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Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版)     2017 Impact factor 1.085

The measurement of electron beam transverse sizes by synchrotron radiation interferometry for HLS Ⅱ

In order to improve accuracy of electron beam transverse sizes measurement,the vertical and horizontal synchrotron radiation light interferometers have been designed to measure beam transverse sizes f...

TANG Leilei SUN Baogen LU Ping WANG Jigang XIAO Yunyun

2012, 23 (4): 193-198

∑HfF_5- current monitoring with off-axis Faraday cup in AMS measurement of 182Hf at CIAE

In order to reduce the systematic uncertainties caused by the sequential injection in AMS measurement of ~(182)Hf,a technique for instantaneous monitoring of off-axis∑HfF_5~- current was developed...

LI Zhenyu, HE Ming, DONG Kejun, LI Chaoli, HE Guozhu, HE Xianwen, ZHANG Wei, HU Hao, ZHENG Guowen, LI Heng

2012, 23 (4): 199-202

Amplification process of a gas electron multiplier simulated by PIC-MCC model

The performance of a single gas electron multiplier(GEM) in pure Xe at an atmospheric pressure is investigated by Particle in Cell-Monte Carlo Collision(PIC-MCC) model.The micro development processes ...

YANG Lanlan; TU Yan; Harm Tolner; ZHONG Xuefei; ZHANG Panpan; QIN Nana; MA Shanle

2012, 23 (4): 203-208

Terahertz spectral properties of melamine and its deuterated isotope,melamine-d_6

The far-infrared optical properties of melamine and its deuterated isotope,melamine-d_6 were experimentally and theoretically investigated in the frequency range from 0.2 to 3.0 THz.Under the room tem...

HE Mingxia, LI Meng, TIAN Zhen, CAO Wei, HAN Jiaguang

2012, 23 (4): 209-214

Gamma-ray shielding properties of concrete with different percentages of lead

In this work,concrete with different percentage leads was used to study gamma-ray shielding properties. The gamma-rays from ~(137)Cs and ~(60)Co sources were detected by Nal(Tl) detector and analyzed ...

D.Rezaei-Ochbelagh;S.Azimkhani;H. Gasemzadeh Mosavinejad;

2012, 23 (4): 215-218

A complete implementation of list-mode reconstruction for PET

Tomography reconstruction algorithm is one of the key components of positron emission tomography (PET) scanners,most PET scanners use statistical iterative reconstruction algorithms from data in sinog...

ZHANG Bin, SHAN Baoci, YUN Mingkai, ZHAO Shujun

2012, 23 (4): 219-225

Characteristics of parallel-hole and pinhole collimators for nuclear medicine imaging

In this paper,the spatial resolution and geometry sensitivity of parallel- and pin-hole collimators in compact gamma camera are presented,and quantitatively compared by GEANT4 code in Monte-Carlo libr...

LIU Silu, ZHU Jie

2012, 23 (4): 226-229

The clock system for LHAASO WCDA based on reduced White Rabbit

Due to the large scale of Water Cherenkov Detector Array in Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory, the frontend digitization is imperative.Thus a clock distribution system is desired,which broadc...

LI Cheng, LIU Shubin, SHANG Linfeng, CAO Ping, AN Qi

2012, 23 (4): 230-236

A 16-channel gated integrator for high-resolution energy spectroscopy systems

A 16-channel gated integrator(GI) module following semi-Gaussian shaping amplifiers was developed for high-resolution energy spectroscopy systems at Institute of Modern Physics,Chinese Academy of Scie...

ZHOU Chaoyang, SU Hong, KONG Jie, DONG Chengfu, QIAN Yi, YANG Haibo, MA Xiaoli

2012, 23 (4): 237-241

Reaction rates in blanket assemblies of a fusion-fission hybrid reactor

To validate neutronics calculation for the blanket design of fusion-fission hybrid reactor,experiments for measuring reaction rates inside two simulating assemblies are performed.Two benchmark assembl...

LIU Rong, ZHU Tonghua, YAN Xiaosong, WANG Xinhua, LU Xinxin, JIANG Li, WANG Mei, WEN Zhongwei, HAN Zijie, LIN Jufan, YANG Yiwei

2012, 23 (4): 242-246

Effects of nanoparticles on fluorescence enhancement of the complexes of dsDNA and SYBR GreenⅠ

Fluorescence enhancement in a DNA-dye system is favorable for sensitive and accurate DNA detection/ sensing technologies.In this paper,we report that the fluorescence of the double-stranded DNA(dsDNA)...

CHEN Jiajia, ZHANG Chen, ZHAO Binyu, MI Lijuan, ZHANG Yi, HU Jun

2012, 23 (4): 247-251

Promoting effect of ethanol on dewetting transition in the confined region of melittin tetramer

To study the influence of ethanol molecules on the melittin tetramer folding,we investigated the dewetting transition of the melittin tetramer immersed in pure water and 8%aqueous ethanol solution(mas...

REN Xiuping, ZHOU Bo, WANG Chunlei

2012, 23 (4): 252-256

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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