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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2018 Impact factor 0.961

XAFS study of Cu2+ in aqueous solution of CuBr_2

Copper ion is the essential microelement to many organisms. In this paper, the local structure of Cu2+ in CuBr2 aqueous solutions with different concentrations are investigated by using X-ray absorpti...

DAI Binbin, WANG Qian, MA Jingyuan, LI Jiong, ZHANG Shuo, HUANG Yuying, HUANG Wei, WU Guozhong, ZOU Yang, JIANG Zheng, XU Hongjie

2012, 23 (3): 129-133

Velocity bunching for the linac of Shanghai Deep UV FEL facility

High brightness electron beam is one of the main goals of the research and development effort in RF photo-injectors.Compared with the normally used magnetic chicane,an alternative scheme,commonly know...

ZHANG Meng, GU Duan, GU Qiang, LIN Guoqiang, LAN Taihe, WANG Xingtao, DENG Haixiao

2012, 23 (3): 134-138

Preparation and characterization of graphene nanoribbons

Graphene nanoribbons(GNRs) have been synthesized by unzipping oxidized multiwalled carbon nanotubes.The thickness of the GNRs synthesized is ranged from mono-layer to four layers.The morphology of pre...

ZHANG Huifang, LIU min, YAN Long, YU Guojun, ZHOU Xingtai

2012, 23 (3): 139-143

An efficient method and system for simultaneously measuring the performance of vast scintillating materials

A method and system for automatically and simultaneously measuring the light output of multiple scintillators,or each scintillating unit of an array,were developed.Using a large area flat panel PSPMT ...

CHEN Yan, ZHANG Zhiming, LI Daowu, SHUAI Lei, HUANG Xianchao, TANG Haohui, LI Ting, ZHUANG Kai, WANG Yingjie, LIU Yantao, ZHANG Yiwen, CHAI Pei, LIU Shuangquan, ZHU Meiling, WANG Baoyi, WEI Long

2012, 23 (3): 144-149

Study of time-domain digital pulse shaping algorithms for nuclear signals

With the development on high-speed integrated circuit,fast high resolution sampling ADC and digital signal processors are replacing analog shaping amplifier circuit.This paper firstly presents the num...

ZHOU Jianbin, ZHOU Wei, LEI Jiarong, TUO Xianguo, ZHU Xing, LIU Yi

2012, 23 (3): 150-155

Electrical and optical properties of MWNTs/HDPE composites in Terahertz region

Optical and electrical properties of composites,prepared by filling of high density polyethylene(HDPE) with two kinds of multi-walled carbon nanotubes(MWNTs) differing in diameters,were explored by te...

CHEN Xiliang, CHEN Xin, ZHU Zhiyong

2012, 23 (3): 156-162

Preparation of copper nano-particle powder by γ-irradiation

Copper nano-particles were prepared by 100 kGy room temperature γ-ray irradiation of CuSO4 aqueous solution added with surfactant and inactive agent.Effects of the surfactants and pH value on pa...

FU Junjie, LIU Yajian, TAN Yuanyuan, ZHOU Xinyao, XU Furong

2012, 23 (3): 163-168

Clinical value of 18F-FDG PET/CT in evaluation of hepatic vein,inferior vena cava and right atrium tumor thrombi in hepatocellular carcinoma:Initial results

In this paper,eleven consecutive hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) patients with an embolus in the hepatic vein(HV),inferior vena cava(IVC)and right atrium(RA) were studied with 18F-FDG PET/CT and contras...

SUN Long, ZHAO Long, LUO Zuoming, JIANG Maoqing, WU Hua

2012, 23 (3): 169-175

Friction force effects on vertical manipulation of nanoparticles

In humid environment,a particles can be picked up from the substrate by the capillary force,such as in the colloidal probe of atomic force microscopy technique.In this paper,a model of the capillary b...

YANG Li, SHENG Nan, TU Yusong, WANG Chunlei, FANG Haiping

2012, 23 (3): 176-180

Thermo-hydraulic analysis for SCWR during power-raising phase of startup

The study of thermal characteristics during startup is one of the most important aspects for safety analysis of supercritical water-cooled reactor(SCWR).According to the given sliding pressure mode of...

CHEN Juan, ZHOU Tao, HOU Zhousen, CHENG Wanxu

2012, 23 (3): 181-192