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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2020, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (6): 60 doi: 10.1007/s41365-020-00763-0

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Calibration of a neutron dose rate meter in various neutron standard fields

Tuan Khai Nguyen,1 Hoai-Nam Tran,2, 3 , ∗ Quynh Ngoc Nguyen,4 Thi My Linh Dang,4 Van Loat Bui,5 Thiansin Liamsuwan,6, 7 Thiem Ngoc Le4   

  1. 1 Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety, 113 Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam
    2 Institute of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Duy Tan University, Ho Chi Minh 700000, Vietnam
    3 Faculty of Natural Sciences, Duy Tan University, 3 Quang Trung, Da Nang 550000, Vietnam
    4 Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, VINATOM, 179 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam
    5 Faculty of Physics, VNU University of Science, 334 Nguyen Trai, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam
    6 Nuclear Research and Development Division, Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology, Ongkharak, Nakorn Nayok, Thailand
    7 Faculty of Medicine and Public Health, HRH Princess Chulabhorn College of Medical Science, Chulabhorn Royal Academy, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Received:2020-01-09 Revised:2020-03-29 Accepted:2020-03-29
  • Contact: Hoai-Nam Tran
  • Supported by:
    This work was funded by the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development of Vietnam (No. 103.04-2017.37).
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Tuan Khai Nguyen, Hoai-Nam Tran, Quynh Ngoc Nguyen, Thi My Linh Dang, Van Loat Bui, Thiansin Liamsuwan, Thiem Ngoc Le. Calibration of a neutron dose rate meter in various neutron standard fields.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2020, 31(6): 60     doi: 10.1007/s41365-020-00763-0

Abstract: This paper presents the calibration of a neutron dose rate meter and the evaluation of its calibration factors (CFs) in several neutron standard fields (i.e., two standard fields with bare sources of 252 Cf 252Cf and 241 Am−Be 241Am−Be , and five simulated workplace fields with 241 Am−Be 241Am−Be moderated sources). The calibration in standard fields with bare sources was conducted by following the recommendations of the ISO 8529 standard. The measured total neutron ambient dose equivalent rates, denoted as H ∗ ˙ (10) tot H∗˙(10)tot , were analyzed to obtain direct components, denoted as H ∗ ˙ (10) dir H∗˙(10)dir , using a reduced fitting method. The CF was then calculated as the ratio between the conventional true value of the neutron ambient dose equivalent rate in a free field, denoted as H ∗ ˙ (10) FF H∗˙(10)FF , and the value of H ∗ ˙ (10) dir H∗˙(10)dir . In contrast, in the simulated workplace neutron fields, the calibration of the neutron dose rate meter was conducted by following the ISO 12789 standard. The CF was calculated as the ratio between the values of H ∗ ˙ (10) tot H∗˙(10)tot measured by a standard instrument (i.e., Bonner sphere spectrometer) and the neutron dose rate meter. The CF values were obtained in the range of 0.88–1.0. The standard uncertainties (k=1 k=1 ) of the CFs were determined to be in the range of approximately 6.6–13.1%.

Key words: Neutron standard fields, Neutron dose rate meter, Calibration factor, 252Cf source, 241AmBe source