicated to small animal imaging shall be of a millimeter spatial resolution or even better.This study was aimed at achieving 0.5-mm spatial resolution for a small animal SPECT system...

DAI Tiantian, MATianyu, LIU Hui, CUI Junjian, WEI Qingyang, LIU Yaqiang, WANG Shi

2011, 22 (6): 344-348

Using GPU to calculate electron dose for hybrid pencil beam model

Hybrid pencil beam model(HPBM) offers an efficient approach to calculate the three-dimension dose distribution from a clinical electron beam.Still,clinical radiation treatment activity desires faster ...

GOU Chengjun, LI Xia, HOU Qing, WU Zhangwen

2011, 22 (6): 349-352

Clock distribution system for large high altitude air shower observatory

In this paper,we report a clock distribution system for Water Cherenkov Detector Arrays(WCDAs) in Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory(LHAASO) project.The designed electronics system is of high ...

CAO Zhe, LIU Shubin, LI Cheng, AN Qi

2011, 22 (6): 353-357

Particle detector readout integrated circuit of 0.18μm technology with 164 e equivalent noise charge

Integrated circuits of deep submicron(DSM) CMOS technology are advantageous in volume density, power consumption and thermal noise for multichannel particle detection systems,but there are challenges ...

LI Xiangyu, LIU Haifeng, ZHANG Qi, SUN Yihe

2011, 22 (6): 358-365

A real time transmission system of long distance for nuclear logging

Some specified chips in traditional Manchester-Ⅱencoding/decoding designs are used to guarantee strictly the stability of the input wave,otherwise the capacity of anti-interference and resilience are ...

CAO Ping, SONG Kezhu, YANG Junfeng

2011, 22 (6): 366-371

A new TOF system for target recoil-ion momentum spectroscopy at IMP

A high resolution time measurement system with high data transfer rate was designed for the COLTRIMS (Cold Target Recoil-Ion Momentum Spectroscopy) system in Institute of Modern Physics,Chinese Academ...

ZHOU Jiawen, LIUShubin, YIN Chunyan, AN Qi, ZHAO Lei

2011, 22 (6): 372-378

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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