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ADS injector-I 2 K superfluid helium cryogenic system

The Accelerator-Driven Sub-critical System (ADS) is a strategic plan to solve the nuclear waste problem for nuclear power plants in China. High-energy particle accelerators and colliders contain long ...

Rui Ge, Shao-Peng Li, Rui-Xiong Han, Miao-Fu Xu, Liang-Rui Sun, Min-Jing Sang, Rui Ye, Zhuo Zhang, Jie-Hao Zhang, Xiang-Zhen Zhang, Lin Bian, Jian-Qin Zhang, Mei Li, Chang-Cheng Ma, Zheng-Ze Chang, Tong-Xian Zhao, Yong-Cheng Jiang

2020, 31 (4): 39

Calibration of CR-39 solid-state track detectors for study of laser-driven nuclear reactions

It is of particular interest to investigate nuclear fusion reactions generated by high-intensity lasers in plasma environments that are similar to real astrophysical conditions. We have experimentall...

Yang-Fan He, Xiao-Feng Xi, Shi-Lun Guo, Bing Guo, Chuang-Ye He, Fu-Long Liu, Di Wu, Ji-Hong Wei, Wan-Sha Yang, Luo-Huan Wang, Dong-Hai Zhang, Meng-Lin Qiu, Guang-Fu Wang, Chao-Yang Li, Xiao-Fei Lan

2020, 31 (4): 42

Recent studies on potential accident-tolerant fuel-cladding systems in light-water reactors

Accident-tolerant fuel (ATF) has attracted considerable research attention since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. To improve the accident tolerance of the fuel-cladding systems in the current ligh...

Sheng-Li Chen, Xiu-Jie He, Cen-Xi Yuan

2020, 31 (3): 32

Mössbauer spectroscopy studies on the particle size distribution effect of Fe-B-P amorphous alloy on the microwave absorption properties

An Fe-based nanocrystalline alloy powder is important for application in microwave absorption, and the particle size has a critical impact on the electromagnetic microwave parameters. Therefore, it is...

Yu-Hua Lv, Jian Zhang, Bin Li, Yan-Hui Zhang

2020, 31 (3): 24

Complex structure of human Hsp90N and a novel small inhibitor FS5

Heat shock proteins (Hsps) are a family of abundantly expressed ATP-dependent chaperone proteins. Hsp90 is an eminent member of Hsp family. Thus far, two primary functions have been described for Hsp9...

Rui Liu, Xiao-Lu Lu, Xian-Hua Huang, Wei He, Jing-Jing Duan, Jin Zhang, Jian Li

2020, 31 (3): 30

Experimental study of intruder components in light neutron-rich nuclei via single-nucleon transfer reaction

With the development of radioactive beam facilities, studies concerning the shell evolution of unstable nuclei have recently gained prominence. Intruder components, particularly s-wave intrusion, in t...

Wei Liu, Jian-Ling Lou, Yan-Lin Ye, Dan-Yang Pang

2020, 31 (2): 20

Study of ATP borate ester effects on cell sensitization to radiation emitted by a nuclear reactor

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) borate ester as a new boron agent for boron neutron capture therapy was tested. It was synthesized via a dehydration reaction induced by heating adenosine triphosphate dis...

Miao Wang, Yong-Peng Tong, Qi Luo, Shi-Peng Hu

2020, 31 (1): 2 Accepted: 12 November 2019

Transmutation of 129I in a single-fluid double-zone Thorium Molten Salt Reactor

Herein we assess the 129I transmutation capability of a 2250-MWt single-fluid double-zone thorium molten salt reactor (SD-TMSR) by considering two methods. One is realized by loading an appropriate am...

Kun-Feng Ma, Cheng-Gang Yu, Xiang-Zhou Cai, Chun-Yan Zou, Jin-Gen Chen

2020, 31 (1): 10 Accepted: 12 November 2019

Simulation and prototype testing of multi-wire drift chamber arrays for the CEE

The building of a large-scale external-target experiment, abbreviated as CEE, in the cooling storage ring (CSR) at the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL) has been planned. The CEE is a mu...

Li-Ming Lyu, Han Yi, Li-Ming Duan, Zhao Zhang, Zhi-Gang Xiao

2020, 31 (1): 11 Accepted: 05 November 2019

Contributions of optimized tensor interactions on the binding energies of nuclei

The tensor parts of Skyrme interactions are constrained from the collective charge-exchange spin–dipole and Gamow–Teller excitation energies in 90Zr and 208Pb, together with the ...

Di Wu, Chun-Lin Bai, H. Sagawa, Zeng-Qiang Song, Huan-Qiao Zhang

2020, 31 (2): 14 Accepted: 03 December 2019


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 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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