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Nuclear Science and Techniques

Current Issue Columns

2016Vol. 27No. 4    Publish:21 July 2016
77 Occurrence of HTO and NE-OBT in soil in the vicinity of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
Lin Du, Qin Zhang, Zheng-Hai Xia, Yu-Hua Ma, Ling Wang, Lai-Lai Qin, Ke Deng, Sheng-Wei Wu, Guang-Hua Wang
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 77 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
78 Analysis of tritium production in a 2 MW liquid-fueled molten salt experimental reactor and its environmental impact
Xiao-Wen Lyu, Xiao-Bin Xia, Zhi-Hong Zhang, Jun Cai, Chang-Qi Chen
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 78 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
79 Computational analysis of neutronic effects of ThO2 rods loaded in CANDU 6 fuel assemblies
Seyed Mohammad Mirvakili, Zohreh Gholamzadeh,Seyed Amir Hossein Feghhi
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 79 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
80 Design study on medium beta superconducting half-wave resonator at IMP
An-Dong Wu, Sheng-Hu Zhang, Wei-Ming Yue, Tian-Cai Jiang, Yong-Ming Li,Feng-Feng Wang, Sheng-Xue Zhang, Liang-Jian Wen, Ran Huang
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 80 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
81 Monte Carlo method for determining the response of portable gamma detector for in situ measurement of terrestrial gamma ray field
Boubaker Askri
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 81 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
82 Data-collection system for high-throughput X-ray absorption fine structure measurements
Rui-You Lu, Qian Gao, Song-Qi Gu, Ya-Yun Yang, Rui Si
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 82 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
83 Gate/Geant4-based Monte Carlo simulation for calculation of dose distribution of 400 MeV/u carbon ion beam and fragments in water
Hai-Feng Ou, Bin Zhang, Shu-Jun Zhao
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 83 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
84 Extraction of full energy peak of 137Cs from in situ NaI (Tl) gamma-ray spectrum
Le-Le Zhang, Nan-Ping Wang,Bao-Chuan Li
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 84 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
85 Activation and shutdown dose-rate analyses for the EAST NBI test facility
Yu-Qing Chen, Ji Wang,Bin Wu, Jun Li, Ya-Hong Xie, Guo-Qiang Zhong, Chun-Dong Hu
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 85 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
86 Calculation of the ex-core neutron noise induced by individual fuel assembly vibrations in two PWR cores
Kiet A. T. Hoang, Van-Chung Cao, Van-Khanh Hoang, Hoai-Nam Tran
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 86 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
87 Low-mass vector meson production at forward rapidity in p+p and d+Au collisions at \srt = 200 GeV from a multiphase transport model
Yi-Fei Xu, Yong-Jin Ye, Jin-Hui Chen, Yu-Gang Ma,Song Zhang, Chen Zhong
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 87 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
88 Physiological property and yield of the sweet sorghum mutants induced by heavy ion irradiation
Wen-Ting Gu, Wen-Jian Li, Rui-Yuan Liu, Wen-Jie Jin, Tao-Li-Wei Yang, Xi-Cun Dong
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 88 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
89 Feasibility of underground NPP and its MCDA-based optimization
Hou-Bo Qi, Feng-Lei Niu,Yun-Gan Zhao, Yu Yu, Sheng-Fei Wang
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 89 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
90 The design and processing of SONG library
Hua Bei,Jin-Kun Zhao, Qi-Chang Chen, Sheng-Yi Si
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 90 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
91 Influence of injection temperature and flow rate on mixing and stratification in small passively cooling enclosures
Wei-Qian Zhuo, Feng-Lei Niu,Jun-Chi Cai, Xiao-Wei Su, Ying-Qiu Hu, Yun-Gan Zhao, Yu Yu
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 91 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
92 A novel heating area design of temperature-jump microfluidic chip for synchrotron radiation solution X-ray scattering
Yi-Wen Li, Feng-Gang Bian,Jie Wang
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 92 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
93 Design feasibility of gamma camera without collimator based on specific arrangement of the detectors
Hossein Akbari-Lalimi, Seyed Ali Shafiei
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 93 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
94 Radioactive contents and background doses from northern alluvial sediment plains between rivers Ravi and Chenab, Pakistan
Abdul Jabbar, Khalid Khan, Tania Jabbar, Muhammad Rafique,S. U. Rehman, Waheed Arshed, Muhammad Dilband
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 94 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
95 Investigation of neutronic parameters of natU spallation target irradiated by low-energy protons
Zohreh Gholamzadeh,Seyed Mohammad Mirvakili, Amin Davari, Mostafa Hassanzadeh
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 95 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
96 Production of medical radioisotope 64Cu by photoneutron reaction using ELI-NP γ-ray beam
Wen Luo
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 96 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
97 Amyloid fibril-supported Pd nanoparticles as electrocatalyst for hydrogen peroxide reduction
Li-Xia Kong, Lan-Jie Wang, Lan-Lan Su, Zhi-Jie Zhao, Zhong-Dan Yan, Gong-Jun Zhang, Xing-Fei Zhou
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 97 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
98 Magnetized strange quark matter in the equivparticle model with both confinement and perturbative interactions
Cheng Peng, Guang-Xiong Peng,Cheng-Jun Xia, Jian-Feng Xu, Shi-Peng Zhang
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 98 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
99 Neutron excess method for performance assessment of thoriumbased fuel in a breed-and-burn reactor with various coolants
Kun Yang, Wei Qin, Jin-Gen Chen,Xiang-Zhou Cai
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 99 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
100 Radiation protection in the design of c-ray industrial computed tomography systems
Ri-Feng Zhou,Xiao-Jian Zhou, Xiao-Bin Li, Ping Li
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 100 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
101 An inversion decomposition test based on Monte Carlo response matrix on the γ-ray spectra from NaI(Tl) scintillation detector
Jian-Feng He,Qi-Fan Wu,Jian-Ping Cheng, Fang Fang, Yao-Zong Yang, Jin-Hui Qu
2016 Vol. 27 (4): 101 [Abstract] PDF (0 KB)  
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