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Multinucleon transfer dynamics in nearly symmetric nuclear reactions

Within the framework of the dinuclear system model, the multinucleon transfer dynamics for nearly symmetric nuclear collisions has been investigated. The reaction mechanism in the systems of 1...

Fei Niu, Peng-Hui Chen, Hui-Gan Cheng, Zhao-Qing Feng

2020, 31 (6): 59

Primary yields of protons measured using CR-39 in laser-induced deuteron-deuteron fusion reactions

Investigating deuteron-deuteron (DD) fusion reactions in a plasma environment similar to the early stages of the Big Bang is an important topic in nuclear astrophysics. In this study, we experimental...

Yue Zhang, Long-Xiang Liu, Hong-Wei Wang, Yu-Gang Ma, Bai-Fei Shen, Guo-Qiang Zhang, Mei-Rong Huang, Aldo. Bonasera, Wen-Peng Wang, Jian-Cai Xu, Shun Li, Gong-Tao Fan, Xi-Guang Cao, Yong Yu, Jian-Jun He, Chang-Bo Fu, Suyalatu Zhang, Xin-Rong Hu, Xin-Xiang Li, Zi-Rui Hao, Jun-Wen Wang, Han Xue, Hai-Juan Fu

2020, 31 (6): 62

Energy calibration of HPGe detector using the high-energy characteristic γ rays in 13C formed in 6Li + 12C reaction

A 6Li + 89Y experiment was conducted at the Laboratori Nazinali di Legnaro, INFN, Italy. The 550 µg/cm2- thick 89Y target was backed on a 340 µg/cm 2

Jia-Tai Li, Xue-Dou Su, Gao-Long Zhang, Guang-Xin Zhang, Shi-Peng Hu, Jing-Bin Lu, Yi-Feng Lv, Hui-Bin Sun, Huan-Qiao Zhang, D. Testov, P. R. John, J. J. Valiente-Dobo´n, A. Goasduff, M. Siciliano, F. Galtarossa, F. Recchia, D. Mengoni, D. Bazzacco

2020, 31 (5): 49

Evaluation of cosmogenic activation of copper and germanium during production in Jinping underground laboratory

Intrinsic radiation of materials is one of the major backgrounds for many rare-event search experiments. Thus, the production of pure materials in an underground laboratory is a promising approach fo...

Wei-He Zeng, Hao Ma, Ming Zeng, Zhi Zeng, Qian Yue, Jian-Ping Cheng, Jun-Li Li

2020, 31 (5): 50

Effect of source size and emission time on the p-p momentum correlation function in the two-proton emission process

The effect of source size and emission time on the proton-proton (p-p) momentum correlation function (Cpp(q)) has been studied systematically. Assuming a spherical Gaussian source with space and time...

Long Zhou, De-Qing Fang

2020, 31 (5): 52

Anomalous chiral transports and spin polarization in heavy-ion collisions

Relativistic heavy-ion collisions create hot quark–gluon plasma as well as very strong electromagnetic (EM) and fluid vortical fields. The strong EM field and vorticity can induce intriguing macros...

Yu-Chen Liu, Xu-Guang Huang

2020, 31 (6): 56


Yu-Gang Ma

 Nuclear Science and Techniques

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