Nuclear Science and Techniques

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Special Issues

Special Section on the Celebration of Prof. Nauowitz's 80th Birthday

Constraints on the skewness coefficient of symmetric nuclear matter within the nonlinear relativistic mean field model

Bao-Jun Cai, Lie-Wen Chen

2017 Vol.28 (12): 185

Recent progress in nuclear data measurement for ADS at IMP

Zhi-Qiang Chen

2017 Vol.28 (12): 184

Electromagnetic field effects on nucleon transverse momentum for heavy ion collisions around 100 A MeV

Xian-Gai Deng, Yu-Gang Ma

2017 Vol.28 (12): 182

How tightly is the nuclear symmetry energy constrained by a unitary Fermi gas?

Nai-Bo Zhang, Bao-Jun Cai, Bao-An Li, William G. Newton, Jun Xu

2017 Vol.28 (12): 181

Experimental study of the 9Li breakup reaction on Pb target

Wei-Hu Ma, Jian-Song WangYan-Yun Yang, Shi-Lun Jin, Jun-Bing Ma, Peng Ma, D. Patel, Xing-Quan Liu, Zhen Bai, Mei-Rong Huang, Qiang Hu, Zhi-Hao Gao

2017 Vol.28 (12): 177

Natural orbital description of the halo nucleus 6He

Chrysovalantis Constantinou, Mark A. Caprio, James P. Vary, Pieter Maris

2017 Vol.28 (12): 179

Strangeness to increase the density of finite nuclear systems in constraining the high-density nuclear equation of state

Wei-Zhou Jiang, Rong-Yong Yang, Si-Na Wei

2017 Vol.28 (12): 180


Yu-Gang Ma

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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