Nuclear Science and Techniques

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Special Issues

Special Section on International Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics in Heavy-Ion Reaction (IWND2014)

Nuclear dynamics induced by antiprotons

FENG Zhao-Qing

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20512

Flavor-mixing induced by the mismatched vector interactions at finite μI

ZHANG Zhao, and SU Hai-Peng

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20511

Half-lives of double β- -decay with two neutrinos

REN Yue-Jiao, and REN Zhong-Zhou

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20510

Exotic break-up modes in heavy ion reactions up to Fermi energies

Maria Colonna, Virgil Baran, Stefano Burrello, Mariangela Di Prima, Paolo Napolitani, and Carmelo Rizzo

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20509

Symmetry energy extraction from primary fragments in intermediate heavy-ion collisions

LIU Xing-Quan, HUANG Mei-Rong, Roy Wada, LIN Wei-Ping, REN Pei-Pei, CHEN Zhi-Qiang, XIAO Guo-Qing, MIN Chun-Hua, ZHANG Suyalatu, HAN Rui, JIN Zeng-Xue, LIU Jian-Li, and SHI Fu-Dong

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20508

Investigation of isotope composition of nuclear fragments with angular momentum and Coulomb effects in peripheral 84Kr+112,124Sn collisons at 35A MeV

Nihal Buyukcizmeci, Aysegul Ergun, Hamide Imal, Riza Ogul, and Alexander S Botvina

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20507

Antiproton-nucleus reactions at intermediate energies

Alexei Borisovich Larionov

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20506

Prospects of nuclear physics research using rare isotope beams at RAON in Korea

Byungsik Hongy

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20505

An investigation of the role of spectroscopic factors in the breakup reaction of 11Be

Bora Canbula, Ramazan Bulur, Deniz Canbula, and Halil Babacan

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20504

A nuclear density probe: isobaric yield ratio difference

YU Mian, DUAN Kun-Jie, Wang Shan-Shan, ZHANG Yan-Li, and Ma Chun-Wang

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20503

Effect of an electron gas on a neutron-rich nuclear pasta

Jorge Alberto López and Enrique Ramírez-Homs

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20502

Cluster structures in stable and unstable nuclei

Yoshiko Kanada-En’yo, Masaaki Kimura, Fumiharu Kobayashi, Tadahiro Suhara, Yasutaka Taniguchi, and Yuta Yoshida

2015 Vol.26 (2): 20501


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 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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