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Nuclear Science and Techniques

Current Issue Columns

2016Vol. 27No. 3    Publish:25 April 2016
50 New methacrylic imidazolium poly(ionic liquid) gel with super swelling capacity for oil-in-water emulsions
Xing Zhang, Shuo-Jue Wang, Jing Peng, Jiu-Qiang Li, Ling Xu, Mao-Lin Zhai
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 50 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
51 238U and 232Th concentrations measured in different medical drugs by using solid-state nuclear track detectors and resulting radiation doses to the skin of patients
M. A. Misdaq,A. Matrane
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 51 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
53 A primary study on biological behavior of aluminum using 26Al-AMS
Song-Mei Qin, Xiang-Gao Wang,Xiao-Xi Lan, Yun-Ting Gu, Ke-Jun Dong, Ming He, Shan Jiang
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 53 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
54 A comprehensive study for mass attenuation coefficients of different parts of the human body through Monte Carlo methods
E. E. Ermis, F. B. Pilicer, E. Pilicer, C. Celiktas
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 54 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
55 Study of doping uniformity of a 200 kV ion implanter by RBS and sheet resistance measurements
Hui Li, Ze-Song Wang, Sheng-Jun Zhang, Vasiliy O. Pelenovich, Feng Ren, De-Jun Fu,Chuan-Sheng Liu, Zhi-Wei Ai
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 55 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
56 Synchrotron FTIR spectroscopy reveals molecular changes in Escherichia coli upon Cu2+ exposure
Xiao-Juan Hu, Zhi-Xiao Liu, Ya-Di Wang, Xue-Ling Li, Jun Hu, Jun-Hong Lü
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 56 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
57 MD and OKMC simulations of the displacement cascades in nickel
Wen-Jing Xiao, Gui-Yan Wu, Mei-Heng Li, Hui-Qiu Deng, Wei Zhang, Ping Huai, Wang-Yu Hu
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 57 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
58 An inversion decomposition method for better energy resolution of NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors based on a Gaussian response matrix
Jian-Feng He,Yao-Zong Yang, Jin-Hui Qu, Qi-Fan Wu, Hai-Ling Xiao, Cong-Cong Yu
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 58 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
59 Solvent extraction of U(VI) by N,N-dimethyl-N′,N′-dioctylsuccinylamide and N,N-dimethyl-N′,N′-didecylsuccinylamide in cyclohexane
Yu Cui, Xiao-Feng Yang, Cheng Yang, Ye-Xin Li, Guo-Zhu Chen, Guo-Xin Sun
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 59 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
60 The behavior of cesium adsorption on zirconyl pyrophosphate
Feng-Li Song, Xiao-Wei Yang, Xiao-Long Li, Wei He, Dan Lü, Ji Que,Chun-Long Zhang, Shan-Gui Zhao, Shi-Jun Wang, Yun-Tao Liu
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 60 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
61 The synergy reduction and self-assembly of graphene oxide via gamma-ray irradiation in an ethanediamine aqueous solution
Ya-Lei He,Ji-Hao Li,Lin-Fan Li, Jing-Bo Chen,Jing-Ye Li
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 61 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
62 Variations in surface and electrical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene film after plasma-induced grafting of acrylic acid
Rong Li, Xin-Zhong He, Qian-Hong Gao, Li-Juan Pang, Hong-Long Wang, Jiang-Tao Hu, Zhe Xing, Guo-Zhong Wu
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 62 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
63 Properties of phosphate glass waste forms containing fluorides from a molten salt reactor
Ya-Ping Sun,Xiao-Bin Xia, Yan-Bo Qiao, Zhong-Qi Zhao, Hong-Jun Ma, Xue-Yang Liu, Zheng-Hua Qian
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 63 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
64 Degradation kinetics of 2,4-dichlorophenol by gamma ray irradiation in the presence of ozone
Ya-Nan Yin, Jun Hu, Jian-Long Wang
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 64 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
65 Development of a MCNP5 and ORIGEN2 based burnup code for molten salt reactor
Guo-Min Sun,Mao-Song Cheng
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 65 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
66 3D microstructures of nuclear graphite: IG-110, NBG-18 and NG-CT-10
Shi-Pei Jing, Can Zhang, Jie Pu, Hong-Yan Jiang, Hui-Hao Xia, Fang Wang, Xu Wang, Jian-Qiang Wang, Chan Jin
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 66 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
67 Ballistic deficit compensation method for a large-volume HPGe detector at high count rates
Chuan-Yun Xiong, Ming-Zhe Liu,Zhuo Zuo, Xian-Guo Tuo
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 67 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
68 Equivalent circuit model for the insulated core transformer
Bo Yang, Lei Cao,Jun Yang, Sheng-Chi Yan, Yi-Bin Tao
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 68 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
69 Characterization of the copper-containing amine oxidase from Trifolium pratense seedlings
Yong-Ming Zhang,Guo-Long Li, Rui-Bo Zhong, Yu-Xing Ma, Pei Gong, Feng Zhang
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 69 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
70 A versatile test bench for photomultiplier tube characterization and its application in the DAMPE-PSD
Yong Zhou, Zhi-Yu Sun, Yu-Hong Yu,Yong-Jie Zhang, Fang Fang, Jun-Ling Chen, Bi-Tao Hu
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 70 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
71 Determination of the neutron skin thickness from interaction cross section and charge-changing cross section for B, C, N, O, F isotopes
Xiu-Fang Li, De-Qing Fang,Yu-Gang Ma
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 71 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
72 Photon interaction with semiconductor and scintillation detectors
V. P. Singh,N. M. Badiger
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 72 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
73 Nuclear in-medium effects on η dynamics in proton–nucleus collisions
Jie Chen, Zhao-Qing Feng,Jian-Song Wang
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 73 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
74 DC performance and AC loss of cable-in-conduit conductors for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
Wei Zhou, Xin-Yu Fang, Jin Fang,Bo Liu
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 74 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
75 Extraction study of rare earth elements with N,N′-dibutyl–N,N′-di(1-methylheptyl)-diglycolamide from hydrochloric acid
Guo-Jing Sun, Jin-Hong Yang, Hong-Xiao Yang, Guo-Xin Sun, Yu Cui
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 75 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
76 A review of geometric calibration for different 3-D X-ray imaging systems
Yao Yang, Liang Li,Zhi-Qiang Chen
2016 Vol. 27 (3): 76 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
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