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Intrinsic background radiation of LaBr3(Ce) detector via coincidence measurements and simulations

The LaBr3(Ce) detector has attracted much attention in recent years because of its superior characteristics compared with other scintillating materials in terms of resolution and efficiency...

Hao Cheng, Bao-Hua Sun, Li-Hua Zhu, Tian-Xiao Li, Guang-Shuai Li, Cong-Bo Li, Xiao-Guang Wu, Yun Zheng

2020, 31 (10): 99

Methodology development and application of X-ray imaging beamline at SSRF

This paper introduces some latest developments regarding the X-ray imaging methodology and applications of the X-ray imaging and biomedical application beamline (BL13W1) at Shanghai Synchrotron Radiat...

Hong-Lan Xie, Biao Deng, Guo-Hao Du, Ya-Nan Fu, Han Guo, Yan-Ling Xue, Guan-Yun Peng, Fen Tao, Ling Zhang, Ti-Qiao Xiao

2020, 31 (10): 102

Development of a low-loss magnetic-coupling pickup for 166.6- MHz quarter-wave beta = 1 superconducting cavities

166.6-MHz quarter-wave 𝛽=1  superconducting cavities have been adopted for the High Energy Photon Source, a 6-GeV diffraction-limited synchrotron light source currently under construction. A lar...

Tong-Ming Huang, Pei Zhang, Zhong-Quan Li, Xin-Ying Zhang, Hai-Ying Lin, Qiang Ma, Fan-Bo Meng, Wei-Min Pan

2020, 31 (9): 87

Recent developments in chiral and spin polarization effects in heavy ion collisions

We give a brief overview of recent theoretical and experimental results on the chiral magnetic effect and spin polarization effect in heavy-ion collisions. We present updated experimental results f...

Jian-Hua Gao, Guo-Liang Ma, Shi Pu, Qun Wang

2020, 31 (9): 90

Multinucleon transfer dynamics in nearly symmetric nuclear reactions

Within the framework of the dinuclear system model, the multinucleon transfer dynamics for nearly symmetric nuclear collisions has been investigated. The reaction mechanism in the systems of 1...

Fei Niu, Peng-Hui Chen, Hui-Gan Cheng, Zhao-Qing Feng

2020, 31 (6): 59

Primary yields of protons measured using CR-39 in laser-induced deuteron-deuteron fusion reactions

Investigating deuteron-deuteron (DD) fusion reactions in a plasma environment similar to the early stages of the Big Bang is an important topic in nuclear astrophysics. In this study, we experimental...

Yue Zhang, Long-Xiang Liu, Hong-Wei Wang, Yu-Gang Ma, Bai-Fei Shen, Guo-Qiang Zhang, Mei-Rong Huang, Aldo. Bonasera, Wen-Peng Wang, Jian-Cai Xu, Shun Li, Gong-Tao Fan, Xi-Guang Cao, Yong Yu, Jian-Jun He, Chang-Bo Fu, Suyalatu Zhang, Xin-Rong Hu, Xin-Xiang Li, Zi-Rui Hao, Jun-Wen Wang, Han Xue, Hai-Juan Fu

2020, 31 (6): 62

Anomalous chiral transports and spin polarization in heavy-ion collisions

Relativistic heavy-ion collisions create hot quark–gluon plasma as well as very strong electromagnetic (EM) and fluid vortical fields. The strong EM field and vorticity can induce intriguing macros...

Yu-Chen Liu, Xu-Guang Huang

2020, 31 (6): 56


Yu-Gang Ma

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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